Monday, July 10, 2006

In Awe of Shock

In the immediate wake of Raider Take’s praise of Randy Moss for saying the right things at the right time, Randy went a bit off topic the other day. While being interviewed by an Atlanta radio outlet on Thursday, he declared that Atlanta and Baltimore, and not Oakland, were his preferred trade destinations when the Vikings threw him overboard from their Love Boat in early 2005. Excerpts of this Atlanta interview are now being replayed on Sirius NFL Radio and elsewhere, and they are causing some shock and speculation in the Bay Area, as evident in this article.

Are you shocked? I’m not. After all, when Randy was traded to the Raiders, it was common knowledge that the team was not his initial preference,
as noted in the San Francisco Chronicle right after Moss first arrived in Alameda: Moss didn't try to deny the reports that he initially balked at coming to Oakland. Having grown up in West Virginia, he said he didn't want to move to California. His agent “told (Moss) in so many words: Just shut up and listen.” So, Moss changed his mind.

So how can we be shocked by this recent news? We already knew that the Raiders weren't his first choice, but that when he gave the team another look, it was love at second sight. What we didn’t know until now is which teams he initially preferred. Now we know. I’m no cartographer, but I recall that Georgia and Maryland are a lot closer to West Virginia than Oakland, so I’m not surprised he was interested in the Falcons and the Ravens. Country roads, take me home, to the place I belong, West Virginia…Didn’t John Denver sing something like that? Do you think Randy has John Denver on his ipod?

I’m not sure Randy needed to dredge up the past at this point. It’s not great timing, nor is it constructive. I just think that Randy found himself with an audience in Atlanta and saw it as an opportunity to stick it to Falcons owner Arthur Blank, who allegedly rejected Moss’s overtures.

Pointless, in my opinion, but ultimately harmless. The most scandalous aspect of this new revelation is that Randy actually wanted Kyle Boller throwing the ball to him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After the disaster of the second season under Bill "Dumbest Team in America" Callahan, and the mere one-game improvement under Norv "Mr Rogers" Turner, it's not hard to imagine that Randy Moss might have been thinking about other teams.

A wide receiver says he wanted to play with Michael Vick ... of course he wanted to play with Vick! That's not a slight on the Raiders, who were offering Moss the chance to play with the Tin Man, the antithesis of Michael Vick. Atlanta lacks the Raider mystique, but KFC isn't much of a draw for a receiver.

Moss speaks his mind and has remained diplomatic when referring to the shithole of Norv Turner's second season--far more diplomatic than I, apparently.

Now if we could have gotten Moss and Michael Vick, now that really would have been something.

5:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

with all due respects my japan based brother, mike vick sucks. he's a running qb. if he hasn't proved himself in this league with arm and skills by now, he's not going anywhere. domo arigato.

as for randy moss, it's just a case of him being well, randy moss. sure the timing isn't great but even he has to admit his chances of winning a superbowl now are better than those places.

9:28 AM  
Blogger DVS said...

I think you're right Raider Take, this is harmless banter puffing up to a local ATL media agency.

I'm sure most athletes have desired locations...whether it be for location, weather, coach, or...god forbid...Michael Vick. Randy is a small town guy. He went to a small town college. And Minneapolis certainly isn't one of the largest metropolis' around. This is why most of these guys don't even live here most of the year.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Roy said...

Raider Take
I think you under reaction is an over reaction. Moss was just saying that he wanted to play with Vick. And although he is not a pure pocket passer he is very exciting and would probably be fun to play with especially for Moss. I for one wanted to see Vick & TO, but Vick & Moss would have made for good television. As for Vick not proving himself, I would beg to differ he beat Favre in Green Bay in the playoffs and played his ass off. Only injuries have slowed him. He has a .618 winning percentage, I would take that anyday of the week and twice on sunday. Granted I don't want him anywhere near my fantasy team but he is a winner.

While football is a passion for Raider fans it is a business for players, coaches and owners. When a team is done with a player he's gone. I don't see anything wrong with Moss saying he wanted to play with Vick. Nothing controversial in that statement. If that interview could anyway harm are team or the teams chemistry we are in a shit load of trouble!

9:49 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Roy, I agree, as I stated I think this is harmless. There's no way this should upset team chemistry.

If you want to read a real overreaction, check out the article linked at the top of my take!

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coudn't agree more oaktown is deffently further away but he is here now and thats all matters lets play ball and win some games baby.. Die Hard In Oregon

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a big deal, old news really. The worst I'll say is that Randy has no filter when it comes to speaking his mind. There's a thin line between "keeping it real" and being obnoxious, and he's never been afraid to trip over that line from time to time.

11:25 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

LARADR, where did you see this? This is definitely an offical Raiders Haters sighting, as confirmed by the "ain't done nothing in 20 years" propaganda, which is as telling as blue on a blue jay.

Over the past six seasons (that's six, not 20), the Raiders have won more playoff games, played in and won more AFC championship games and played in more Super Bowls than all of the other AFC West teams.

Attention Raiders Haters: Focus. Time and math are fixed entities. They are facts, not emotions.

11:50 AM  
Blogger Raider Raza said...

Moss's comments don't concern me.

Moss could have said a lot worse. He could have threw Collins and Norv under the bus for bizzare play calling and lack of passion and the amount of penalties and lack of discipline. He could have ripped the fans for lack of sell outs.

We played badly last year and he has spoken very diplomatic about it. The media wants to turn into something it is not.

Moss will be a leader and have a great season hopefully catching TD 100 in the black hole.

11:57 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

The Moss comments pertaining to wanting to get traded to either Atlanta or Baltimore before joining the Raiders is a non-issue.

Raider Raza: I would not be the least suprised if Moss gets his 99th & 100th TD catch vs. SD on 9/11 on MNF.

Raider Take: I had to give a Skins fan a similar math lesson in regards to Snyder's lack of success. The haters seems to have trouble with the facts, reasonable deductions, and basic math.

My point of contention was that Snyder's #3 ranking in SI columist Silver's piece was downright silly. Since taking over the helm of the Skins in 97, Snyder's team has won the division once (1999) and been to the playoffs twice (1999, 2005). The farthest the Skins have advanced in the playoffs is losing in the divisional round.

Since 97' the Raiders have won the division 3 times (2000,2001,2002), been to the playoffs 3 times, advanced to the AFC Championship twice, and the Super Bowl once.

And this is why Snyder is ranked #3 and Al Davis #25? Huh?

5:17 PM  

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