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Raider Take Express

Today marks the launch of the Raider Take Express, a new weekly roundup of adventures and activity around the vast plains of Raider Take. I appreciate all of your emails, tips and feedback. You put the horsepower in the Raider Take Express! Here's what we wrangled up this week:

1. Victor emailed to thank Raider Take for challenging the Raiders Haters, and he had a pretty good take himself: “But you know what, the fact that they hate the Raiders just makes me even more proud to bleed Silver and Black. Hate means jealousy…Not all franchises in the NFL have the tradition, Super Bowls, HOF players, camaraderie between owner, players, and fans as the Raiders do.”

2. Mike of Sports Blogs Daily emailed that he has placed Raider Take on his Ultimate Sports Blogs list. It’s a cool concept, as Mike explained: “I've started a website called Sports Blogs Daily where I compile a list of links to the daily sports news and all of the links are to blogs. No major media outlets allowed. It's similar to Buster Olney's blog on, except I link to passionate, knowledgeable fans like you instead of writers on assignment.” Mike, I'm actually on assigment. I was abducted by aliens last year. They put a chip in my skull, and said: "Go forth and obsess about the Oakland Raiders, compose haiku to smite the Raiders Haters, and worship the man in the white sweatsuit."

3. LK, Frkyraider and I all caught the NFL Network interview with Warren Sapp, who is high on our draft picks, saying that Howard essentially has wings for feet, and that Huff is the real deal. He also said that Shell is setting a tone of authority, fairness and expectation. Click on the “Video Features” sidebar at to check it out.

4. I know that some readers swear by the Football Outsiders, but what's with them ranking the Raiders QB chart 30th in the NFL, five slots behind the fearsome duo of Charlie Frye and Ken Dorsey? The doubting of the Raiders is shifting from the epidemic to the absurd. This time, it really is us against the world.

5. ESPN’s hair was surely on fire in the wake of Raider Greg’s latest Raider Nation Podcast, in which he eviscerated "the worldwide leader in sports" for its latest hate crime against Mr. Davis.

6. Stick’Em “
raised the black flag” in a cool take (known as a "stick" on his turf), which included some kind words about Raider Take. Anyone who frequents these parts is familiar with the creative, insightful commentary of Stick’Em. He recently launched The Raider Way, which promises to continue “poking a sharp-pointed stick in the eye of non-Raiders everywhere.” Check it out!

7. Calico Jack of
Silver and Black Forever announced that he is hitting the high seas with a few barrels of rum until he crashes into the sands of Hawaii. Randy from Raider Nation Podcast is also going on vacation soon. While these guys no doubt sold these excursions as “summer vacations” to their families, we know the truth: they are pre-preseason vacations, timed perfectly to miss nothing important in the NFL.

8. Psycho wrote to tell us about an poll asking who will win the AFC West. While I didn’t see the poll before it closed, Psycho said that the results tracked closely with the NFL preview guides that have all ripped the Raiders. Poor little lemmings, drinking the koolaid of the preview guides and clicking away in favor of the Chiefs and Chargers, about to be blindsided by the autumn wind.


Blogger Doobie said...

Not to be a blog whore, but RT's take about the KC Chiefs' website insprired me to write about a couple of laughable NFL fan blogs (Chargers and Chiefs) a couple of weeks back over at Check it out!

9:35 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Sorry, Doobie, I should have included that in my Express! I sure got a good laugh out of it. Thanks for not putting me on your list!

12:29 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

Trust me, RT, this blog isn't even close to meeting the criteria of "awful".

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Condiment Chefs fan kills me with this stuff:

"I have been trying to decide who the Kansas City Chiefs should be chasing in the draft. When I look at the past few seasons it is hard to say how we will do next year and at what positions we need to be beefing up to achieve our goal of a championship season in 2006. What are our thoughts? Forecasts? Predictions?"

At this point, I must point. This very Raider Take blog had all 7 of the first picks in the '06 NFL draft – NAILED – before the starting gun!

And this Chef bozo can't say anything about the draft other than "I have been trying to figure it out?"

Well lemmie 'splain something to ya, Chef Boyardee:

As the ketchup and mustard dribbles down your chin like tributaries to a Ronald McDonald Land pool from that vacant lot you call a noggin, the Chefs will draft a QB named "Len Dawson" in '06.

Very shortly after Lenny is drafted, I predict a Raider DE named "Ben Davidson" will spear him in the back with is Silver'n'Black helmet and ruin his psyche forever, so that Lenny wets his pants whenever a man with a handlebar mustache so much as enters the same zip code Lenny occupies.

That is the latest forecast, Chef Boyardee, so please feel free to update your blog with my expert, up-to-the-minute prediction on who the Chefs will draft in ‘06.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at much offense fans take the media and 'preview guides' etc

The Raiders get ripped becuase they stink, and have stunk for 20 odd years barring the Gruden era, our entire approach stinks, our drafting stinks, and we are stuck in a timewarp and completeley out of step with the modern NFL - (being a vagabond is neither cool or getting it done by the way)

The Raiders get ripped becuase in the absence of any meaningful access and the 'closed to the media'policy, journo's and media outlets just recycle the same old junk.

We just hired a town mayor and short order chef as our off co, and a HC only becuase no-one else wanted the job, we just hired the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS QB to lead us after the was a miserbale flop. Yah, we actually signed NO's QB.

The Raiders get ripped and don't get thier 'props' - it's our own fault.

Anyway are you all so desparate for validdation that you have to look for it on ESPN and get it thru a sports team.


4:15 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Hey, Anonymous, what's wrong with challenging obvious bias in the media with regard to our favorite team? What's so sad about that?

I'm having fun myself, and so are most of the folks around here. You're taking all this more seriously than we are, I'm afraid. We're not taking offense to the preview guides. We're mocking the preview guides.

This is a Raiders-focused web site. I don't cover the Middle East and endangered species (although I have mentioned 49ers fans before). I'm serious about my passion the Raiders, but please don't tell me I seek personal validation through the performance of a sports team or a sports network.

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, nice post from Ray Ratto a/k/a 'anonymous'

7:56 AM  
Blogger The Analyzer said...

The "experts" haven't been giving us any love this offseason.

There is a reason why we play every Sunday.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What obvious bias?

The Raiders get what they deserve.

And you are taking it very seriously.

"Please validate me"

8:47 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Raiders fans, meet Dr. Freud.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will take care of this, step-by-step, again:
"I'm always amazed at much offense fans take the media and 'preview guides' etc." I am too Anon, that's why I never take these jokers seriously. I'm a Raider fan, and I know my team better than these clowns, and guess what? I am not in behind closed doors either, but the writing is on the wall.
"The Raiders get ripped becuase they stink, and have stunk for 20 odd years barring the Gruden era, our entire approach stinks, our drafting stinks, and we are stuck in a timewarp and completeley out of step with the modern NFL - (being a vagabond is neither cool or getting it done by the way)." Yeah, and don't forget about Art Shell's first time around, he led the Raiders to multiple playoff games, every year with exception to the take over from Shanarat. Oh, oh, and don't forget about Mike White, also taking the Raiders to the playoffs. Oh, and we can't forget the Super Bowl run they had under Callahan (even though he was a Gruden product, Gruden didn't coach that team either, with exception of the Super Bowl). And let's not forget Tom Flores, who took us to glorious win last, but also led us to the post-season with Marc Wilson at QB. Minus the years we had the likes of Rusty Hilger, Steve Buerlein, Todd Marijuanavich, Billy Jo Hobert, Hoss, Jeff George (a span of 8 years); we were pretty good. Sure, we didn't win it all, but we were in the post season consistently.
"We just hired a town mayor and short order chef as our off co, and a HC only becuase no-one else wanted the job, we just hired the NEW ORLEANS SAINTS QB to lead us after the was a miserbale flop. Yah, we actually signed NO's QB." An offensive Coord who does have experience, even though it's been awhile. The point is, I didn't hear the media rip into Joe Gibbs, Richie Vermeil, Bill Parcells about their retirement/return to the game when they came back. He will get the job done, or he wouldn't be there. Secondly, the other candidates didn't take the job because they were being persuaded by the outside influences not to take the job, instead of looking at what Al Davis had to offer. Yes, even Al admitted that Shell wasn't his first choice, but it was the only choice that made sense. He comes in understanding what Davis has to offer, and has an understanding of Raider history; and is one helluva coach that is going to shut everyone up this year. Finally, Aaron Brooks. I will say it again, for the record. Do not sell this guy short! He was under a system that was worse than our past 4 years combined. He was under Haslett, and under-developed as a QB in New Orleans. The Saints, much like the Raiders have the past 4 years, spent the majority of their games playing catch up, and throwing way too frequently to be successful. Coach Shell is bringing to the table already, a stronger offensive line that is going to punch you in the mouth, which equals protection for the run and pass. BROOKS WILL HAVE SUCCESS IN OAKLAND! I'd rather have him, than KFC anyday! It is not going to surprise me if Walter starts a few soon as well.
"The Raiders get ripped and don't get thier 'props' - it's our own fault." I agree with this statement to a certain degree. They are getting ripped right now, without being given the chance. I'm saying, GIVE THEM A CHANCE! Let them prove that their decisions are right or wrong. As much as these writers have an opinion, we have the right to support the opinion that we will do better than what they think/say we will do; until proven otherwise, by THE RAIDERS! not the writers.
"Anyway are you all so desparate for validdation that you have to look for it on ESPN and get it thru a sports team." Actually, your first mistake is "validdation." It's actually, validation. I don't read ESPN, I think they are a bunch of biased clowns (which I'll get to in your earlier quote in a moment). I seek as much validation as they, and yourself, do. So my official reply to this statement is, "Dear Kettle, you are black. Sincerely, Pot."
I saved this one for last, due to the above reply. It seems to fit better here with my reply.
"The Raiders get ripped becuase in the absence of any meaningful access and the 'closed to the media'policy, journo's and media outlets just recycle the same old junk." Yes, they do get ripped by the media for having "Closed to the media" policies. That is a big reason why the media doesn't like the Raiders. The Raiders have their OWN media guys who write about the team. These are the things I read! I listen to the players interviews as well, and I'm telling you; based on these reports, the ESPN's, and other outlets are missing the picture. Their "junk, journo's" that you describe are just as recycled as any other team's. The only difference is the media is invited to their camps to make "pre-season hype" to their fans. Al Davis has other ways to extend that hype to his fans, other than the public media outlets.
If you're truly a Raider fan, which I doubt (you maybe Charger Tom with your spelling abilities), you shouldn't be so bent against Davis. I do expect an apology when the Raiders do have a great season. To be fair, I will eat my crow as well, if necessary. The only way you are going to prove otherwise, is by taking what current players and coaches are saying about the team. I'll even let you use Porter's comments too; but just keep in mind, he's the only one complaining. I've heard from Moss, Sapp, Gabriel, Stuart Schweigert, and Grant Irons saying how happy they are with the changes, and how they believe in the system that Shell is putting together. That's 5 to 1 odds in my favor, in case you're counting at home.
Until next time, Charger Tom, eeerrrrrr, Anon; have a great Silver & Black Day!

11:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Incase anyone is interested, here's the Raider primer.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with anon4:15. I am anonymous because this is a work pc.
I am a Raider through and through. I cried when I was eleven and the orange crush donkeys took our championship throne from us in Denver in the late seventies, and yes, Rob Lytle fumbled. Years later I would be more uptight than I have ever been, unable to sleep, when Andre Rison scored a last second TD to rip our hearts out in the late 90's on Monday night football. I love the Raiders more than anything, but you guys that can't see anything wrong with us and always put a positive spin on boneheaded moves are just asleep at the wheel. We have sucked and sucked badly. And what pisses me off is it is really one thing: We value athletes over football players, It's true. MArty and Shanny like football players first, though Shanny has started to look a bit desparate of late... pulling some Al moves (the brown linemen, flirting with owens, clarett etc)
We value athletic potential over smash mouth football. Why in the hell pay a guy like porter what they do? This guy has one or two decent games a year but overall is just not that impressive. Trade the clown for a work horse back like Fred Taylor to compliment Jordan. That would be a "potential" athlete (porter) for a hard nosed, blue collar football guy (taylor). I know, I know porter is a phenomenal athlete. He can leap a mile. he can sprint like a gazelle. He's an incredible specimen. That's all Al sees. The guy can't be counted on when it's third and seven. Period.
And When's the last time (other than an aged Romo) we had a terror on our defense like a Shawnee Merriman or a Ray Lewis. We always have some guy that can run real fast at a scouting combine but has no football savvy. NO one fears us. I like the new kids we have on defense, but think Ashomogue is a bust and has no business in there. I'd rather see Washington and Starks start. Starks has little left in the tank but he is a football player. Huff is the real deal. Finally a good draft. Bing is a good draft pic too. Howard is another athletic phenom that doesn't look to have good football instincts (can you say Travian Smith?) I hope I'm wrong. Morrison is good but he was a local boy that said all the right things about the silver and black. That's the only reason we got lucky with him. Al woudln't have otherwise picked him.
Art will get respect but does anyone else feel like me, scared as hell of Tom Walsh and Big Art playing chess with Marty or Shanny? Art and Tom didn't look too bright to me in the early nineties. I like Art in there, but why Walsh? Why? No one can put a good spin on that and not look like the Joseph Goebells of the Silver and Black. Hopefully Aaron Brooks can play some backyard football and make Al's style work. No one else has been able to in twenty years except Gruden but he ran his own anti-Al ship (dink and dunk).
HEre's hoping I'm wrong. This team does look to have heart. All of you that keep calling a turd a rose... damn wake up and admit we deserve to be ranked at the bottom of the afc west by all the mags. Until we prove 'em wrong, why would they say we'll be good?

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to address "doubters" out there, who think we are all positive here. Again, I'm not being positive on my own whims. I'm positive because I see the players coming together under Shell, with exception of one. I'm reading and hearing interviews from players on our team that are genuinely excited for this coming season, something we haven't had since Gannon took us to the big dance. Am I really calling a "turd a rose?" Or am I expecting great things because the players are expecting great things? I don't care what opinion you take, I'm seeing a diamond, while you are starring at a chunk of coal. I believe we will not be in the bottom, because if anyone can turn this ship around in one season, it's Art Shell.
I can understand concern over an Offensive Coord without much experience, and the job he'll do this year. But I also see the other side of it. Nobody knows how he will scheme, which is a pretty big advantage on our side, considering our opponents will be "guessing" as to what he'll do next because they don't know his "pattern" of play calling. I understand that it was a move more to throw people off balance as to what to expect from the Raiders this coming season. If you can't get with that, and you still think that's a view of "turd equals rose" then you know nothing about football.
I don't always see the positives. I've hated the past few seasons, because I knew we didn't have much. Especially picking up Randy Moss last season. Yes, I was excited we had picked up a great player, but he did not address an area of weakness on our team, and I knew we were going to struggle. We may struggle this year, because there are so many "what-if's" that we don't have an answer too. But the "what-ifs" can be viewed in both lights of positive and negative. I'm looking at them positively because there is a different feel coming out of the Raiders' players that hasn't been there the past 4 seasons. A feeling of belief, a feeling of togetherness, a feeling of discipline, and a feeling of focus. That makes a deadly combination in any sport; and should make the fan base excited, regardless of what is being (or not being) written about it. My point, listen to what the players are saying, and listen to how they are explaining the coming season. That will tell you everything.....

6:48 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

RT - The cruise ship I'm on has an internet cafe. I was getting a bad case of S&B withdrawals and needed to check out Raider Take and Raider Way's webpages.

There is no better place to get away from the rat race than Hawaii. Also, just wanted to let everyone know that my blog is temporarily down. I hope to have it restored when I return to Cali.
Best Rum Wishes,
Calico Jack

8:17 PM  

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