Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Hunt for Whiz is Over?

As already noted by several readers, it is being reported that Ken Whisenhunt has withdrawn himself from consideration for the Raiders head coaching job. Please visit for the breaking stories.

I look forward to everyone's comments and takes on this development. Please post them in the comments section below. I don't want to litter Mr. Otto's piece with too many negative non-coffee takes (especially after Doobie did such a clever job of tying things together).

Onward, Raider Nation! There may still be some rabbits hiding in Mr. Davis's hat.


Blogger Doobie said...

Well, I guess we're left with Art Shell. According to ESPN, "Shell interviewed Feb. 2 and told Davis he's ready to serve when necessary. Shell is in the Tampa area for the next couple of days, but he told Davis he's ready to accept the job if offered".

Not that Art's a bad decision, it's just that you hate to see him hired in this fashion. It's like asking that homely girl you're friends with to the prom because all the good looking girls said no. Not to compare Art with a homely girl but...ugh...actually, I just got a disturbing vision of Art in a prom dress, so let's just end that comparison here.

Seriously, though, you know what I mean. It's just that Art's going to seem like a desparation choice. On the other hand, if he comes aboard, I can only imagine how much better the offensive line will be. You start there and the offense should improve almost immediately. Maybe those winning days wouldn't be too far away after all!

2:27 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

According to reports (and we know how that goes; see: Al Saunders), Shell and Fassel are the ones on deck. Shell I can handle. Fassel, no way. I'd take Mooch before him. And no, that's not an endorsement of Mooch, but rather an indictment of Fassel. As LK said, Fassel is like a chip off the Norv block. I wouldn't be surprised if another name besides Shell and Fassel pops up. Such as Rob Ryan or...?

3:16 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

I'm still holding out hope that Ron Rivera will at least be interviewed.

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron Rivera has just withdrawn his name from consideration. He would like to hold hands with Ken Whisenhunt, & coach the Lions in 2 yrs........just kidding.......I think.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

now that the whisenhunt issue is more or less settled with him staying in pitsburgh, its desperation time. although he was THE guy i and mostly everyone else wanted, it's clear that he would be more comfortable just where he is. damn. art shell? art freakin shell? BUT i do agree with raider take on his statement of taking him as a lesser evil than fassel. so how about davis REALLY thinking out of the box and getting singletary? but noooooo. out of the box thinking is NOT allowed in alsville. as al would say you do it MY way or its the highway for you jackson.

art shell in a prom dress. how fitting that would be. he'd be just another bitch in al's full stable of bitches.

boycott al davis people. don't go to games next year. that'll tell him what you think of him and his ways. he's gonna up and move anydamnway.

these developments are freakin' unbelievable! we can't get a reputable coach to save our lives! on and on the BS goes. then comes the draft and davis blows it again! as greg papa says - Incredible!

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I see it, none of us really know Ken Whisenhunt. Yes, the guy has been the offensive coordinator of a team with one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL for the last two years. Yes, they just won the Super Bowl.

But Norv was a good OC too and he won SBs with the Cowboys.

The question is, "Is Whisenhunt Head Coach Material?"

Personally, I've never seen him interact with the players on the sideline during a game. Whisenhunt is always up in a box, sending in plays and reading film away from the field during the game.

I have no real basis for judging Whisenhunt's head coach ability, but I know of no head coaches who coach from the box. Maybe he just isn't the firey yet Jesus Christ saviour personality some had Whisenhunt made out to be?

I've never met the guy, but the inteview he gave getting off the plane in Oakland did not send sparks of intensity and @$$ kickin' through the camera for sure.

Whisenhunt says he'd never met Al before the interview, and on this one I believe him. Al knows too many folks are out to get him to be tampering with an active coach before his season is over.

It is clear the Raiders seem to lack the vision Al Davis spoke so much about at his Norv Turner axeing press conference. Does not seem at the moment that the great and wonderful Al would be too wise in pinning all the hopes of the franchise on a guy Lombardi said "we are getting to know."

Who is left on the Raider radar now that the candidate Al was apparently waiting for did not work out?

There has to be some vision in this search, but from this point of view the Raiders look mighty rudderless right about now...

There better be one gigantimous mutant rabbit about to be pulled outta Al's hat or this will be a PR nightmare for a team who already has trouble selling out the seats...

5:27 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

Stick'em, that's a good point. I think Whisenhunt was just another name about a month ago, but when all the other candidates drifted away he was one of the few options left on the board. Add in two weeks of waiting for the Super Bowl to end so that they can finally interview him, it led to endless discussions about him and suddenly he seemed like the next savior for the Raiders. I think we're as guilty of overhyping him as anyone else.

Scorpio, I admire your passion and share some of the same disdain with Al Davis that you have. As the guys around here know, I'm a die hard Raider fan but I'm not a Kool-Aid drinking Al Davis fan. He's the heart of the Raiders, but I don't always agree with his decisions or the direction he's taking the team. But the Raiders are what they are today because of one man...Al Davis...and unfortunately, that statement can be taken both positively and negatively.

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al's finally driven the team to rock bottom. I know, I know all the Al lover's will tell me to go to hell... but damn the man has sucked since Marc Wilson took over for plunkett... who wants to coach where most of your staff is picked for you? Where your draft is picked for you? Where your starters are picked for you? Where your style is picked for you? Where guys like james jett are allowed to start for an eternity? Where a big, uncoordinated DE from Colorado is inserted as an outside LB in a division where Ladanian Tomlinson is catching screens out of the backfield? It's been MISERABLE TO WATCH. Where Kerry Collins is allowed umpteen starts yet doesn't know how to audible in to a good play or move in a pocket? Why would anyone want to coach here that's not desperate? Al should just come out and say it... I'm the coach. everytime I watch fat%^& seebass kick I think that we could have had Shawn Alexander. A kicker in the 1st rd?? I'd like to see Rob Ryan or Singletary get the job. I say that because if a defensive guy were to get the job I think Al would at least get his hands out of the side of the ball and stick to screwing up the offense only. At least then we'd have a shot at having half a good football team. Botton line... Al ran off Gruden because Gruden was making decisions and running an offense Al didn't like. Al likes to have the qb back up 7 yards and wait an eternity for a long bomb. End of story. I shouldn't have even crapped on collins. Wilson couldn't do Al's system, Marinovish couldn't, beurlein couldn't, shroeder couldn't, Hostetler couldn't, George couldn't etc etc. Hell, even Donald Hollis could almost run Gruden's. We suck and I am SICK OF IT! Watching the chargers and broncos beat us in games THAT AREN'T EVEN COMPETITIVE makes me soul search for the problem and it so clearly points to Al. Maybe we have no discipline because every year the coaches aren't in charge and are all not on the same page? Freddie and Willie B, please step aside and let someone else have a shot at preparing this team. And don't give me crap that the refs are against Oakland. See the superbowl? Poor seattle... the refs aren't biased, they just SUCK. No displine by Al and a coaching staff that's never really in charge. That's why we always have near mutinies every three or four years. Al's making ALL of the decisions and everyone is frustrated by Al's environment. People really crave discipline and in Al's world, there is none.
Here's Al's players past and present that suck but got to play because they're his picks:
James Jett - my god what a pathetic player
Eddie Anderson- slow ^%$ eddie could bench a battleship but could never get to the action before it was over
Alvis Whitted - bleh
Porter - other than a few MEANINGLESS games and the Denver Monday night game, what has this guy ever done? If he catches that tough end zone pass against KC in Oakland last year the whole season might go differently. Did he catch it? No, but he goes out in a meaningless game against Tennessee and freakin lights it up... lottie freakin dah, porter.
Brayton- Al sayeth: "I shall reincarnate Ted Hendricks... everyone will remember that I'm brilliant"
Barry Simms- Al: "I found him late in the draft.. I found him!" So he is our automatic LT starter for years even though he CANNOT BLOCK A SPEED RUSHER. I blame 80% of the superbowl 37 loss on his inability to control that side of the line... and to show how out of it Al is... he insists on Simms playing in front of Gallery who was supposed to be the next Pace or Ogden. Al has Robert playing RT and gaurd, cuz Sims was HIS PICK--
This is the most important year in the history of the franchise. Right here... 2006. Al can get a coach that can turn this thing around... he just won't be well known BUT Al will need to let him RUN THE SHOW. Sit in the box Al (Al even makes Otto sit in front of him.. he even directs where people sit during the games!!) Sit in the box and watch... only watch, AL.
Wrapping up: If Art Shell is brought in, expect the same old dreary situation to continue... Al will still be doing EVERYTHING with another passive type coach.
Hope I'm wrong about everything cuz the silver black is everything to me.
Final note... I live in the south and have watched Demeco Ryans (LB Bama) for a few years now. The dude is very, very good. Stick him on the opposite side of Morrison and we have a top ten defense... regardless of who Al picks as the other nine players. Al won't take him though. Hell, he'll probably end up in KC. I told anyone that would listen that THE Player in the draft last year was Shawne Merriman.. an absolute animal. In one game he did to Priest Holmes what we couldn't do in a dozen games. Who do we take? Another non-pysical, speedster. Great, Al.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

scorpio: I'm wit'cha on Mike Singletary. The last young LB coach Madden hired just made it to the HOF...

Doobie: I really did not need the mental image of Art Shell in a prom dress. A hex on you and your first born. Maybe I did need a laugh, actually...ROTF!

Now I love Art, but if you put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. Maybe we'll get one of those Ricky Williams/ Mike Ditka-wedding dress/ tux photos of Shell and Al on the cover of The Rolling Stone next week...LOL!

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WE ARE SCREWED! PEROID! Yes, All who are trying to make chicken salid from chicken shit.........Please sit down! There is somthing very WRONG in Alameda. Take a close look at the last 34 days and you will see. I have tried to be positive but this is the last straw. Ken W. left his agent to try to save the deal but Mr. Davis or " Trask" screwed it up. It was money.......MONEY! Al will pay players anything but a coach is a different story. The new coach should have moved in and had his children in school by now.

9:37 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

I can't quite figure out why everyone is so down on Art or to put it another way, what are his deficiencies? The guy's HOF playing career and record of success as a HC with the Raiders makes him uniquely well qualified. Is everyone forgetting that he was the Head Coach of The Year in 1990 and led the Raiders to 3 playoff appearances? Who else knows the Raider organization better? What the Raiders need is a HC with a commanding presence, no-nonsense personality, and strong leadership skills. That is a very accurate description of Art.

I personally think that if Al hires Art that he will be given more rope and authority to get us back on the winning track for a couple reasons. #1: Al admits he made a mistake firing Art in 1994. #2: Al & Art have a mutual respect and trust of each other that no other available HC candidate brings to the table.

Whiz' heart was in Pittsburgh but Art's has always been firmly entrenched with the Raiders. I love a guy like Art who has an unconditional loyalty to bringing the Silver and Black back to their rightful place.

Bottom Line: Art is a great fit for the position and is a proven winner both on the field and on the sidelines.

Of course if Al ends up hiring Fassell, I will be singing a different tune (a blues song) and even pulling a Scorpio and writing in all caps! Keep the faith amigos.

9:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the reason why hiring Art Shell at this point is a negative is he just seems like the last resort. Also, Al Davis keeps saying the Raiders are going to move ahead, and be cutting edge, but bringing back Shell is a move backward. This is not to say Art did a bad job his first go around. He did a pretty good job. It's just that Shell was let go in 1994, and it is now 2006. It makes it seem like no one else will come here to coach. Shell knows the drill. He knows that Davis wants complete control, and he is willing to be half a coach in order to get the job. I'll say this much for Al Davis, He is going out on his shield. It's just really sad to watch this whole fiasco played out.

10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

like i said, our team is a laughingstock! espn tonight said the reason no-one wants to coach for the raiders is 4 reasons: 1) al davis 2) al davis 3) al davis and oh 4) ummm, lesseeee.... hmmmmm - al davis!

what a stinkin joke this whole fiasco has become! a total embarrasment. even freakin' college coaches aren't dumb enough to come here to work for this, this...... arrrggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! i'm so angry. i just don't know how much worse my despisement of al davis can get.

this is a pipe dream but i just wish some billionaire ie: bill gates or freakin larry ellison would just offer al davis a billion dollars to just f-ing go away. buy the team and run in it the modern era. instead of living in the past. get rid of those old farts who are hanging around saying yes to mastah al davis. get rid of the stupid & tired old slogans. draft and sign players who actually get the team concept.

BUT this is just a pipe dream! because of al davis we are now the official doormats of the afc west and there's no end in sight. this is downright embarrasing!

PTEW! i SPIT on art shell!

12:51 AM  
Blogger Leighraider said...

I am continually amazed by people like "Anonymous" who seem to feel that they know more about football than Al Davis.If the Raiders are everything to you then it is understandable to be frustrated right now,but quoting Eddie Anderson,James Jett and Tyler Brayton?So Al has never picked a good player?Ok.We are talking about the Raiders,like it or not the Raiders is Al Davis and will be as long as he draws breath.If that makes you feel suicidal maybe taking up a hobby would be a good idea and better for your health.For every thing I disagree with Al over there is something that I love him for,thats how it is.I love Guiness but it gives me the sh**s,does'nt stop me having some more.For everyone who wants to wring Al's neck there is someone like me who will defend him to the hilt because I am a Raider fan because of him.Regarding the coaching situation though I'm open minded on where to go from here,I'd just like a better disciplined team who play hard,we've had coaches who have brought that and still retained the Raider attitude before and I think that is what we need at the moment.

2:06 AM  
Blogger js said...

Well, this is all embarrasing, and certainly there's reason for concern, but a few people need to get a grip. Wailing and gnashing of teeth won't bring a good coach or a winning record to Oakland any faster. I've found exercising patience and maintaining a mordant sense of humor a more pleasant alternative.

Want to feel better? Just remember that a couple of years ago it was the Chargers who suffered the humiliation of having their first round pick refuse to play for them, live during the draft broadcast. Nine months later, everyone in the Chargers organization was a genius. (Fickle creatures, sportswriters.) What guarantee does this give us that the Raiders recover quickly to a 12-4 season? None. It just shows that other teams have gone through bad patches, been dismissed as permanently doomed, and prospered.

Besides, the time to really start worrying is if the salary cap ever goes away, because the Raiders do not have the finances to compete with teams like the Cowboys, Redskins, or Patriots.

Now aside from not wanting to see Davis dig up the Fassell, I don't really have a firm view on whom the Raider should hire. Art Shell was a Bo Jackson injury away from the Super Bowl way back when, but like Joe Gibbs he might need some time to adjust to the way the game is played now. (He'll also need a better quarterback, but I'll leave that discussion for now.) The others, and actually this includes Wisenhunt, are ciphers to me. I can't say who I'd choose, so I guess I'm glad it's not really my problem. I just hope, in spite of everything, that it turns out well in the end.

3:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Raiders team isn't a dog squad full of James Trapp's who give half an effort. This team plays hard and did despite a 4-12 season. Shell or whoever isn't facing the purging and rebuilding job that faced Gruden when he came in. The D respects Ryan and I guarantee the O will respect Shell. Art solves two major problems--he brings passion to the offensive side of the ball [and I think he and Ryan will be a great pair] and he can fix the o-line. Shell doesn't really have "an offense" like Norv [!] or Gruden, so he will probably bring in a younger coordinator, possibly from college, to address the basic scheme, and to compete with Ryan for Coach Art +1. Filling two holes leaves the obvious at QB [which has to be addressed no matter who is coach] and small improvements on D, such as OLB where the draft is deep. You have Jordan who is a firey guy and Art who is a 100% rip their eyes out and piss in their skulls Raider throwback; and you add a similarly attituded QB and the offense is suddenly offensive. I like the possibilities--glass always half full in Raiderland East....

6:51 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Scorpio - Take a couple deep breaths and get off the ledge.
Everyone is entitltled to their opinion but your tasteless and classless remark, "I spit on Art Shell" is where I have to draw the line. Bad choice of words Scorpio. It would be wise for you to think before you write. I have no problem whatsoever with anyone who thinks Art Shell isn't the right guy for the job. However I think Art's 14 year HOF career and 5 years of success as HC with the Raiders has earned a certain level of respect which you disregard and trample on. If you don't have any respect for the tradition and history of the Raiders, why are you a Raider fan to begin with?

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PFT is reporting that Big Art is, at this very moment, in Big Al's living room for a second interview, more than likely hammering out a deal.

Also, you all probably saw that Houston elected to pay Carr his $8M bonus, reinstating the last three years of his deal. Still very tradeable, though.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I APOLOGIZE FOR THAT. I REALLY DO. SORRY GUYS but my passion will ALWAYS be with the raiders. NEVER for Davis. you all have to come to the realization that he ALONE is responsible for this comedy of a coaching search and the sole reason no-one wants to coach here. art shell is NOT the answer. art shell doesn't have the backbone to stick up to al davis (ie: the marcus allen fiasco).

oh yes, i remember srt shell well as i was in LA for many, many of those games. there were many situations in games for example where it would be 3rd and long and he would call a stinkin' running play. or 40 seconds left on the clock before the half and they would either run the ball then kneel down. is that the offensive genius we're looking for? i'd rather have rob ryan as coach. at least the guy would bring a little passion and balls!

and yeah - what are these "legends" that hang around al do anyway? are they making the team better? no. they hang around and say yes to al all day. i don't see any other team parading their past players and keeping them in jobs where clearly the decision should go to the head coach. why the tired old slogans? why claim that the raiders are the team of the decades when they clearly haven't won anything (superbowls i mean) since 1983? why is it that we've gone through - what is it - a bazillion coaches in the last 7-8 years? THIS IS WHY WE ARE A LAUGHINGSTOCK FOLKS!

its nice that he honors and thanks the players of the past but there's a place for them on the side - NOT in key places on a football team where the right people should be in place. if a player wants to be in the front office, he should pay his dues. like a chris mullin of the warriors.

everything points to ONE thing and that ONE thing is AL DAVIS. you see, no matter if you like him or not, al davis doesn't CARE about you or me. the fans. did anyone get what he said when they resolved their issues with the city of oakland? he said we have 5 years to make this thing work. the practice facility in alameda has been turned over to the city come 2010? where are they gonna practice??????? THAT means my friends that he's really saying buh-bye!

you guys out of state probably don't care where they play but the raiders belong to oakland. i wonder what it would take for the league to leave the raider name HERE like what happened to the Browns in cleveland.

so again folks, i am sincerely sorry for my earlier spit comment. it's not right for me to spit on art shell. but our problem can summed up in 2 words: AL DAVIS.

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's whats wrong with Art Shell. The players will think "Art is here because Al D. can control him". I'm sorry, buts that's just how it looks. No one else would come here. It's not like Davis didn't try to find someone else. He tried very hard, but in the end, only Shell was willing to have his asst. coaches picked for him, have his players drafted for him, & probably have his starting Qb picked for him. Our only hope at this point is that Shell will assert himself, Andrew Walter will be an instant star, & Davis will come up with a future Hall of Famer with the 6th pick.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone (scorpio, I'm frustrated too, but Shell didn't f'up the last three seasons) respects Art Shell the man and the player. His coaching record is a good one.

Here are a few reasons some fans do not want to see him back as coach though:

--Shell couldn't get the Bills monkey off his back. The Bills beat the Raiders in the playoffs more than once in their 4 time run as SB losers. The worst memory was the '91 AFC championship 51-3. My retinas are still scarred from watching that one.

--Shell is construed as a puppet coach with Al being the Puppetmaster because he benched Marcus Allen at Al's request against his own better judgement.

--Shell's teams were amongst the most penalized in the NFL (hardly different from all the other Raider teams of the past 20 years, no?). Penalties are part of the problem, not the solution, yes?

--Shell was fired so hiring him seems kinda like asking your X-wife to take you back. I think Mike White had a bit of Brutus in him with the back stabbing, and Al realized later firing Shell was a mistake once he got to the bottom of things. So we can pretty easily write this one off as "NOT Shell's fault".

--Everyone is looking for a new and improved Raider team. One of the biggest faults folks find with Al Davis and the Raiders is they seem perpetually to be livin' in the past. Hiring Shell would throw gas on that fire since he is a HUGE part of the past. I think Davis is one of the most forward thinking minds out there, but this is the perception.

Personally, I'd rather see Art stay in the NFL Executive Office. We got him on one side and Gene Upshaw on the NFLPA side--the most high ranking offices of any two former players. Shell might end up being commisioner one day for all we know.

There are different types of leaders and I have no problem with calm intensity and focus. On the field, Upshaw was always known for being a vocal politician type leader. Shell was more quiet, but you better believe folks in the huddle (including Stabler) listened when Shell spoke. He did not get to be VP of the NFL or join the HOF by being a pansy, Puhhleese!

Not everyone needs to be a screamer like Madden or Gruden to get $h!t done. Flores was calm as the iceman, and he made us all pretty happy, no?

But if Shell does return as the prodigal son, he will have my support and loyalty. It beats the hell out of Fassel or many of the other names mentioned out there.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like we may have a winner:

The press conference is said to be scheduled for tomorrow (Sat.) at the soonest...

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A winner by default that is.

4:21 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

If indeed there is a press conference this Saturday announcing Art Shell as our new HC, I will support the decision 100%. As I've said in my previous posts and my blog, I sincerely believe that Art is the best overall fit for the job.

I'm sure the media will have a field day with this hire but frankly I don't care.

Speculation, analysis, media spin etc. all takes a back seat to wins and losses. The Raiders and Art Shell's record is 0-0 in my book.
The new season is a fresh start and is time for hope and optimistism. Big Art & Al will have plenty of ammunition to prove the naysayers wrong. Both have a singular focus to bring the Raiders back to glory.

It is time to start concentrating on completing the coaching staff, the upcoming combine, draft, free agency, mini-camp, training camp, and most importantly, the 2006 season.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Calico, I have to disagree. How can you have such hope after this fiasco. Are we really starting over ? I'll bet you anything That KFC is under center next yr. Why ? Because Al Davis says so, amd Shell will just go along. I am really disheartened by this whole sad, sorry episode. Who will be the Coach after Shell, James Jett ? It's getting to that point. A real shame.

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to go around spreading rumors...but this coaching search has been a lot of fun that way.

Folks are talking about Pat Hill being the rabbit pulled out of the hat. Apparently the story is on the local news (which I never watch).

Definitely NOT trying to toy with you RaiderTake, just a story going around on the NBC news in the Bay area that Hill MAY be interested, so make of it what you will...

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now it's official:

8:43 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Raider 00 - My hope stems from Shell's sterling record of accomplishments on the playing field, on the sideline, and as an executive. I respect and admire Shell because his accomplishments were achieved through his burning desire to succeed. How on earth do you get voted into the HOF, become arguably the greatest OT of all time, become the first African American hired as a HC, get voted NFL Head Coach of the Year, and get hired as an NFL Executive VP unless you are incredibly motivated and goal oriented? My hope stems from the fact that Shell is a proven winner. Is that so hard to come to grips with? My hope comes from my deep belief that Shell is determined more than ever to bring the franchise he deeply loves back to glory.

As far as future Head Coaches, if Rob Ryan continues to make steady progress he would be an excellent long term candidate to promote from within. He has the fire and passion to lead men into battle.

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous again... can't leave profile because it is a work computer (live in b'ham, born in savannah)
Will jump on board with the new coach and team and hope for the best - But will rant until things change. This is the closest we ever got to Al being FORCED to change. This (art) is the worst decision possible, because to me it signifies that Al thinks he can "show the rest of the league" using his own, tired, methods. There were plenty of smart, energetic football coaches left, just not "hot" at the moment. Art has no chance... he'll do anything the man upstairs says. Who will be OC? Who would come be OC? I guess Lofton would be nice because I think he'd try to instill his own touch. We need coaches that will tell the old man, "Get out of here" when they're working on plays and strategy.
Again, this looks bad, very bad I'm afraid. You think KC, Denver and the Dolts are quaking in their shoes now that Big Art is at the helm? No, cuz they know it means even more of the same... unpreparedness, guys that are on the team cuz Al likes 'em... no cohesiveness.
Here would be signs that Al is loosening the reins (i think we could find hope if at least three of them happened):
1. Gallery goes to LT
2. Brayton is moved back to DE or let go
3. A true strong safety is brought in
4. Ashomugue is made a back-up, perhaps nickle back
5. We get a new MLB and OLB to go with Morrison... Clarke is an overachiever but simply not very good... a career 2nd stringer, like he was in Jacksonville.
6. Whitted gone
7. Fargas (awful player) off the roster
8. A new QB. Kerry's not the guy if you're wanting to highlite Moss.. Kerry's the guy if your defense is in the top 5 and your division is weak
9. Get a DE (Howard) to play bookend to Burgess.
10. Pick up AJ Hawk or Demeco Ryan in the draft
Best scanario:
Trade draft picks 2 thru 7 for the 1 or 2 pick in Rd 1... pick up Vince Young. His threat to run will keep defenses more than honest and his ability to scramble will have Moss open deep everytime (Culpepper like). If we can't have a caoch, let's play a little backyard football.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 6:32 AM

I disagree on Scrabble (he has become a starting-caliber CB) and Clark (he brings desperately needed leadership), but otherwise your thoughts echo mine exactly.

Everyone knows Al Davis is and will be the GM. However, it is the coach's territory to decide who will play when and where. This is the litmus test for Shell.

If Art is able to keep the deadwood off the field, especially KFC and Radio Gibson (not a strech given they have the two biggest salary cap hits for '06), then he'll win a lot of fans and a lot of games.

Davis typically drafts athletic freak talents and expects his coaches to teach them how to play the game. Al always says you can't teach speed, but you can teach them how to play the game.

I disagree. Some people you just can't matter what their 40 time is.

Not drafting proven college winners based on their performance and allowing them to play their natural positions is the biggest issue I have with the Al Davis draft philosophy.

At least he did boot Nap Harris and Lifetime Buchanon, giving us some hope the favoritism based on draft status will end if players do not walk the walk.

If Al thinks out of Al's box and drafts Vince Young or AJ Hawk, I will have a great measure of faith restored in his drafting ability.

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SCREWED.......Like I said before....Scorpio is right on the money. As I and the rest of the Raider Nation take hits from friends and family about Art "Sleeping on the sideline" Shell, you defend this hire. That's BULLSHIT! you would be more than lame in thinkins anything has changed for Shell. He was proped up with Great assistants that made it work. If Al Davis is thinking of moving the team, he is on the "PERFECT" track to do it. Lets see........Poor seat sales ( gaurnteed ) if yet another losing season.......I think we might get better, 5-11. WoW.........Makes me want to buy club seats for the Beatings this season. What a Shit storm Al has brought on the Nation but it is all about $$$$$$. He could give a shit about us in the bay area and has done it before without looking back. Mark my words.....We will be stuck with the Jeff George experiment#2 (Collins) for another season of fumbles and bumbles.............Its offical.........Al Davis has become Howard Hughes!

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Art Shell were such a great coaching candidate, why did Davis wait so long ? Why didn't he hire him right away. Instead, he looked for everyone, & anyone else, but they wouldn't stand still long enough for Davis to attach the strings. Shell was the last choice. The only one left. The winner by default. Everything you hear now about, family, loyalty, & Raider tradition, is just spin. No one who has watched Davis operate these last 20 yrs,(Gruden aside), is buying it.

9:48 AM  
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