Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Late Postgame Take

After the first exhibition game on Saturday night, I was feeling a bit underwhelmed. Nothing really jumped out at me. I felt guilty for not being more excited. I just think I was expecting more—of what, exactly, I wasn't sure.

Thankfully, I was cheered by several commentators here at Raider Take, who seemed genuinely enthused by what they saw.

That’s when I realized that I was looking at things the wrong way. I realized that our offense is essentially trying to re-learn normal football after last year’s prolonged exercise in insanity. Adapting to a new system under a new coach after a demoralizing season is no overnight endeavor.

From this enlightened perspective, I saw that instead of focusing on how we executed on Saturday, I should be focusing more on what we attempted—which is to run a logical modern offense.

I now have a new take on what I witnessed, and here are some of the things that are lifting my spirits: the diversity and clarity of the playcalling; the much-improved pace of the offensive unit; the spirited running of Adimchinobe Echemandu; the enhanced depth at the running back position; the looming presence of a hopefully reborn Mike Williams; obvious improvement at the tight end position; Jerry Porter in a uniform instead of street clothes, and hustling his ass off, too; the upward mobility of our offensive line in terms of cohesion and protection; and the return of an aggressive and opportunistic defense, especially in the secondary.

Meanwhile, I must say that assessing our quarterback situation based on Saturday’s performances is a dicey proposition. It’s not just how they perform, it’s whom they’re facing. For example, the second team of the Arizona Cardinals is not exactly the best measuring stick for Andrew Walter.

That said, I have to say that Josh McCown looked unimpressive, which doesn’t bode well for him. In fact, I expect our QB depth chart to be completely inverted in the coming weeks. If Culpepper remains healthy, he’s our guy, period.

Anyhow, why should I expect leaps and bounds on August 11 when a lot of baby steps could take us to the next level by September 9? After the first few preseason games last year, I had no clue as to how abysmal our team really was—and I’m starting to suspect that the opposite could be true right now.

I really can’t sum it up better than Roberto of Raider Raza, who wrote me with the following take:

"The bar has been left so low from last year that I was very impressed with the game management, ability to call plays and execute them before the clock hit 0, the overall team cohesiveness, their blocking. All these fundamentals were absent last year.

Last year we couldn't call a play before the clock wound down nor could we adjust to a blitz. The playcalling was imaginative. It was refreshing to see screens, rollouts, short drops, long drops. I am positive that the worst is behind us and confident that we are on the right track. It was only a preseason game, but we looked like we were well coached and on the verge of turning around many of the shortcomings from last year. This year the energy feels better.

I'm feeling pretty minty fresh."

Me too, brother.


Blogger Calico Jack said...

The one thing I took away from preseason game #1 is the new zone blocking scheme, playcalling, and hybrid WC offense will do 3 vital things:

(1) reduce the number of sacks condiderably

(2) allow for more time consuming, productive drives

(3)* Most importantly >>> put our players in a better position to succeed.

10:28 PM  
Blogger Raider Raza said...

Great Post Take...I am glad to have you back, I was worried about you when i didn't see your 5 normal post game takes.

We have a new attitude, a new coach and all new coaches on the offensive side and in our first preseason game, with many players who aren't even going to make the team we looked better and had better game management than we did last year. The offense went into a variety of formations, picked up blitzes and looked well coached. Sure there were mistakes as expected, but we recovered.

Last year we struggled at some of the most basic elements of football. For goodness sake we couldn't even handle a replay challenge -That's how bad it got. Last year the receiver drops the perfect rainbow that Walter throws in the endzone. Last year we find a way to lose.

I think it is extremely important to erase the awful memories from last year and put that season behind us and start fresh. The good thing about football is that unlike in real life the slate is washed clean and you are able to start over; Were 0-0. We can forget about the foolish levels of incompetency that were demonstrated on a weekly basis by the coaching staff. It doesn't matter anymore.

For what it's worth, in one preseason game we have been able to score more points than we have in any of last year's preseason or season games.

I'm feeling minty minty fresh..

11:03 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Pre-season games are tough to gage, particularly the first. First-string players are yanked as fast as they hit the field, plays are usually limited to the most basic, and it’s not like we have so much depth that we should expect start-to-finish excellence.

There’s bound to be some bumps in the road after the depths we reached last year. A lot of us believed coaching was the single worst problem last year (and in prior years). As depressing as it was to watch the Raiders lose on the field, it was equally or more tiring to watch them get out-coached game after game.

Conversely, I see coaching as perhaps our biggest asset right now, particularly the energy and savvy Kiffin brings. At last, a field manager.

Paging Mr. Russell, get your $31 million guaranteed ass into camp, immediately!

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider raza:

You are so right! also the offense scored a total of 20 points, they managed the clock and overall made the game fluid!

8:13 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Raider Raza: Remember, "real life" is only an illusion caused by alcohol deprivation. Only football and beer can be trusted.

But my world is crumbling. Hell is freezing, pigs are flying, Sports Illustrated loves the Raiders.


What is the meaning of all of this? The Raiders moving to the line quickly; penalties being avoided (at least by the first team); clock management; identifiable pockets; MOVING pockets; ROLL OUTS FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

I feel at odds and discombobulated (big word, Heartland).

The air is no longer still, and the autumn wind is a Raider.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Raider Raza said...


8:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kiss my ass ...you psuedo- intellectual, liberal, elitist snob.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

I really urge everyone to exercise restraint when it comes to the personal stuff. It's not worth it. Surely we can disagree without getting personal? I'd like to keep my finger off the delete button.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Living in the eastern time zone I was reduced to listening to the game via the Internet. Which meant I didn't make it to bed until well after 1:00 AM Sunday. At my advanced age that is three hours past my bedtime.

However, none other than Coach Flores alluded to the difference in energy level for the whole team. How quickly they were getting the plays called and moving to the line.

With all the positives, it appears we still need some work on our kick coverage.

Also, Gregg Knapp got a bit of a bum rap in Atlanta. Remember he had Vick as his QB. Vick was not the most coachable of players. Every year he would say this is the year he was going to really bear down, get into the play book and be the leader they wanted. Good thing those rumors of a trade for him never came to fruition.

Agreed with Take on the personal stuff. We are Raider fans frist here. But, if some chef, pony or dolts fan trys to sneak in claiming to be one of us, well you know what they are allowed to do to spys under the Geneva Convention.


10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this is a forum for the free exchange of opinions for Raider fans, then let me know.
But recently it appears you've let it be taken over by a sophmoric clique with a Little Lord Fauntleroy leader and a smathering of dolts awaiting his everyword so they know the proper thing to think and say.

10:36 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Thanks for calling me Little Lord Fauntelroy. I must say that I was hoping for Big Dark Lord of The Nation.

The differences of opinions and viewpoints here at Raider Take are well documented in the comments sections. They are there for all to see.

The only thing I have "allowed" is for anyone in the world to log onto Raider Take and voice their opinions, including you.

Cheer up, amigo, it's football season.

11:17 AM  
Blogger TheFreakingPope said...

I'm still in shock over Gallery not having a single penatly called against him. Priceless!

Hearland, take a deep breath, buddy. We're all friends here.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess you better read it again.

11:23 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Wow! What's up with da "SensitiveIsues"...."PopularityContest"s can go By! By!....If I am "Stupid" it is pointed out to me by another "Posta"....If I make a good comment than others join in...NO-one has been so dominate that they have taken over this site....it's run by "RT"...NOT by us....so please...Just drop the little "SensitiveIsues" thing and try to act like a Raider fan....there are plenty of "Hater"s to fight with...and Please notice I said "Please"....

Last season our "Ship" sailed thru troubled waters and was in "Irons" constantly....I for one assumed it was because of a "MutinousCrew" led by the likes of "Portster" and "NoMoss"....then it became imposible to resist the truth....our "Ship" had been placed in the hands of a "Bligh" like Captain who had compleatly lost his ability to show leadership....

The "Ship" returned to port for "ReFit" and the crew was disaplained and some crewmen were replaced....It is now that our ship in engaged in "PracticeManuvers" in preperation for a new season of sailing....and we have had the privilage of whitnessing one of their fore PracticeManuvers"...and will see another this Saturday as they engage the "WinnerVessel"....

It's difficult to gage the up-comming battles because all the other vessels are also engaging in their own "PracticeManuvers" in preperation for the season....but for us...we no-longer see the "WayWard" vessel which was trying to sail last season...instead we see a vessel on which each "CrewMan" is eager to perform his duties....the vessel sails under the command of a Captain who shows exalent leadership qualities....and now this ship is able to engage in manuvers that were previously imposible under the command of the former Captain....but my friends....these are the menuvers we would expect to see from any other vessel sailing our seas....the differance is that now our ship can actually handle such manuvers instead of being the LaughinStock" of the sea...Sailin like a "Scow"...and in "Irons"...

As we engage in a new battle this week it will be important to note that her crew and leadership have been in place for a season or two....but we are just now putting our vessel in order....so it will be a very good indication of where we are as far as preperation is conserned...and I am hopeful we will come away as "MintyFresh" as we did last week....


11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Old-timers can skip this one. But the new Madden video game came out yesterday. Our D was finally shown some love. I would hate to be playing as another team and face our D in that game, they're an intimidating group of guys.
I doubt any of you care about games but I'll say this; I've probably learned more about football from playing Madden's games than anywhere else. One more reason Madden kicks ass.


12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well nation, the day is arriving soon. my 21 month old daughter and i are already geared up for the football season, and it looks like we will be joined by another nation member, my son, by the time preseason ends (our due date is the 27th).
we went to her now weekly dr appointment yesterday, and things are rapidly progressing, and it our son could be here before we play the niners this weekend!
i will be in and out, but not sure if i'll be able to post again until after we settle down a bit.
the nation continues to grow, and a new future raider is coming into the world to make it happier.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to make a personal observation, is this team completely controlled by coach Kiffin and his people, and is Mr. Davis just being an owner and providing the tools for the team and nation to become badass again or am I dreaming this stuff?


1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey kvn, what did Little Lord Fauntleroy, excuse me I mean RT just say?!?

Sorry, I couldn't resist that. How 'bout them Raiders?

2:15 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


The new intro is great....

"Welcome to Our House"...Take a look...nice video work....


I think some of that is true....if CoachKiff continues to show great leadership qualities the "GodFather" will let him have control of the team....but MrDavis has been presant this year at "TrainingCamp" after being absent last year so I think that says he is still very interested and active with his team....But it was the "GodFarthers" proclamation that CoachKiff would lead his team back to the "PromisedLand"....and so for now it's all in his hands....

If he is unable to produce than we may see MrDavis injecting his will upon his team....


Bro...I understand the feeling of agression....I have had to be settled down several times on this site by "RT" and once by "CalicoJack" on his site...but in the words of one very famous "CriminalEllement" from Cali...."Can't We All Just Get Along".....Ha!Ha!....


2:17 PM  
Blogger Raider Raza said...

Can we go back and talk about football.

Did anybody see that kid: BJ Ward??

He left an impression on the cardinals. When he hit them receivers the fans went nuts. He also made a great special teams play. I think he is putting on a good bid to make the team and replace Cooper as our ST threat.

2:46 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


Good points....for the record do you know who the "CB"-n-"S" were who failed to cover on that long "TD" pass by Warner....I did not get a #....but I saw the "CB" fall down and the "S" was out of position and got turned around and did not get close to the "WR"...


2:51 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

RT, regarding your take: yes, yes and yes!...though "the spirited running of Adimchinobe Echemandu" comment seems a bit out of place in that fit of optimism. LOL

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not 100% sure but I think the CB who messed up that play was #37 Chris Johnson. That guy hurt his chances on a number of plays. Yeah BJ looked good.

Keep an eye on Sam Williams. I think he might be 'breaking out' a little bit, maybe he'll prove to not be such a weak link. I always hear that kind of talk, but if Rob likes him, "I'M IN".


4:55 PM  
Blogger Raider Raza said...

Chris Johnson #17 was the CB Hiram Eugene # 31 was the Saftey.

Carr almost chase him down, but was not at fault.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Raider Raza said...

oops i meant #37

5:00 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...


I've said this earlier, and I still think it's true. Davis likes Kiffin. He sees himself in Kiffin. Davis has actually been more involved with Kiffin this year than he was with Shell last year. He's been to camp more for one thing.

I think Kiffin is similar to Davis in that they both could talk nothing but football for days. Kiffin doesn't view Al's participation as an intrusion, and I think they bounce things off of each other. And this should in no way be construed as Davis pulling Kiff's strings. This looks more like a partnership where each has a designated role. One of the reasons I'm excited is that I haven't seen this much give and take between Davis and a head coach since Madden.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out this article on the panzy ass Steelers and their luxurious, maniqured lifestyles. It also mentions their equip. manager and his ties to steroid distribution. Looks like J. Cooper might have a job backing up Troy P.



5:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At risk of joining this imaginary "sophmoric clique" by agreeing with something blandarocked says, I'm still with you on the Kif/Al thing blanda.

Talk about "minty fresh", these two seem to work together really well. Al seems to be kicking a lot of knowledge his way, which is most important IMO. I don't want to see Al locked up in his office hording all of that vast information, while some stubborn old guy like Shell screws everything up. No, this is a good thing we have going on.

I like how Al & Kif make contradicting public statements with their own opinions, and how Al is quick to shoot down Kif publically as if to say "learn from the best, kid". Puppet??? No. If he were, they'd be saying the same things.

The silver lining with Kif being sick in the hospital is that we get to see how the team responds. According to reports practice seems "slow", and "A little quiet". I forget who, but one Raider committed a penalty and was NOT removed from the drill, which if Kif were there the player would hear about it and have to sit out. Who's in charge of the team activites then? Al? No.

I just went over to check out the news. Kiffin is out of the hospital and back for the afternoon practice. Happy? I am!


6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

“We're going to be better on offense,” linebacker Kirk Morrison said. “You can see it in practice. Last year, we used to shut them down in practice, and they wouldn't make any adjustments before the next practice. This year? We'll stop something and then the next practice you can see how they fixed it and they'll be making plays.”


6:24 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

That's a great quote from Morrison. If nothing else, confidence may breed success.

7:02 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

What I have liked best about Kiffin is his passion, competitive spirit, and direct, open communication style. He has also been an excellent salesman which in my opinion is one of the key traits of a successful HC.

Kiffin has successfully "sold" the team on his vision, competing as a team and as individuals on a daily basis ... and that everything you do counts.

BJ Ward, Adimchinobe Echemandu, and Johnny Lee Higgins are worth keeping your eye on. These 3 have been the stars of training camp + preseason and are making their mark.

To my old chum Heartland, I wish you well. I know you enjoy an open exchange of opinions & also rattling a few cages for your own pleasure. We are all guests of RT on this site. If you don't respect the hosts request to knock off the personal insults or lack the discipline to use a bit more discretion when "rattling the cages" then I suggest you find another outlet to vent your pent up hostilities. You should realize the difference between an honest disagreement and personal insults. I would appreciate & value your opinions on Raider football not on politics, global warming, and intellectual capacity.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Toni said...

I know that one preseason game makes a season not, but with that being said I'm feeling things are definately going in the right direction. I can't be anything but optimistic after what happened last year.

However there were a few things that bothered me:

I realize it was due to turnovers and second/third stringers, but it was frustrating to see the Cardinals score on 4 consecutive possessions. The fact that C-Bass (or is it Seabass?) continues to have short kickoffs. All the drops from WR'ers - the most worrisome aspect of the game, imho. McCown did not impress me at all. We stopped scoring basically in the second half. 21 points in the first half, 6 in the second. Again I know, I KNOW, but still it bothered me. Though penalties are down, there were a lot more in the second half. I'm a teeny bit worried about Culpepper. He has a lot of rust to work off. Williams needs to lose some major lbs.

Things I liked:

The TE's!!! It was amazing to see TE's going over the middle and actually catching balls. Miller/Madsen (?) are both the real deal I think. Walter looked like the QB I remember from college. Crisp, accurate passes, he looked like he had a plan and he had the time to execute it. The O line, the O Line, THE OLINE :-) looked markedly improved. Not sure if it was the OL or the FB, but there was some nice holes for the RB's. Speaking of which, Echemandu was exciting to watch, I really hope he gets a chance against the first string D. And though Culpepper was rusty, he has a canon. Johnnie Lee in space... whew, he can fly.

Just an overall different vibe from last year, granted I didn't see any preseason game last year... But it's a very different vibe from the final few regular season games.

Of course anything would be an improvement over the final few regular season games...

I'm really looking forward to the Niner game to see if the dropsies will be addressed.

And of course you don't need me to say it RT, but this is one of the best sites I read regarding the Raiders (actually it's one of the only ones) Flauenty boy or not, it rocks! Keep up the excellent work.

So am I a liberal elists since I'm excited about the Raiders? I'm a little fuzzy on that point.

Finally JRuss is rapidly losing my support, he needs to get his ass in camp and like yesterday. This holdout is unconscionable, he needs to be a man and tell his handlers to get a deal done. And get it done now. I don't think he's between a rock and a hard place I think he's being greedy. As much as I'm not a fan of Davis the one thing he has never done, as far as I know is lowball players. If Russell performs and performs well he'll be richly rewarded. 31M guaranteed, which is what is rumored, is fair. It's more than the number 2 pick by a few millions. I'm actually sort of hoping Davis starts taking money off the table. I know it probably won't but I hope he does. It's certainly not my money, and I'm all for professional athletes getting paid as much as they can, however I'd like for the NFL to install some type of rookie salary structure modelled after the NBA. But perhaps that for another post.


8:14 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

Kiffin was released from the hospital and it looks like it might be mononucleosis, something I can tell you from first hand experience is NOT a good thing.

No, mono isn't life threatening but can severely affect concentration and lingers for a long time. I came down with mono when I was 27 and...like Kiffin...shortly after starting a new job (which makes me wonder if stress plays any hand in getting mono).

For almost three months I walked around in a state that felt like I was perpetually buzzed. When you're drinking, that's a great feeling. When you're trying to function in an everyday environment, it's horrible.

My concern is that I was 27 when I came down with it. Kiff's 32. Let's be honest, as you get older your body doesn't shake off illness the way it once did. If Kiff goes through what I went through, maintaining a sharp mental focus for the next couple of months is going to be hell. Something you definitely don't want to see your head coach go through.

8:46 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Great take as usual, Toni. Thanks for having my back.

Doobie, the prolonged condition you describe sounds suspiciously like a case of Norv Turner - a lack of sharp mental focus caused by stress.

Let's hope Kiffin can recover quickly, lest he start running the clock out in field goal range at the end of the first half.

9:32 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

"JRus"....I believe he will sign...if not....he will go back in the draft next year and he will not be the #1 again....he will fall and not get anywhere near the money he is being offered....and his reputation will be soiled....he will be viewed as just another gready non-producer....he is no "BoJackson"....he does not have a BaseBall or BasketBall carear to support him while he sits out....so he will just be a big looser....and so will the Raiders....but the Raiders are in a position of streingth and know it...

So here is my advise to "JRus"....just sign....if your agents are holding you out give them an altimatom...."Get me a deal with in "48" hours or you are fired"....you will have to sit out 5 days before you can sign a contract....but now you should approach Culpepper as your agent....he has a very good working relationship with the Raiders and will have your best interest in high regard instead of just money....and now your commision is paid to someone in-house instead of an outsider....Culpepper will support you durring camp and game time and help you prepare as a starter...after all he is now your agent....and the fans will respect you for this action and not hold the "HoldOut" against you....

OK...there is a small problem because your agents will try to recover their commision for nagotiating your contract....now you hire one of MrDavis's autournys....and tell your agent you will sue for "Deformation of Charcture"....because they have ruined your image as a quality person....and also because they have restricted your ability to perform this season....and caused injury spchologicly because you can't win the starting role...."BrokenConfidance"...."BrokenSpirit"


1:56 AM  
Blogger RaiderRealist said...

Here's some food for thought-


Pantyraider- I'm quite certain that Russell hiring either Culpepper or one of Al's attorneys would be a conflict of interest.

Has anyone heard any news on the status of Russell's contract negotiations? Its as if they went into the Bermuda Triangle.

2:12 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


No Doubt...I am not very versed in those things but just want action....the info is in "BlackOut" stage....I can't find anything except speculation....that's why I think the Raiders are just going to wait him out....he can't afford to sit out and his agents won't get a penney without a deal....The Raiders are in a position of striength I think.....and we have other "QB"s ready to play.....


2:23 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Mono? Kiffin at half speed is still better than Norval at full speed. Back at meetings/practice, players were razzing him by wearing surgical masks. I think it's safe to say there's a "healthy" respect between Kiffin and his players, something the mediots had questioned would ever happen... particularly because of the "age" thing.

5:10 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Asking $34 mil guaranteed.
Offer $31 mil guaranteed.
Settle $32.5. Simple! Get it done!

Hell, I would gladly retire to my meager existence on less than half the difference between the parties.

If Russell wants to make more money, he should come to camp, make a name for himself in the NFL and then open a chain of pricey steakhouses.

5:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The team does look much improved. I'd like to see us win the first half convincingly against the whiners. And I hope they blitz us heavily. Might as well start dealing with it becuase that's what the dolts and donkeys are going to do to us.
As for jruss, I agree with most here, get your ass in camp. If you think your the real deal Jruss then sign and get in here and kick ass in the league and then you can get all those endorsemenst deals and really rake it in. If we've offered anything between 29-31 mil guaranteed then get in there. I mean help me out Blanda, he couldn't possibly have too high of an insurance contract in place in the event somthing tragic happens before he signs the contract, could he? He's got a 30 mil lottery ticket and he's taking his time submittting it!
Maybe that skill clause in the contract is really, really low.

5:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is an article on Russell:



6:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

..at least both sides are keeping their mouths closed..meaning they're not negotiating in the media...so I'm guessing things are not acrimonious...probably the lone positive...biggest reason the D will be even better this year? not being on the field for 40 minutes

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure where this guy gets his info but he seems to think Davis is being unreasonable by not offering Russell "skill" (or lack of) compensation, only "Injury". According to him, all other high draft picks have both compensations.
This seems to go along with what Davis himself said as far as Russell being responsible for his own actions, and I don't take Al for a liar. He may we 'simplifying' or 'twisting' a little, but lying?



7:09 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Re Russell: Russell's agents attempted to begin negotiations through the media by leaking that Al was being "cheap." But Al countered by leaking that the Raiders put nearly 31 million, guaranteed on the table, which is more than in line with what people were expecting Russell to cost.

Losing that battle, Russell's agents scurried back under the refrigerator. It's almost unbelievable that these guys are that stupid. All they have to do is look at the Raiders' camp situation to understand they currently have viable competition at the QB position. The Raiders don't need Russell this year. If they sit down Russell for the year he's not going to get anywhere near what he's been offered.

It's been said that these guys are going to play hardball because it's their first #1 pick. My guess, already - it's going to be their last.

Re: Kiffin. Mononucleosis? The kissing disease? What is he, a high school student? But it shouldn't be taken lightly. A severe case of mono last about two to three weeks, and he's back on the field after three days. Kiffin es mui macho!

One doesn't completely recover from mono for about a year, sometimes two. This is going to force him to have quieter demeanor, and act more like Shell. Interesting irony.

8:52 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Re Russell: There's another aspect here which could be costing Russell millions. With Russell's live arm, he could be generating quite a bit of media buzz in camp. Media buzz generally translates into multi million dollar promotional contracts. But Russell won't be getting these any time this year. Davis doesn't have to take money off the table. Every day these idiots hold Russell out, he's losing money.

9:59 AM  
Blogger Raider Raza said...

Hey Psycho, I agree with you Al is not a liar nor is he stupid.

It bothers me that we have offered Russell upwards of 31 Million and he wants more.

If it was up to me I would trade Russell or release his rights. I would rather give that 30 Million+++ to players like Nnamdi and Burgess who have earned it.

He is an overweight junior with a cannon arm that has never played a down in the NFL. There is a greater chance he becomes a bust than he leads us to a Superbowl or has a HOF career.

10:49 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


I agree about the risk....he is still unproven but his up-side is so huge....I would hate to loose him....

The "Trade" talk is a very bad thing....we would be big loosers....even if someone gave us their #1 pick in "08" it will not be the #1 in the draft like this year....and look at how many 1st round picks are a bust....the price would have to be so high that there would not be any takers....like "KC" gives us "LJ" and their #1-n-#3 next year.....that is what the #1 pick is worth....

"KC"....Are you listening....


11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psycho that was a good article by Steward. And Russell will indeed lose if he doesn't sign with us, because unless arkansas's McFadden gets hurt, he should be the first pic next year. And everyone picking after that will know they have leverage on Russell because they know he wouldn't dare sit out again. He'll lose several million $$'s, minimum, if he doesn't sign.

11:19 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Plus he looses all his money for this season and so do his agents...How does "0" income support your life "Rookey"....


11:27 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Wow...what was I lookin at....I ment..."StupidAgents"...

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bottom line with signing draft picks and rookies, is that the NFL should put a dollar limit on the signing bonuses; but allow for these bonuses to increase over time as their performance increases. Call it a "flexible contract."

Meaning, that guys like JRuss coming into the league with no experience should have a guaranteed money cap of about $10 million. The more he performs well during his contract terms, the more he gains in guaranteed money/bonuses. Say JRuss received $10 million up front, signed a 6 year $60 million contract. Then his on field performance is off the charts, then each year his percentage of bonuses/guaranteed money for that season grows. And if he doesn't perform, then the percentage of bonuses/guaranteed money for the upcoming season deminishes; creating more cap room.

11:40 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


Interesting Idea but would it become difficult to know what your cap room is for the up comming season....difficult to plan...and what about trades....If I have to pay too much to a player who I don't consider worth it how will I trade him if others also feel the same....even if he is performing well....like maybe he is a "HeadCase" or very fragil....


11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

strange situation..I'm sorta surprised Russell hasn't hit the "just get it done" button yet. He ought to be looking at the Raiders QB performance, see that no one's lighting it up, and be dying to get in camp

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "o" is right next to the "p" so it's understandable. But I'm going to start calling you "Oantyraider". HAHA

The real stupid rookies here are Russell's agents. this is becoming more clear to me now. And if Russell truely is being greedy on something then shame on him. But the mode I'm in right now is to be as patient as Al is being, knowing there is still plenty of time to force their hand and get a fair deal.

These rookies ran into the wrong guy to f*ck with. Al is going to get his way, and Russell will get his $30+ million. Then we can all put these negative feelings behind us for 5 years and win some games.

I think blanda nailed it when he said Al leaked the $31 mil info to counter the agents' claims and they "scurried back under the refrigerator". It seems like the agents were the ones who lied publically to try and put pressure on Al, and you just don't do that.

One day they will panic and come to their senses, realizing Al is serious about the issue at hand and won't budge. If they want #1 pick money the Raiders are the only team to provide it, simple as that. Take it or walk. The question is, will Al have too much pride in his stance to cave at the last minute before we waste a #1 pick? He won't need to make that decision, I guarantee it. But that's what the Russell camp is counting on. What they're dealing with is the relentless patience of a 70+ year old, battle hardened veteran who has done this 1,000 times on smaller scales, and is much smarter than they are. He's 10 moves ahead of them.

If this drags on for too long I would be in favor of establishing deadlines to take money off the table just to be sure we don't lose Russell completely. It's not necessary yet. Hopefully for Russell's sake it doesn't become so bitter.


12:14 PM  
Blogger Raider Raza said...

Here is a good line from NBS Sports article mentioned in Psycho's post.

"Never mind the realities of the numbers. Tom Brady has three Super Bowl rings and his most recent deal in 2005 included $26.5 million guaranteed. Two JaMarcus Russells shouldn't make more than one Tom Brady."

What Russell is commanding is ridiculous to me...

12:22 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Russell needs to get in his armored 2008 Hummer or Escalade with the 24" dubs (whatever he decides to buy with all this $) and take Al’s check to the bank. Forget all the other risks, if the NFL implements a ceiling on rookie contracts in 2008 he could lose millions in guaranteed money.

I am so naive when it comes to NFL contracts. In the real world, when you sign a contract, you have a legal obligation of specific performance. In the NFL, contracts seem meaningless, and guaranteed money isn’t really guaranteed. Why else would the structure of the guarantee be so meaningful as to stall negotiations.

Also, can someone explain to me... if he signs now, shouldn’t there be some pro rated loss on the days he’s missed? In my world, if you don’t show for work, you don’t get back. If I have even a clue about the goings on of NFL contracts, Russell and his agents are living in fantasy land.

2:01 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Strike that... if you don't show for work, you don't get "paid." Don't ask how "back" got in there.

2:11 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


I think it's a "Conspiracy"...somewhere in "HyperSpace" some "HaterDude" is messin wit da "KeyBoard"...cause it happend to me today too....


2:29 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

There's an unbelievable irony here. Al Davis lead the way among owners to realize that fans didn't show up to watch fancy uniforms, they showed up to watch the players, so he has always believed in paying players accordingly. But once the genie was out of the bottle with free agency, many owners simply couldn't help themselves. Because the had the money to lure the talent, they paid out outrageous sums of bullion for first round picks.

As Al Davis was among the first to argue in favor of paying players what they are worth, he is now leading the way against paying players what they aren't worth (at least without proving it).

I read somewhere that between Russell's two agents they have somthing like 30 years of negotiating experience. What that meant is that one of the agents had been an agent for almost 20 years, the the other around 10. For the idiot in the media who wrote that, that amounts to one agent having 20 years experience and the other having 10, so there's a maximum of 20 years experience on the table.

Well children, Big Daddy has over 40 years experience and has taken on the best of them.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Week "2" Game..."SadFran"..

"D"...appears very porus to the run....they are last in the NFL and gave up 182yds....5.2yd average....on 35 attemps....to da "Donko"s....

The Raiders should be able to get it going against this team on the ground....look for a very big day for "Eche" and Rhoads....Jordan will also play....Fargas...."FB"s...

"SadFran" only gave up 88yds passing....5.2 average on 17 attempts....with 1 "Int" -n- 1 "TD" -n- 1 "Sk"....they gave up a 24yd comp....But alot of this is because the "Donko"s were only 8/17....47% passers....

The Raiders can move the ball by Air @ by Land....We should have a good game for the "O"....1 "Sk" does not sound like alot of preasure....according to the "SadFran" reports the team is very weak on the "D"....Ripe for skinnin.....

"O"....Passing...."SadFran" was 24/35 for 242yds...7.4yd average....0 "TD"s...2 "Int"s...4 "Sk"s....

Look for our "D" to bring the preasure....and our "DB"s to make some plays....

"O"....Running..."SadFran" gained 144yds on 35 attempts -w- 4.1yd average....1 "TD" -n- longest of 20yds....

This will be a good test to see where the "D" is at stoping the run....there #1 rusher will be in the game....Gore....


3:32 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

This article would seem to suggest that Russell better cash in now!


4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes it does and I do believe something will eventually be done about it. Meanwhile we wait. I was one of the biggest Russell supporters going into the draft, but even I'm getting pissed now. Dude, do you even want to play football? Are you scared you'll fail? Man up and get in camp.

7:32 PM  
Blogger RaiderRealist said...

Check out this guy's plan for a rookie cap:


It makes sense which is why the agents will make sure it never happens.

4:32 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Thanx Realist-
Here’s a couple choice quotes from that article:

”The draft was implemented as a means for the teams who finish near the bottom to get first crack at improving their team, not at getting robbed by a kid fresh from college. It has reached the point where a top five pick is becoming more of a burden than a blessing. These kids are getting contracts that hamstring the ability of their teams to improve though other means.

But if this (Russell) dispute stays ugly, it might prove groundbreaking for the NFL, and in the long run, owners may be thanking Davis for taking this stand, even if it hurts his own club. The system in place requires an overhaul that may not wait until after the 2011 season, when the current collective bargaining agreement expires.”

How can Russell be so cavalier about demanding money that should go to proven (underpaid) veterans like Nnamdi and Burgess? This is why agent representation needs to be about more than just money. His agents should also be thinking about protecting Russell's image and his teammate relations. Maybe it’s just business but, if I were Russell, I'd be too ashamed to even walk into the Raiders locker room right now.

As someone else here pointed out (Bama I think), Russell could have made millions in endorsement monies just by showing off his big arm in camp. So, what’s really the point of the holdout? Apparently, he’d rather have his picture on a milk carton than a box of wheaties.

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of potential future high-pick college draftees cringing with every minute of Russell’s holdout while talk of rookie contract reform gets hotter and hotter.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my example given, you asked about trade value. Sure his trade value drops, but the difference is you don't lose money. Example of a negative that you're talking about is Randy Moss.
Here's a guy that by all means should be making $$$ because of his talent; we bought into him, and he flopped. We lost money ($8 million against the cap I believe), and traded him for a 4th Round pick? Are you serious?
My idea wouldn't really change anything trade wise, except that a team wouldn't loose money from the trade.
The idea I am presenting would be based on how they progress in the NFL, and not on "would-a, should-a, could-a" scouting. Put the money in the players court to win or lose, just like their starting job.
The problem with sports today, and their contracts, is you get players who are contract year players. Meaning they go after the big contract $$, and when they get it, they fluff off until the option year, or it becomes time for a new contract (see Carlos Beltran, Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon, David Wells, Jorge Posada, Corey Koskie, Randy Moss, Eli Manning, Terrell Owens, LaMont Jordan, Rickey Williams, Charles Woodson, A.I., Kobe Bryant, Chris Webber, Shaq, Grant Hill, Kevin Garnett, etc).
By working toward making contracts more "flexible" based on performance, it puts the money in the court of the players to gain or lose every season. They can gain this much, or lose it. The injury clause would be more difficult. That is where a potential "loophole" would be. They may have to negotiate a set # for that. If that happens, and said player isn't performing to his capabilities, he could jake an injury, and bend over the team.
You may think that doesn't happen, but look at Burgess.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All I know is that Manning, Brady, Tomlinson, Rotliesberg and Farve have never had problems with their contracts, they came to the league with average salaries, proved to everyone including us Raider's fans that they are badass and they are getting payed for it!

This guys are worth every penny, if Russell becomes as valuable as this guys I am sure that Mr. Davis will more than gladly compensate him, Russell has nothing to worry about, come to camp, become the starter win some games for us, the world is ready for him, I just don't think that he is ready for the world.


8:38 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

New post at BlandRocked.


9:27 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


I understand your idea's and like the approach but....there are always those who will take advantage of others in some way....so how do you stop a team from making it difficult to reach certain cap value for the player....such as if a "WR" needs 2 more "TD" for the season to get his big "PayCheck" but they through the other way in the "RedZone" and pull him out when the opertunity is presant....but they through to him frequently between the "20"s.....

So you see....we would have the same "PunkAss" style with some of the owners as we have with the players....NO INTEGRTY.....


It appeares to me...But I am not very well informed....that the #1 picks are being used as an example this year....and our "JRus" may be caught in the middle of a "PoliticalMovement" that he wants no part of....but his agents may be telling him he has a "Duty" to the Players and the NFLPA to use his position as the #1 pick to secure the future of other draftees....

If the NFL is about to put a cap on the Rookey signings they will most likely use this year as a gage...that is they will structure the cap to have a small incease each year with this years #1 as the "BaseLine"....and the #2 as that "BaseLine" and so forth....so it is up to the agents this year to push that "BaseLine" as high as they can in preperation for the "Cap"s....

What do the owners want to do....they want to keep the value down and iliminate certain clauses from the contracts....such as the garentee for "Skill".....

So now our poor..but soon very wealthy..."JRus" is caught in the middle...he is loosing "Image" and other opertunities....and if it's true that this kid is very teachable and coachable than that could be working against him....sometimes it is nessasary to stand up in oposition to those who are pushing you....and bad to be too coperative....


11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BR - Great Letter
Panty - Great point on JaMarcus' "coachability" maybe working against him. I get the feeling you're right.


11:33 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Don't get me wrong, Psycho. I agree with you completely. But it's time for JaMarcus to intervene with his agents and tell them he wants to be here. That's really all that I'm asking for, but I'm fully prepare to kiss Russell goodbye. If Russell can't stand up to his agents, he can't stand up to an NFL pass rush. He needs to realize that this is rapidly becoming a character issue.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gotcha' BR. I just want to say that even if percieved as a 'character'" issue, in reality this is more likely an issue of 'judgement' on Russell's part. I'm hesitant to be hard on Russell specifically, only because of age & experience with this kind of thing, and maybe giving him the benefiet of the doubt. But as you pointed out, his agents represent HIM and therefore they're one & the same from a business perspective.

He does need to wake up and control his own destiny if he is in fact being too "coachable" as Panty pointed out. Perhaps I've been too patient.


12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good points panty and I agree Blanda, but we really don't know the true details of the offer do we? Maybe Al is sticking to some kind of "skill" clause that would require Jruss to give back a portion of the guarantee if he ends up a bust. While that sounds fair to us fans, no other 1st rounder has ever had to do that. And I have read numerous articles that have mentioned this IS a sticking pint. Al's probably trying to be a trend setter here with a skill clause and the agents can't do it because as Al says, "they'd be done in the mkt".
And if I'm russell I'd have to say no to paying back a significant amount of $$'s on the guarantee if I'm a bust. Why? because what if he's a bust and it isn't his fault. What if the O-line IS indeed CRAP? What if Porter is indeed all mouth and no substance? what if Jordan is INDEED nothing more than a really good back-up? what if Al jettison's Kiff in a year or so and brings in another fossil and another incompetent coordinator? Russell has legitimate concerns. So, I want to see the contract. Can it go to arbritration so a third party can make suggestions?

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good points panty and I agree Blanda, but we really don't know the true details of the offer do we? Maybe Al is sticking to some kind of "skill" clause that would require Jruss to give back a portion of the guarantee if he ends up a bust. While that sounds fair to us fans, no other 1st rounder has ever had to do that. And I have read numerous articles that have mentioned this IS a sticking pint. Al's probably trying to be a trend setter here with a skill clause and the agents can't do it because as Al says, "they'd be done in the mkt".
And if I'm russell I'd have to say no to paying back a significant amount of $$'s on the guarantee if I'm a bust. Why? because what if he's a bust and it isn't his fault. What if the O-line IS indeed CRAP? What if Porter is indeed all mouth and no substance? what if Jordan is INDEED nothing more than a really good back-up? what if Al jettison's Kiff in a year or so and brings in another fossil and another incompetent coordinator? Russell has legitimate concerns. So, I want to see the contract. Can it go to arbritration so a third party can make suggestions?

1:31 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

You make pretty good points yourself there, Bama7. Assuming you are correct, Russell would have legitimate concerns about being unable to control his own destiny. However, watching camp unfold should be now washing some of those concerns away. Russell wasn't being lied to when Kiffin told him that every QB in camp would be given a fair shot at starting. Against Arizona the offense showed that it was modern, reactive, and fully functional. All three quarterbacks (understanding we were facing Arizona) had time to throw, and weren't running for their lives.

With the concerns starting to drift away, the Russell camp's hard line stance should be shifting also. And the better these guys get, the less we are going to "need" Russell. It's time for him to start thinking about that.

2:50 PM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Added thought. It seems Russell's agents want Russell to be respected as THE NFL francise player. The Raider Nation never has and never will (as long as Davis lives) be a team about THE franchise player. We're about team here. That's why we don't retire jersey numbers.

Russell is never going to be allowed to be THE FOCUS of the team. It seems Russell's agents want Russell's contract to reflect that he's the most important person in the entire organization. I thought we drafted a quarterback, not a figurehead.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Toni said...

O M G!

The face of the franchise? Words fail. He hasn't taken one pro-snap and he wants to be the face of the franchse....

Now I understand most likely all of this is coming from his agents, however they do work for him. I also understand that he's just a 21 year old kid, who is trusting the advise being fed to him. But at some point he needs to take responsibility for what is going on at the negotiating table. In the end his agents do work for him. And since they haven't gotten their walking papers (yet) I would have to assume he's okay with how this is all shaking out.

Someone put it much more eloquent than I, if he's not mature enough to control his agents he certainly not mature enough to lead this team... (or something like that!)

And if the impasse is all about giving back bonus money based on performace, there has to be language that can protect both parties.

I'm rapidly losing patience with this whole thing. And the funny thing is I think pro-athletes for the most part aren't overpaid! I do have problems with rookies getting so much money however.

It's rather ironic because I'm not a big Davis fan, I truly think he's in the right at least from what has been leaked to the media. I do hope he continues to be standsfast. I think the Raiders have most of the bargaining chips because Russell isn't going to be starting this year anyway. So sign him now or later, it's not likely to affect his duties under center this year.

5:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just what the heck is going on here? just got in from a short stay in vegas and find out will buchannon is cut. and we STILL have freakin carlos francis?????? AND alvis freakin whitted? these are among the best 53 kiffin is taking to the season?

6:14 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

Toni, only problem is that every week he spends out of camp puts him another week behind in his development. Any possible chance of him contributing by late this year gets delayed more and more.

7:29 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


I don't see anything about Buchannon at raiders.com transactions....where did you see it....he is still listed on the roster....besides he is a USC guy and played for CoachKiff....with MikeWilliams....


8:04 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Yipy!....Yipy!.....I love you CoachKiff.....Way to go....Reward the guys who play well this week with better starting positions next week.....I love you man!!!!!

"After playing well with the second team in Oakland's exhibition opener against Arizona last week, Walter got the starting nod for Saturday's game against the San Francisco 49ers. Culpepper will follow Walter and McCown will come in third after starting the opener. Russell remains unsigned, giving the three veterans a chance to fight for the job."


8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

panty, it's here:

9:35 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

NFL Lines For Week 1 - NFL Football Line Week One
NFL Game Lines 9/6 - 9/10, 2007
Date & Time Favorite Line Underdog Total
9/6 8:30 ET At Indianapolis -5.5 New Orleans 50.5
9/9 1:00 ET At Houston -1 Kansas City 39
9/9 1:00 ET Denver -3.5 At Buffalo 36.5
9/9 1:00 ET Pittsburgh -4.5 At Cleveland 37
9/9 1:00 ET At Jacksonville -6.5 Tennessee 37.5
9/9 1:00 ET At St. Louis PK Carolina 41.5
9/9 1:00 ET Philadelphia -3 At Green Bay 43
9/9 1:00 ET At Minnesota -2.5 Atlanta 36
9/9 1:00 ET At Washington -3 Miami 36
9/9 1:00 ET New England -6.5 At NY Jets 41
9/9 4:15 ET At Seattle -6 Tampa Bay 41.5
9/9 4:15 ET At San Diego -6 Chicago 42.5

We are favored against the #2 worst team
9/9 4:15 ET At Oakland -2 Detroit 36.5
9/9 8:15 ET At Dallas -4 NY Giants 43.5

Monday Night Football Line

9/10 7:00 ET At Cincinnati -3 Baltimore 40.5
9/10 10:15 ET At San Francisco -3 Arizona 44.5


10:37 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Maturity is integral to both, but business savvy and athletic ability are apples and oranges. J-Russ’ inability to hire the right agent (and ultimately fire him) has nothing to do with pure athleticism, which we know Russell has.

Tough to say for sure why former USC players are dropping like flies. Perhaps Kiffin knows Bing and Buchannon wouldn’t make the final roster and he has extended the courtesy of releasing them early enough to catch on with another team during camps, which Bing did immediately.

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al has a rich legacy of being an owner that does things first. Most of these things have been really good things. Now he's going to be the first to stand up to the rookie contracts. Not good. We sacrifice for the rest of the league.
The thing being forgotten in all of this is that JRuss is a really good football player with potential to be a great QB and we need that. I watched this guy come from behind and beat Tennessee in front of 106,000 orange fans in Knoxville. Do you realize what that says about the kid? In 2005 Alabama was 9-0 and #2 in the nation with a stud of defense (think demeco ryan) and Jamarcus beat those guys in OT, in TUSCALOOSA, with a twenty yard rope that absolutely silenced about 90,000 fans. Then of course as we all know he went on national tv with his career on the line against the golden boy Quinn and calmly laid down a royal flush.
The dude's clutch, a winner and we need him. He's very rare and he could be our weapon, not someone elses. But yet, we're going make a stand for the rest of the league?
There has to be some middle ground here... unles Al is just intent on showing everyone he's still a trend setter or master businessman.
Can we not just meet in the middle guys and get this deal done? If Jruss goes somewhere else and ends up being THE elite QB in the league, how do we live that... knowing we wouldn't pay what the market called for? We just end up looking hapless to the rest of the league. Again. The risk is too great. Sign him, Al.

6:56 AM  
Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Don't get itchy, Bama7. Be patient. I'm hearing that the numbers cited by both sides are virtually the same. But Russell's agents are holding out to guarantee all of the 30+ million, no matter what Russell does or doesn't do.

I agree with Al. Being able to sign his name isn't earning any part of that 30 mill. Russell's agents are worried about Russell getting hurt. Part of this is that there are insurance companies who will cover lost income for athletes if they get injured. The insurance companies will pay them almost all of the money they lost.

This part I hope Russell reads. Russell will not have to work one day for the rest of his life harder than I do, or even near as hard. If he is disabled to the point where it ends his career, he'll get his 30 mill. If I'm diabled and can't work, I'll get a $50,000.00 buy out, and have to fight with the insurance company to get it. Granted there is a greater chance of him being injured, but he and his family are not going to suffer with 30 million dollars. $50,000 won't even cover my bills for one year in the San Francisco Bay area.

So cry me a river, Russell, and sign the damned paper.

8:11 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


Sense you live in the bay area are you planning to be at the 1st game against Detroit.....I am thinking about coming up from MorroBay and another poster is coming from long distance....I am hopeing to be able to get together at the game with other "Postah"s.....What do you think...."RT" makes it to most games of the season I think....I want to make it before I leave for Thailand 10-2.....my only other opertunity will be the Cleveland game 9-23....

WillBuchannon is still listed on the roster and there is no notice of his release in the Transactions at raiders.com.....they have been very quick in the past to post the changes so I think maybe the "Cronical" made a mistake....at least I hope so....I agree with others that Whitted should go before him....unless he was a great "SpecialTeamer".....

"Death to da Winers"


11:19 AM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...




So let's see....If I waist $10 on each and we come thru what will I have.....

$19,000 + $75,000 + $140,000 =_____

Why NOT....I can spare $30 for the fun of it......


11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corection....I mis-understood....I guess it's a $100 bet....wow...That's gona cost me $300.....

3:45 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

It's been relatively tame around here, so I think I'll push a few buttons.

Hey Heartland, you suck. ;)

Seriously though, Heartland, aside from the Raiders you and I may have another favorite team in common. I'm from central NJ but my faves are all over the place. The Raiders, the Boston Bruins and, yes, even your hometown Kansas City Royals.

The sad thing is that of those three teams, the last championship I've enjoyed came from the Royals in 1985... :(

5:17 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...

Well before I speak about the Raider game tonight let me just say a small word about all the Pain Shanon and the "Donko"s must be feeling tonight.....Ha!...

"The Broncos lost RBs Travis Henry and Mike Bell, along with DE Ebenezer Ekuban to injuries on Saturday. Henry sprained his left knee, Bell strained his left hip and Ekuban strained his right Achilles' tendon. ... The Cowboys rushed for 178 yards, but limited the Broncos to only 36 rushing yards for the game."

Week #2 Bitch....."Death to da "Donko"s!!!!!


McCown got's to go....By!...By Baby!!!!...And take Whitted with ya!!!!!!....You "SUCK".....

#1 is not a good # for TravisTaylor...."Dropsies"....But way was there not a pass interference call in the end zone when the "DB" tackled his foot while the ball was in the air and took away the "TD"....should have been first and goal at the "1" you dumb blind "Zebra"s.....

In my opinion....This is Culpeppers team....I can see it the moment he takes the field....the whole team comes alive....next week he should start and Walter should play second....and McCown should be "CUT"......

We got "WR"s -n- "TE"s -n- "RB"s....the "OL" is comming together....

The "D" be the "D"....looken tough....had only a few let-downs early but came to play.....SadFran was held in check until late in the game.....we are stuffin the run much better than last year....


11:01 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Whitted dropped what could have been the game winner, so McCown must have done his job.

Taylor hasn't shown anything yet.

Culpepper must have really small hands... maybe we could sneak a pee wee football in there for him.

I'm not ready to send Walter to the curb yet, even if Russell signs.

Most encouraging: long sustained drives; solid pass blocking and strong running. Wow!

Least encouraging: Lots of penalties and difficulty hanging on to the football. Ouch!

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like the line blocked well. Couple that with the 49ers weak pass rush and I think the qb situation got clearer last night. Walter had a 42 qb rating or something like that. They blocked well for him and the 9ers had little rush, yet Walter wes only so-so and seems to have given up 10 points to earning 7. He'll do even worse against a team with a good defense.
Culpepper once again did well against scrubs. It's his job to lose now. He'll start against the rams and if he does well, he's the starter. Bad thing is his little hands. They've plagued him his whole career with fumbles and fumbled snaps.
Looks like Huff had a bad game. Is he playing SS or FS? Or is it the "half the side of the field" thing? He's FS.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Toni said...

doobie, the problem is training camp was over on Friday. Or at least the portion up in Napa. So as far as the QB position it's all about McCown, Walter and Dante. I should have said as long as he signs before the season starts I don't really seeing it affecting his learning curve much. That was already punted by the holdout.

It's a bit ironic because I wanted him to sit out the full year anyway, and now it looks as if that may happen. Just for the wrong reason. :-(

And Dayton Moore really seems to have the Royals moving in the right direction. I think they'll be very good in the a few years. They have a core of nice, young, cheap players. Reminds me a little of the A's in the late 90's.

Last night's game was encouraging and discouraging at the same time.

I think Walter did better than his rating indicated. Yes he threw an INT but on the first two possessions Taylor dropped a pass that hit him in the numbers and the center spiked a ball over his head in the shotgun leading to the ball being downed inside the 5. Both of those were on 3rd downs if memory serves.

He did have a nice, long drive that lead to 7. Took a ton of time off the clock against the 9ers first string. His passes didn't look as crisp as last game but the recievers were dropping balls, again. And I don't think anything went to Porter or Williams.

Culpepper looked good but what the heck is up with all the drops from center? Is it small hands?

McCown actually looked sort of shaky. But the WR's didn't help either. Whitted dropped a couple of passes that should have been caught.

Most of the penalties were in the second half.

I can't say enough about the TE's and OLine. Miller and Madsen are studs, with soft hands. It's nice to see. Jordan looked great. The Oline picked up blitzes and opened holes for the RB's.

Wish Echemandu could run against the A defense. I'd really like to see what he could do against non-scrubs.

Still worrisome, all the drops by the WR's and the short kickoffs. I don't expect every KO to be a touchback. But it would be nice to see one occasionally...


10:07 AM  
Blogger Toni said...

here's a very good article on Al Davis.

Recommended reading for any fan, regardless if you like him or not (I found out about it over on Thoughts from The Dark Side).


But the end of the article sort of made me sad...

"But Davis’s personality-driven football is dead. Jerry Porter delivered the eulogy, without malice: “The Raider mystique does not exist anymore.”

(btw if the link doesn't work go to nytimes.com and search Al Davis in the sports section, should lead you right to the article)

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It pisses me off that Porter makes that comment. It's BECAUSE of guys like Porter --- Al Scholarships, guys with potential and track speed and ripped abs, but no BLUE COLLAR FOOTBALL SKILL --- that we've lost our way. I know a bunch of you on this board are revved up (yet again) about Porter, but I've never liked him. From his limping to the sidelines hurt after getting hit to his preening around camp like he's Terrell Owens, to his lack of production... he's been a whole bunch of talk and tease and absolutely no help whatsoever. He'll never be anything but a tease. What's his excuse for last night? Did he play? I don't see him in the stats.

12:55 PM  
Blogger PantyRaider said...


It seems we rarely agree but I totally agree with you on this one....last night when I saw his interview on the sidelines I just wanted to slap the "Crap" outa that "Punk"....I will root for him as a Raider if he does his job but I will never respect him as a man and would rather that he is released.....

We can find a better "WR" later if we trade him....let him play the preseason and see what type of offers come up....maybe some poor team will loose their "WR"s to injury and be willing to give up a high draft pick for the "Bastard"...."Cut'em Loose"...


That articel was special....thanks for the tip....and I think I was drawn to the Raiders back in "62" as a kid because of that "War-Like" appearence....I was always wanting to the the "Crout" when we played....I loved the "Bismark" as a supperior mighty vessel (with a stupid captain)....there was something about the Raider's "Nastiness" that I really identified with and wish it would come back....reading this let me see myself and see what draws me to MrDavis and what makes the outside world hate him so much....

PantyRaider.....I'll Never Forget!!!

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree in full, Panty... and love the earlier heads-up you gave as to the donkey injuries. We'll take all the help we can get.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF!!! I know your not on payroll but could we get a take from Raider Take already!?!

1:30 AM  
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