Thursday, April 28, 2016

Back From The Dead: Draft Edition

Raider Take is back, without explanation or apology. Sometimes you just need a break after ten years of hitting your head against the proverbial blogging wall.

So here we are on draft night, and welcome to the Raider Nation, Karl Joseph, safety from West Virginia.

Here's one analysis I came across: "An interesting pick for a team in need of secondary help. Reggie McKenzie has done a lot to put the Raiders back on track, and Joseph is a big hitter with some coverage ability. He'll replace Charles Woodson, which is a major thing to do. But at 5' 10" and 205 pounds, he's a little light for the position at the NFL level. Bob Sanders will be the ideal, but Sanders was an outlier, and he was also hurt a lot. Size debits combined with a physical style seems to be a recipe for danger, but Joseph is a true competitor." 

Seems like a fair take. If the dude can raise his considerable game to the NFL level, then we're a lot better on the back-end to complement a front end that's becoming a force with Mack & Co. 

And then there's this little wrinkle: "Tore his anterior cruciate ligament to end his senior season early and might not be able to participate early on in the team’s offseason program."

Best case scenario, he channels the spirit of one Jack Tatum and brings the nasty back into a secondary much in need of it.

Thanks for indulging my absence, let me have it and let 'yer takes rip.


Anonymous Anthony said...

weneeded an injection of young talent into the secondary and if he's a poor mans earl thomas i'll take it.

however the ghost of dj hayden does worry me slightly

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Anthony said...

also thinking it rules out jack in the 2nd round as reggie won't gamble on two injured players this high

1:45 AM  
Anonymous Raider00 said...

If ever there was a draft where the Raiders needed to trade up, be bold, make a statement, this was it.

But no, Reggie takes another long shot player with many obstacles to overcome.

I guess there is no time table for Reggies endless rebuild. It's just.....ENDLESS!!!!!!!!!

3:48 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Joseph was a playmaker in college but, I have to say, first thing I thought when I read Joseph was out most of last season with an injury was DJ Hayden deja vu. Not sure I understand the fascination with injured players; that somehow they're a bargain no matter when you select them. Joseph was said by some to be late first round talent. Raiders need a long-term solution at S so, hopefully, he's the guy. We might not know this year because he will get a late start due to his injury and, didn't Raiders sign Reggie Nelson to play Woodson's spot? Nelson is a solid vet.

It will be interesting to see how Joseph fits in with Nelson and the Raiders nicely revamped secondary.

Round 2!

5:13 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Yes, the Ghost of DJ Hayden. That, and his size. We could be in "reach" territory again. But you just don't know.

8:09 AM  
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