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News You Can't Use

Well, I guess this is what happens when reporters from a sports wagering site crash the Raiders discussion. The author’s first mistake is rehashing a take that is hopelessly stale by now. Then, in a rush to point fingers at Al Davis, the author goes off the logic rails…

For example, one paragraph leads with the following: “And you can look no further than Al Davis for someone to blame.”

Fine, do tell, I’m all ears…

But then the very next paragraph states: “It’s amazing to think that a team with Randy Moss, LaMont Jordan and Jerry Porter wasn’t an offensive juggernaut this season. Part of that can be blamed on poor quarterback play, part of it on inept defense and part of it can be blamed on just bad coaching. Whatever the reasons, Oakland is in a world of hurt and new direction is something they sorely need.”

Wait, I thought we were blaming Al Davis for everything? Suddenly the author doesn’t know whom to blame, but guesses that it might be Kerry Collins, Norv Turner and the defense.

How, exactly, does one blame the Raiders defense, which outperformed expectations, for poor performance by the offense? I don’t know about you, but that’s not exactly the type of analysis that makes me a betting man.

Here’s the Cliff Notes version of this article: “I hate Al Davis. His fingerprints are all over the Raiders during the bad years, but he had nothing to do with the team going to the Super Bowl a few years ago in the wake of dominating the AFC West for three straight seasons. I blame the poor performance of the 2005 Raiders offense on the quarterback, the coach and the defense. But it’s still all Al Davis’s fault. While 10 head coaches were fired recently, Al Davis is the only owner whose most recent choice for head coach didn’t work out. The Raiders are in sore need of a new direction, but firing the offending coach and carefully searching for the next one isn’t good enough for me. Because I hate Al Davis.”

And that, Raiders fans, is news you can’t use.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I read this article, and the writer simply makes no sense. He also reasons that Ken Whisenhunt should pass over the Raiders job, and take a "Good" job next yr. Yeah, just look at all the great jobs Whisenhunt has missed out on, Buffalo, Houston, KC, Detroit, the Jets. If Whisenhunt wants some sound advice, he should talk to Denny Green, who ran from Oakland to be the big man in Arizona. I'd "Bet" he regrets it now. Oakland is still a great opportunity for someone who can coach. If Whisenhunt has what it takes, he can succeed with the Raiders.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good points Raider00. I made a similar point to Eric Gilmore of the Contra Costa Times in an email today (he has a similar column). If Whisenhunt beleives in himself, he should take the job. It's a little like Joe Torre and the Yankees; everyone knows how tough it is to work for Steinbrenner, so you get graded on a curve. If you win, you're brilliant, if you lose it's Al's fault. Gruden turned around the Raiders and wrote his own ticket (unfortunately for us). Even Shanahan went on to great things.

White, Bugel, and Turner (to name three) didn't fail becasue Al interfered; they failed because they are not good head coaches. And history has proved that point with all three of them.

I'm confident that Al can find the right guy. I just hope that when he does he doesn't worry about who gets the credit...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The scary thing is the rumor that Davis will interview Jim Fassell next week. This is the same mistake he made last time. Instead of waiting to interview Crennel, & Weis, Davis caved, and settled for Turner. As I recall, Jim fassell's best yrs with the Giants were when John Fox was his DC. When Fox left, Fassell fell on his face. This lie that Fassell will bring out the Best in KFC, is all Raiders fans worse nightmare.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the key phrase which lets us know this guy is as clueless as one of the Village People in a room packed with Victoria Secret models:

"The problem with the Raiders is that they have no plan. Are they going to get better through the draft and begin the youth movement? Are they gearing up with a bunch of free agent veterans? No one really knows- least of all old man Davis."

On the contrary, the personnel plan is crystal clear. The Bruce Allen "Over-the Hill-Gang" method he learned from his father, George, has been phased out. Veterans like Rice and Brown were told to retire before they were ready to do so, but it obviously was the right call to make.

The Raiders subsequently have gone from one of the oldest teams in the NFL to one of the youngest. There are few 10+ year vets left on the roster, with the notable exception of the "D" line where Sapp, Washington, and Hamilton are all past their prime.

The additions brought in during the offseason are all players in their prime. Free agents Jordan and Burgess were the best available at their respective RB and DE positions. Moss is arguably the best WR in the game, though slowed by injury and the poor vision of KFC so far.

Al Davis did his job as GM this year, and this bozo, Matthew Ross, obviously does not understand how to evaluate personnel moves. It is not Al's fault the team under performed, he brought in the necessary ammunition to burn the place down. It is up to the coaches and players themselves to perform.

The most disturbing thing about Ross' commentary is his tasteless attack on an elderly man with obvious health problems. He crudely characterizes Davis as "The enigmatic man in charge of the Raiders has seen better days- both as an exec and a decent looking human being."

While an owner like Jerry Jones has altered his physical appearance to look like Plastic Man in a wind tunnel, Al's puffy countenance is purely the result of health problems not of his own making (edema).

Al does not have Alzheimer, and though his human frailty has begun to show, his mind is still clicking on all cylinders. Taking a cheap shot on an old man for being physically ill is just plain tacky.

I propose Ross has seen better days as a decent human being period

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Blogger Raider Take said...

Hey friends, thanks for bringing it...Great points. That guy's piece is now officially confetti.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's more news you can't use for anything besides papering the kitchen floor for that new Christmas puppy to pee on:

Bold Raider pick: Rick Barry

One idjiot taco del grande coming up! What is Barry gonna do? Teach 'em to shoot underhanded free throws? Shaq might be interested, but how's that gonna save KFC from hitting a Raiderette with the ball more often than he does his open receiver?

Here's what the NBA says about HOFer Rick Barry:

”A teammate and friend of the tempestuous Barry told the Chicago Tribune, ‘You could send him to the U.N., and he'd start World War III.’

‘I was not an easy person to get along with,’ Barry admitted in the same article. ‘I didn't have a lot of tact.’

Here's what happened when Barry was asked about coaching BASKETBALL (something he actually knows about):

Has anyone seriously considered you as an NBA head coach?

Rick Barry : No.

If the man can't get a job in the NBA, why in the hell would anyone give him a scratch and sniff in the NFL?

This has to be the single stoopidest HC proposal of the current search to date.

Marty Feldman would be better HC choice...and he's R.I.P.

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Blogger Doobie said...

Well, I guess everyone's seen this by now, but it seems that Martz has withdrawn his name from consideration as Raiders coach because the situation "just didn't feel right".

I'm not sure exactly how to interpret those remarks, but it looks like one more option is off the board. My prediction (although not my preference) was that Al would have wanted Martz...although he probably wanted to meet with Whisenhunt first...but it appears Al couldn't close the deal.

Well, so now my hopes are either with Whishenhunt or Ron Rivera in he hopes that he'll buck his offensive trend and try to go in a defensive direction. However, since he's locked up Rob Ryan as DC, I can't help but think that's going to continue to pursue an offensive specialist as head coach.

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