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Hot Seats and Clean Houses

Which NFL coach is sitting on the hottest seat? RaiderRealist wrote with a link to this article, which asks the question. Art Shell’s underwear, many say, is about to catch fire.

But RaiderRealist makes this point: If the "experts" had the Raiders pegged at going 4-12, it would seem we are meeting expectations. Therefore, how can Art Shell be on the hot seat if the Dolphins, whom many had winning the AFC East, are 1-3? Shouldn't Nick Saban be on the hot seat? Shouldn't Gruden with the 0-4 Bucs?

In other words, the Raiders Haters said they could see the train wreck from a mile off, yet now they’re rubbernecking in feigned shock.

As for me, I was wrong. I thought that replacing Norv Turner with Art Shell alone would have an immediate and positive impact. After all, the knock on the Raiders wasn’t talent, but rather purpose and execution—two things that Art Shell specifically hired to implement. So here comes Art Shell, with virtually the same lineup at his disposal (minus Kerry Collins, which was supposed to be a plus!), and we play worse compared to last year? It boggles my mind. I didn’t see it coming. I guess you could call Tom Walsh the wild card, but last week’s loss sure wasn’t his fault.

Regardless, four games does not make a season. I am willing to wait and see (do I have a choice?). I would like to see a bit more method to the current madness, but I must remind myself (and if I don't, BlandaRocked will) that I’ve got my face pressed against the glass. I’m not on the inside. Perhaps what I am really seeing here is a housecleaning, one that probably should have started much earlier, and more vigorously. When does your house look its worst? When you’re cleaning it. Same with this team, I hope. I'll wait and see, but we'd better have one damn clean house come 2007.

Matt Leinart, whom we passed on in the draft, looked better in his first start last week than either Walter or Brooks has looked so far this year. He was playing behind the Cardinals’ notoriously porous line, and against a Chiefs team that had destroyed Alex Smith and the Niners the week before. In the words of one observer, Leinart “called audibles with the confidence of a 10-year veteran.” He made some mistakes (for which he wasn’t pulled from the game, I might add), but rebounded to drive the team for a last-second game winning field goal (which, because they’re the Cardinals, their sure-footed kicker missed).

One game does not make a career, whether you’re talking about Leinart or Walter. But the Raiders and Cardinals are a fair comparison right now. Their offensive lines are dubious, but both teams wield top receiving talent. They both reinforced their defenses during the offseason. Both teams began the season with veteran quarterbacks with questionable gas in the tank, and both are now starting their presumed quarterbacks of the future. Is it safe to say that both teams’ fortunes will likely rise or fall over the next few years with the play of these two quarterbacks? Or will the Raiders revert to form, stick with Aaron Brooks and continue to ply the journeyman trade?

In this context, the Cardinals matchup will be good theater next week. In the meantime, we go to Denver. I’ve got a strange feeling that the Raiders will surprise us on Sunday night. We sure surprised the Broncos on that snowy night two years ago. If we can find a way, somehow, to be stout against the run, and if we call an end to kindergarten and put the newly chastened Jerry Porter in the game, who knows? Don’t lose hope, Raider Nation. Stranger things have happened.

P.S. I will be out of town and offline for a few days, but look forward to reading your comments and emails when I return.


Blogger BlandaRocked said...

Raider record against the Donkeys since 1994 - 5-17.

Art Shell record against the Donkeys - 11-1.

A victory for the Raiders on Sunday night? Priceless!

9:51 AM  
Blogger Roy said...

First off, if this was going to be a house cleaning season then we should've started in the off season. Shell is on the hot seat not because pundits saw this coming but because he and Al did not. They believed as many of us did that we would be at the very least competitive. We are not, so he is on the hot seat. While I would love to point to Shell's history of dominating the Donkey's but I am in no way going to get my hopes up.

Second, I think any Leinart watching is not wise. The Cardinals have a better offensive system than we do. Although I am not a Denny Green fan, he does run a nice offense. One that is suited to Leinart, so success there does not translate into success here.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Roy said...

Too late Blanda Rocked pointed it out for me!

9:57 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Roy, good point. I'll try not to watch Leinart too closely, but he's coming to the Coliseum next week, so I thought it was topical, especially considering that both the Raiders and the Cardinals find themselves starting their young QBs much earlier than they anticipated.

Also, I agree with you regarding the timing of the housecleaning. Like I said, it should have started earlier, and more vigorously. It's the difference betweeen a planned rebuilding and a forced rebuilding.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider Take,

With all do respect, didn't the Raiders, in a stealth manner, really try, and botch, a rebuilding effort already ?

After the Gruden trade, and the 2002 SB loss, Al Davis knew that his aging team needed a major face lift. Davis shrewdly gathered extra draft picks for the 2002, and 2003 drafts.

Unfortunately, Davis netted very little from those 2 drafts.
Isn't that what the Raiders are really suffering from today ??

Davis followed that up with poor drafting in 2004, and '05, while the jury is still out on '06.

Throw in bad free agent signings like KFC, Jordan, Ron Stone, Denard Walker, over the hill Sapp, Brooks, and the crazy spending on the overrated Charles Woodson, and it all adds up to the mess on the field today.

The answer is in the draft. We must draft better if we are going to get better.
Leinart would have been a good start, but that ship has sailed.

Now the rebuilding #2, must be done around Walter. If we can surround this young Qb with as much talent as possible, that is the best hope I can see.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider 00: I must disagree that the Raiders botched the 05 draft. Fabian Washington has the making of a shut down corner and Kirk Morrison is looking like a very solid linebacker. Stanford Routt is also playing solid. Where the Raiders messed up in their rebuilding effort is spending big $ on vets like Sapp and Ted Washington (won't mention KFC) because Al thought all he had to do was retool.

4:38 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Because of the history & respect between Davis & Shell, I don't think Shell is on the "hot" seat. Shell will be given every benefit of the doubt and plenty of leeway to turn things around. My best guess is that Shell will be given a minimum of 3 years to turn things around. I also believe that there is a greater likelihood of Shell resigning than being shown the door.

As far as the draft goes, the 05 and 06 class were solid. Washington, Morrison, Routt, Huff, Howard, Boothe, McNasty are solid building blocks for the future. It will be critical to be decisive with the housecleaning, have an outstanding 07 draft, and target a few key free agents. Obviously it would be ideal if Walter develops into a quality QB so that we don't have to waste any FA dollars are 1st round picks on another QB. The Raiders rocky start to the year has forced & accelerated their hand to start rebuilding in earnest.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm not saying that every player the Raiders drafted between 2002, and 2005, are bad players.
I do believe, however, these drafts, overall, were poor.

For instance, I think the all important 2002 draft was one of the worst in Raiders history, even though Ron Curry, an excellent player when healthy, was taken with the 7th pick.

Sure Washington, and Morrison are good/solid players, but most of the picks were wasted/bad.

In order to build a SB type team, you've got to do much better in the draft then we've done.

As an example, the Ravens drafted Ray Lewis. He turned out to be a special playmaker/leader/future Hall of Famer. The Ravens were able to build a SB caliber defense around him.
They also drafted Jamal Lewis, and were able to build a good enough offense around him.

Who have the Raiders drafted between 2002, & 2005, that they can build a championship around ??? Who ???

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider 00:
I am not disputing that the Raiders had many bad drafts the last 10 years. However the 2005 was not one of them. If you can draft 3 solid players in one year that is not a wasted/bad draft. Ray Lewis is one of the greatest LB's of all time. The measure of a successful draft cannot be how many first year HOF's that a team drafts, but rather how many starters that draft produces.

5:35 PM  
Blogger x said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

7:10 PM  
Blogger x said...

This bugs the hell out of me....

The excuse for the play of the offense - that it will take them a few games to gel, specifically the O-Line - is total crap, in my opinion.

Isn't that what pre-season is for? We even had an extra pre-season game, remember? If Shell thought the O-Line needed to play together more before they got their act together, why didn't he keep them in there longer in the practice games. I don't want to hear the lame "chance of injury" excuse either. Not real smart to use the games that count for seasoning.

I keep hearing that 4 of them are playing new positions. Then why in the hell didn't they practice playing those new positions more against actual competition (even subs) before the games actual meant something?

I just hope the improvement in the last two games wasn't just because of the competition. I guess we'll see Sunday night.

Go Raiders!

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"05" Draft, 3rd round--Andrew Walter---Is he someone we can build around?? We will have to wait and see!! I am suprised no one mentioned him in our draft???

House cleanning: Shouldn't you wait until you have a chance to see how a player performs in your system before you CLEAN him out of the house??? If I were to take over as Captain of a Ship which already had a crew, I could look at past records, speak to the members of the crew for insite or opinion, but in the end I must wait and see how each crew member performs at sea to make the finale dicission, and of course, the owner may also have an opinion here, he will not let me cast off his nephue or his girl friends brother!!!

Some changes could be made very quickly, as with a SaillingMaster who could not make the ship go forward, no "CircleJurk" "WrongWay" "IneptIdiot" is needed on deck and it was easy to identify that CrewMember (Collins), but how about Porter or Moss? Did you know it before the pre-seasone began??? How many of us would have had an absolute fit if the Raiders had sent them away for draft choices before the pre-season??? We would blame every loss on the fact that we let them go!!!RIGHT????

The ship needs repair and the crew needs some replacements, but now we are out at sea and unless a MerMaid comes swimming by, we will have a very dificult time finding replacments or making major repairs until we are back in port, late December 06.


9:47 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

PantyRaider - I agree with the main thrust of your point.

When I used the term "housecleaning", I meant it as a way of organizing our furniture (should McNasty be at guard or RT?), trying out the various appliances (getting Morant enough snaps to evaluate the product), upgrading the furniture (discarding, trading, drafting, free agency) and tidying up the mess (improved performance on the field plus weeding out the bad apples), and finally getting our house in order (management's plan for the future).

Some of these "housecleaning" chores can be done in season while some will need to naturally wait until the completion of the season.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CalicoJack---OK I understand and agree.

My hope is that some of our CrewMembers will get it thru their heads that the crap will not be tolerated and by the time the ship makes port again they have turned into dedicated "HoldFastTheHelm" CrewMembers...but for some this is a hopless venture and they need to be "Cast-a-Float" "Abandoned-at-Sea" or sold as "Slaves" to the next passing vessel we encounter who is willing to take the bastards in exchange for a bag of salt, after all, they are not worth their weight in salt to us!!!


10:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I do like Andrew Walter, and I do think a very good NFL offense can be built around him.

But it will not be easy.

He will need a good pass catching TE, something we've not had since Chrstensen. Long time ago.

He will need a good O-line, to protect him. Can Gallery, Grove, and Walker cut it in the NFL ?

He will need a good ground attack. Jordan is not the guy. Is Fargas the answer ?

He will need reliable WR's to throw the ball to. What will be the fate of Porter, and Moss ? Will Jonnie Morant ever get into a real game ? Can Curry stay healthy for the long term ? Is Whitted the new James Jett, with a job for life ?

It's not gonna be easy.

12:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Raders will not turn it around this year or any other year the current organizationis in place. Lamont Jordan watching a fumble run in for a td, c anderstonehands STILL on the field,d gibson on the team,a whitted starting,poor drfts, poor coaching, the porter situation,kfc etc,etc doesn't end. So while talking about what to change is entertaining,and being optimistic is great,it's like talking about how much fun your alcoholic friend would be if he wasn't an alcoholic. al you are a great football man, but it's time to retire and just be an owner.

5:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Raider Fan said....

It's clear that we all welcome and even embrace the concept of rebuilding, forced or otherwise, but how disappointed are we going to be when Brooks gets the nod at QB?

I believe Andrew Walter needs to show significant improvement very quickly so Art and Big Al won't have a choice but leave him in there.

I agree 100% with CJ, Art will resign before he's shown the door. Look for the Tom Walsh project to be escorted out before (and this time separate from) Art Shell... if Shell is to be removed as coach, he will be offered something else inside.

NY Raider Fan

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

raider00 said, "As an example, the Ravens drafted Ray Lewis. He turned out to be a special playmaker/leader/future Hall of Famer. The Ravens were able to build a SB caliber defense around him.
They also drafted Jamal Lewis, and were able to build a good enough offense around him."
uh, i think the ravens drafted both of them before the 02 season.
jamal hasn't been effective for the past 2 years. i think our mistake was not signing corey dillon when we could have. that would have been a tremendous starting block.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with NY Raider that Walsh will be shown the door, and that Art won't go with him (unless he retires). A troubled head coach always has one optional 'get out of jail free pass' and that card is dismissing your OC.. and every NFL studio cast in America has been hinting as to that since the Walsh hire was made. The sooner the better. That's the first order of house cleaning.
The rest, unfortunately, lies in Al's hands because he views himself as a great talent finder. All the personnel decisons are his. Poor Art has a decison to make. Either Buck the guy that raised him and made him who he was in the NFL, or stay one of the sycophants. Here's hoping Art makes the stand. If he trys to usurp the old dude in the elvis suit it won't be pretty and his stress level will probably be even twice what it is now. The only alternative is to pick up an nfl HC check for two years and retire in disgrace, albeit fairly wealthy. But if he trys to take control of EVERYTHING what's the worst that can happen? Al fires him at season's end? He'd be half as rich as the sycophant role would have brought but at least others would know he knows football... and may get rewarded elsewhere for being smart enough to see Al's methods have finally decayed.
I personally think that the only time this year Art stood up to Al was when he nixed the Jeff George thing. When Whitted, Brayton or S Williams goes to the bench, we'll know the second time he bucked Al. I have a sneaky suspicion that Porter will play a lot against Denver and the passes will be short stuff all over the field.
Al Davis stubbornly clings to his own talent assumptions regardless of player productivity, or lack thereof, and that is the real problem I see. Guys like Jett, Travian Smith, James Folston, eddie Anderson, James Trapp, J. George, Harvey Williams, Whitted, Gibson, Brayton, S. Williams, Ashomgue, L. Walker, Fargas, Walter and all of our current TE's. When these guys underperform Al thinks it's an aberration, that there's no way his evaluation could be wrong.
I'm bracing myself for the lowest point of my raider fan career this weekend, but hope for a miracle. I am no Wlater fan but I am pulling for the kid to learn to audible, and learn fast. He's really been thrown a rotten gameplan and he needs to create out there on his own.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

art will do whatever Al wants. there will be no " housecleaning" by art. Al calls the shots and art does what he is told. if you don't know this ,then you don't know Al or the Raiders. all of you that are still talking about art instilling disipline,yeah right.can you not see the team laughing at him,while he trys to figure out what to write on his clipboard and miss when to throw the red flag??? the lack of in game adjustments are just ridiculous. the offense that plays against our personel is just absurd. the players know this,they aren't stupid. they can see art is taking orders from upstairs and they lose even more respect for him because of it. here we have a wr who is sat down because he got in an argument with the coach. i guess it is called sending a message. we then play the #3 wr as the #2 all preseason. we then trade our new #2 for pretty much nothing,a 5th rounder just as the season starts and we continue to bench the real #2. we then start one of Al's favorites,a guy who wouldn't even make it on most rosters as the #2. yeah,this is just one of many stupid things that go on here and you have guys on here spinning what is absurd moves to make it sound like we are moving forward. WAKE UP AND QUIT DEFENDING THIS GARBAGE,you may be able to fool some but most can see what is really going on and see that we are being tossed a product that is poor from top to bottom. go ahead with your spinning,it will just make you look even more foolish as the season goes along and then you will have to dig deeper into your spin-o-matic bag. excuse making and spinning is for deniers and losers. just call it what it is and will continue to be until the old man says it is over,until then,we will see more of the same and it will not improve or change,case closed.

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider Nate 75,

I was just saying that Jamal Lewis was a good enough running back in 2000, for the Ravens to build an offense around.
It wasn't a great offense, but with their mighty defense, it was enough.

If Al Davis has done anything smart these last few yrs, it was NOT getting T.O., Ricky Williams, and Cory Dillion.

Dillion is a lot like Moss. Talented player, but when the team is losing, their first instinct is to make trouble, and to seek a way off the team.
Dillion could not/would not help turn the Bengals around, much like Moss is childishly, not playing hard for the Raiders.
Dillion needed to go to a team that was already a winner, and the same is probably true for Moss.

They are not leaders. They need to be led.

11:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Denver will clean house Sunday night, the D and the O will help to expediate the total faida meltdown already begun by big al (mr.) davis when his "genius" instigated the "return to faida greatness" by harnessing the wisdom of old faida veterans. Head coach shell(shocked) and the likes of freedie b and willie b, have really put together a truely great team, rob "the slob with the Shirly Temple haircut"ryan has got the defense in total control of enemy offenses Ha ha ha, yeah right, couldn't stop Clevland or San Fran.! You doofuses who still hold out hope are tenatious, I'll give you that. Prepare for lots more of the same, stick a fork in em, your faidas are well done. Look for wholesale changes by "07". This is the "faida broadcasting network" signing off. Just burn baby.

12:02 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Dude, it's time you looked for another job. If you're not careful, you're going to make a career out of weak puns, poor spelling and childish takes.

12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hay! Bamma7 History Lesson: JeffGoerge did not under-perform, 4,000 yds, 29 tds, 9 ints in a 4-n-12 season where Bugals "D" could not stop anybody, that had nothing to do with JF, and the following year Gruden tried to change the guy into something he was not to fit his dink-n-dunk "O" and JF was hinderd by a grion injury!!! And got run just like Kauffman, who retired to get away from the stupid bastard. And if you can remember our "O" sucked without JF for 2 years until Gannon game in.

Harvy Williams became a 1000 yd russer with Oakland after being a flop in KC, than he split time with Kauffman and together they put up very good ####'s.

"HitMan" EdieAnderson was a walk on undrafted "R" during the replacment season while the NFL was on strike, he stayed with the team after the NFLPA came back to work so what he did was good, he was a good tallent find from the scrap-heap of Un-Drafted-"R"'s

Gibson, Brayton, SamWilliams, Naundi, L-Walker, Fargas and Walter are still playing so the finale word is still unknown about them. Naundi is starting at "CB", L-Walker has been starting "RT" and now "RG" and was a lower round draft choice, Fargus was a 3rd rounder and is putting up good ###"s with limited duty, Walter was a 3rd rounder and is making his 3rd NFL start at "QB", SamWilliams is starting "OLB" and had injury problems early in his carear like Curry, but keeps trying dispite the injuries!!! TylarBrayton is starting "DE" after being mis-placed at "OLB" for 2 seasons.

What the hell are you complaining about???? Most of the people you mentioned have been starters in the NFL... I sevearly question if you ever straped on a jock or even know what it is??? All I have seen from your comments is a total disrespect for the Raider Organization and the Hall-o-Famers who actually played the DamnGame!!! "MrTotalNegitivity"


1:19 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

As reported on about 45 minutes ago, Jerry Porter has been suspended for 4 games for "conduct detrimental to the team"

Who knows what goes on behind the closed doors and iron gates at Alameda?

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

True-Very true we do not know but one thing about it, we wont have to pay his sallery!!!For the time of the suspension!!! I'm sure we would all like to know what is really going on but ?? ?? ?? Sorta like a SoapOpra, "Tune in Next Week to as 'TheShipSails'" ?? ?? ??


3:31 PM  
Blogger x said...

Hey Anonymous, aka "faida broadcasting network":

Don't you have a school shooting to plan?

I know, bad taste. In a way though, Raider Nation is doing everyone a service by keeping this punk kid occupied commenting on Raider blogs and not listening to death metal lyrics and doing more devious things.

By the way dude, try bookmarking the Mirriam-Webster Online dictionary at to correct your grammar and spelling.....or pay better attention in class.

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hay X, no bad taste just reality!!!

So is there a melt-down before the game in DonkyLand?? That is if we want to believe anything out of SanFranNews!!! "HaterCentral"??? Posted at

Omly hope is the Boyzzz are Pissssed enought to "Kill-da-Donky"

WhatEver, I will be at the BeerGarden with an eye on things, hopping but probibly pouting!!!


7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am selling my ONE ticket for the AZ Cards game. i won't be in town that weekend and all i want is face value: $61.

the a's have been swept so there will be no world series at the coliseum ,meaning the raider game will not be switched to monday, also meaning, i will not be back in time for the game.

Section 208, row 12, seat 16. again, this is only ONE ticket.

call me at 510.375.5182 to make arrangements for either pick up or by mail.

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hay X eat shixzle and die, you and faidas SUCK, wah wah wah wahw ah, go drink some MD 2020 and shut up, I read your posts and you're about as nowledgable as one of the faidas O-coordinators! Run run jones could kick your faggot ass! SO SHUT UP AND KISS MY ASS IF YOU CAN PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF BIG AL (mr.) davis' ass! The "faidas broadcsting network" out. Just SHUT UP baby and read what i post. It's better than anything you faida LOSERS POST. (mispellings and gramaticael mistaks put in fur BIG MAN X.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

According to the SF Chronicle, a Raiders source described yesterday's practice as "completely disorganized and chaotic." One player said, "It was a joke. Guys were pissed off."

It's one thing to be ridding the team of bad apples. It's another to run a practice that is "completely disorganized." I sure hope this is a mischaracterization of how our coaches are running things, because if it's not...

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LET'S GO RAIDERS. I don't care we lose every other game this season (that's a lie) as long as we beat some Donkey ass tonight!!!!!


1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Panty Raider, you're the one that seems to no nothing of football. You call George's '97 season a good one? He couldn't move the chains and sustain drives at all. No kind of leader whatsoever. He was great at tossing meaningless TD's and chucking the ball away before he got hit. Couldn't audible either. Worthless and that's pretty much an undisputed fact known by all at this point in George's nfl legacy. You're going debate me over George? You're going defend Jeff George as a good QB? I agree with you that the '97 defense sucked but that was due to many of the worthless Al picks I named in my blog (and Al can pick some lame defensive talent, eh? mate?).
Call me negative, Panty Raider, but I don't like what's going on at all. I abhor the awful state of our franchise. I cannot remember another franchise appearing this lame (Maybe an Irsay colts team in the eighties?)As a true Raider fan I can cry foul when my team's been running f'd up and GD it's been running f'd up. Something has to give with this "chaotic" situation and sitting around rah rah'n and cheering fight the good fight ain't making me feel any better right now. I just wish Al would quit. Please Al, quit. Our posts are not going to bring us any talent or changes. Until we have a coach that ignores the man upstairs we shall be sorry. I am holding out hope that Art will start doing things his own way. We'll know when it happens because the moves will start to make sense. Like Whitted to the bench. Brayton to the bench. Williams to the bench. Ashomugue to the bench. A fullback brought in etc etc.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

When all the facts come out about the JP suspension, there will be no doubt that Shell/Davis were 100% right to suspend him.

According to NBC sideline reporter Andrea Kramer, Shell has documented all of the violations, indiscretions, and bad conduct of JP since February.

Supposedly JP refused to practice with the scout team earlier in the week. JP's clowing around and comments at practice on Friday were the final straw.

When JP's 4 game suspension is over, I would be very suprised if he isn't kept inactive for the rest of the year.

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Porter "blunder" lies on Art Shell.........When you keep your #2 on the bench....It says one thing louder than anything to the team..........I do not want to win..........I would rather keep control.......Bull shit! This coach has lost the team just like in "94". This post is before the Denver game so I hope Im wrong but Im not........The locker room has just become the issue.......Not winning.........What a F---ing Joke! Shell has lost my vote, He has lost the team and me as support. One bone head move after another..........The Gabrial trade the Jeff George move.....Shell and Walsh are out classed by all coaches in the NFL. So who will we get to draft next year?

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon - what kinda question is that? haven't you figured that out yet after all these years?

in the draft, we are gonna get a no-named but fast corner who can't cover and can't tackle! OR we're gonna get a lineman who can't block. OR we're gonna get a qb who is yet another bust!

free agents? yeah we're gonna get somma dem too. guys who don't care, can't play and just wanna collect a paycheck. catch a pass? nah. guys who don't know the diff between a lateral and a forward pass, yeah baby. need 'em.

fundamentals of the game? what are those?

we've already got coaches who can't coach (shell and walsh). a front office who can't make correct personnel decisions. an owner who doesn't gove a damn about the fans.

come on dude! these kinds are al's guys! and come 2010 here we come LA!

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey "malcom" X are you watching the game? The faidas are putting up quite a fight, and at least coach shell(shocked) isn't doing crossword puzzles. Did I spell everything right? 13 -'s still early yet. Enjoy the game! "faidas broadcasting network","faida nation" out. Just take a powder baby.

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After Da Game:::

These players played hard, there was no quit in them and there will be no quit in me!!!

"D" played well with only minimal breakdowns, gave up one long drive after missed field-goal-w-short field and 2 field goals but shut the Donks down in the second half.

QB was 50% passer-w-200yds but made mistakes like a rooky, stupid int when he threw away from Moss in the end-zone, fumbled snap, had 4 nsacks.

WR's were better, less drops, Moss played hard, went over the middle, had 5-for-90yds but made 2 stupid mistakes, had a first down and ran backwards and lost the 1st, got a long catch and fell down but got up and ran the wrong way, could have ran for the end-zone as the DB's went left but he went left with them???

TE's had catches

RB's ran hard but made the big mistake with the fumble and cost a score opertunity!!!

"OL" had 2 injuries on the right side early and it showed with several mistakes.

Officials were consistant as usual, could not see blocks in the back on returns and allowed the Donks "D" to run at the "OL" and cause fauls starts, they should have been flaged because this was not just menuvering, but they flaged the Raider"O" constantly!!!

Bottom-Line: Raiders could have won this game!!! Int, fumbled snap, RB fumble, missed 54yd field-goal, all stoped posible scores, but no shame in this one, team played hard and is improving!!!

As for the NEG's F...K Offfff!!!!
Art shell is here to stay, he will take over for Al and that is why he was brought back!!!!If ya can't hang, there is 30 other teams out there!!! We have seen worse, under Bugal when the only players who played were the QB and WR's, 4,000yds and 29TD's....the rest did not give a shit but I do not see that now!!! This team cares!!!! I CARE!!!


9:52 PM  

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