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Blown Call: Walter Benched for Tui

Even after LaMont Jordan suffered from brain freeze on the incomplete backward pass, when it was clear that this game was out of our hands, I was relatively upbeat—because I had lowered my expectations and was generally encouraged by the play of Walter, Fargas, Madsen and others. Call it a forced rebuilding. I figured that a new way of losing at least beats the old way of losing.

But then I heard that Tui was warming up…My blood pressure started rising. Then Tui came in and threw an interception, after which he led a touchdown drive. Either way, what is the point? What is the plan? It’s Walter’s second start, and we’re already messing with his head?

If Moss catches that TD, if Williams catches that ball, if Madsen’s sideline grab wasn't thieved by the zebras, if Jordan hustles on that backward pass…Then Walter’s really not having such a bad day.

His reward: The bench. I’m pretty tweaked out with this decision to pull Walter. The game is still in progress. More on this later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Art Shell is a fucking douche-bag. Al Davis is a senile old fuck. And, I no longer give a flying shit about Raider history. I actually agree with Porter.


4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, and I'm largely vexed because of Walter's benching. Even my dad (absurdly faithful soul) called to vent about that call.

4:17 PM  
Blogger Roy said...

Makes no damn sense! We pull Walter to for Tui who has no future with this team. What in the hell is going through Shells mind? I completely agree it is like a forced rebuilding. Walter looked good,if the wr/te could catch his numbers would be even better. But why would we even consider pulling him? MAKES NO GOD DAMN SENSE!

4:32 PM  
Blogger x said...

I totally agree with you. I live-blogged the game and echoed your sentiments (TV color guy, Steve Tasker also agreed).

The decision makes no sense, unless he was hurt.

Yet another baffling decision by this coaching staff. My expectations are so low now....I never thought I'd see a Raider team so bad, so inept, so poorly coached.

I can't imagine 12 more games of this tripe....all against better teams than the Whiners.

4:44 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

It is next to impossible to rebuild for the future with decisions like pulling Walter for Tui. What was the point? What is the message being sent? I could see this decision being ok if Walter was getting killed by a fierce pass rush but that just wasn't the case. Even if Walter makes some bad reads, throws some inopportune interceptions, it is all a part of the process of growing as a player. Both good and bad experiences are necessary for a young QBs growth.

5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a team without direction and without adequate leadership. Once again, Art Shell boched throwing a red flag... this time on the Madsen catch. Is there anybody watching this game from the side line or coaches box? Apparently, I have a better vantage point watching TV in a bar on the east coast with a half dozen drunks yelling at the top of their lungs next to me, because I saw definitively Madsen was in bounds. I've been a Raiders' fan since birth (42 years old), and I can't ever remember a low like this one. RT, you're absolutely right about benching Walter. How can that possibly serve this team. Doesn't he even get a chance to mature? All that's left now is to wait for Brooks to get healthy, then maybe we'll win a game before the season ends. Meanwhile, we'll have no clear direction for next year. Bottom line: Walter needs to be given the chance that Alex Smith had last year.

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

0 and 4 ....Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah, yes the ZEBRAS AGAIN, if one of you MORONS would just open your eyes and watch the replay you would see that madson's heel came down at least 4" on the chalk side out of bounds, YOU TALK ABOUT WHINNERS! You are all full of SHIZZLE! What a laugh, the faidas lost to one of the league's other worthless loser teams! I rank nolan and his coaching staff one tenth of a notch above you faida LOSERS! Well go ahead and blame the cosmic conspiricy that is against the faidas. Did you see that moron in the stands with the spikes and rubber skull on his shoulder? Ha hee ha hee ha guffaw chuckle ha hee he haha he he he ha, you guys are soooooooo cool, keep doin' what you do, keep livin' low, thug life, don't forget to beat up the old lady tonight just on principle, ZEBRAS HATE faidas, that's the only thing that keeps you faidas from being 4 and 0. I'm listening to ol' mushmouth atkinson right now on the "faida radio network" he sounds like he still hasn't found his 40, what a shock to hear him not slobbering and slurring as much as he normally does. As usual shell shocked was drawing ideas for a new faida logo with 2 black eyes instead of the eye patch logo. X I left you another mesage in the comments RE: This is the "fiada broadcasting network" signing off. "andthrew falter" QB of the future, yeah right. Just keep losing baby.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, if you're going to make fun of people for drinking, etc., it would help if you didn't write like a guy who just fell off his barstool. And by the way, nobody here blamed this loss on the refs, genius.

As for the benching of Walter, I said it on the Raider board and I'll paste it here:

"This is why the f'ing Raiders NEVER develop a good young QB. Stabler was an aberration, they got lucky.

EVERY young QB has games like this. Elway, Manning, Eli Manning, on and on. As soon as a young Raider QB struggles they jerk him and toy with his head. Walter made 2 bad throws. It's not his fault Lamont wasn't smart enough to pounce on that ball. It's not his fault Moss dropped a TD. It's not his fault a punt was blocked and it's not his fault the Raider D can't stop the run.

This is the lowest point I've ever had as a Raider fan. And it will get worse before it gets better."

6:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Doofus "mad stork 83", read "Blown call: Walter benched for Tui" your own "faida take" says "if the zebras hadn't made a bad call on madsen's catch" what if, what if, what if? and I don't even own a bar stool! "faidas broadcasting network" signing off. Just give up baby!

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still mystified as to what it is you all see in Walter. Must be a west coast thing. He looks awful to me. Who cares which of the two qb's played (Walter or Tui)? Neither is taking us anywhere. This is a clueless football team playing with a hodge-podge coaching staff. I don't know what's left to say but I guess we can hope to play spoilers against San Diego or Denver. Fools San Diego! The've been all over Shotty's ass over the one loss. I hope they lose tonight just so they end up firing him... and somehow he becomes our coach.

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no idea what Shell is thinking. I agree with Kevin and Mad both. Art Shell needs to put down his little clip board and pay attention. Show some emotion on the side line. Why pull Walter out make no sense what so ever to me. We all just want to see if Walter can step up to the plate or not. That is all we are looking for. An entire season would show us if we failed to pick up a qb in the draft. And Brady Quinn is way over rated. Just cause he runs a pro style offense doesn't mean he is the next qb for the Raiders.

7:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After some of my recent blogs, some accused me of being a "glass half empty" kind of a guy.
This is not true, and to prove it, I will point out a few positives, even after the Raiders latest flop.

Posistive #1. If Raider games ended at halftime, we might win 6 games this year.

Positive #2. I think I saw Art Shell speak into his headset for the first time ever. Progress perhaps ??

Positive #3. The rumors that Jonnie Morant doesn't really exsist were proven untrue when Morant was spotted ordering ham, & eggs for breakfast in the hotel, the morning of game. He does exsist, and he may get on the field before his 45th b'day.

Positive #4. This God awful season will end on Dec. 31.

Wow, it's feels really good to walk on the sunny side of the street for a change. I'll try to do it more often.

7:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you think the Tui move was bad, wait until Brooks gets healthy and starts over Walter "because he gives us the best chance to win."

7:52 PM  
Blogger x said...

This anonymous dude sure spends a lot of time watching the Raiders, listening to their radio network, and commenting on Raider blogs for such a hater. I'm sure he's a regular visitor to the "Hater Nation" blog too, if he's not the site's author. Wonder what happened to him in his childhood (although he seems to be a child still) to make him so consumed with hatred for the Silver and Black. Maybe he's the illegitimate son of crazy Barret Robbins or something.

In the post title, I think Raider Take meant "Blown Call" with respect to pulling Walter. He does mention the Madsen catch, but don't think he blames the zebras for the loss. Personally, I thought it was a good call - his heel looked just out to me.

I agree with the others that this may be the lowest point in the history of this great franchise.....and it is still a great franchise. Ten losses in a row hurts. Raider Haters will be in full swing. You'll hear more from anonymous types and bashers in the media, especially after losing to SF.

Stay strong, Raider fans.

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Art Shell was let go after the 94 season with a 9-7 record because he had lost the team. If he goes 0-16, 1-15 or even 2-14, what will Al do? If Al says to Art - "Walsh is gone". What will Art do?

I've been a Raider fan since 1974. I've never seen such a pathetic performance from any other years as this one. I've never been impressed with Art as a coach - even when he was winning. Al says it was a mistake to let him go in 94 (I personally don't think that it was), but I think it was a bigger mistake to bring him back and it was the biggest mistake allowing Art to bring back Tom Walsh with him.

Al is allowing this once great organization to be brought to it's knees.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Bama 7. Though it was a bad decision to take out Walter, it really doesn't matter. Walter is not what the raiders need. He's OK but not a championship type of guy.

9:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey X, I love the faidas, I watch them for the entertainment value, where else in the world can you warch grown men dressed up in funny costumes screaming, slobbering, speaking in ebonics and fighting amongst themselves, hell the team is fighting among themselves. You faidas are the MOST entertaining team in the league, you might even say I'm their number 1 fan! I do enjoy reading the faidas blogs and sports section of the tribune too, I think an awful lot of your fanatics didn't pay much attention in school,(those who went to school) it's pretty obvious when you see all the errors in spelling and grammatics, not to mention some of the totally incoherent sentences, I suspect that many of your "nationals" imbibe a little too much as well before or during the time that they are posting their blogs. Re: my age, You're close I'll be 15 in a couple of months! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, Ha Ha Yuk, you hate me don't you? I don't blame you, you have nothing to look forward to for many years to come if you're a true faida fanatic! The "faida broadcasting network" out. Just eat your heart out baby, X your grammar and spelling isn't very good either.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Starting the 3rd quarter with a 13-7 lead, here our next 5 possessions;

- Blocked punt
- Walter Int (bad read to Whited)
- Walter Int (bad pass behind Curry)
- Jordan fumble/lateral (TD)
- Tui Int

Sorry but the zebras, Art Shell, Tom Walsh had no part in the above 5 possessions. Any team that gets a punt blocked and turns the ball over 4 consecutive times has ZERO chance of winning.

From my vantage point, the play calling was fine, the pass protection was fine, and the run game was fine. What wasn't ok was giving the ball away to SF 5 times in a row and Walter being benched.

The only thing I hope for at this point is that Walter is given the opportunity to play out the rest of the season. That is the only way the team will know where it stands for the 2007 draft/season.

As far as Mr. Anon "fiada broadcasting network" signing off." - What is the point with your obsession and time spent following the Raiders? It is rather puzzling to say the least. Do you also subscribe to S&B Illustrated so you can more avidly follow the team you hate so much? You are so proud of yourself for being the biggest Raider hater. close the door, get out and play your xbox. Don't worry. Mommy will do your laundry and daddy pays for the roof over your head.

9:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raider00: Nice try but let me help you out!!!

Pos+#1: Stats were almost dead even except for 4 int's to 1 for winners. I60 yds rushing, 370 total yards, can't you see an improvement here?

Pos+#2: Moss had one bad catch for a perfect touch-down but also one spetacular catch for a touch-down and went over the middle which is new for him, see any improvement yet?

Pos+#3: Fargas has a remarkable 10 yard average in 2 games played and Jordan also has a very good average for the second week in a row. Can ya see the improvement, just a little?

Pos+#4: "O" line did not allow a sack, the stats gave them one but for 0 yards so how is that a sack? They blocked for a good running game 2 weeks in a row. Are you really haveing trouble seeing the improvement?

POS+#5: A&W (Walter) was over 60% pass compleation even with the drops, 11 for 17 in the first half and he spred the ball around. A QB in his second NFL start? is this not improvement?????

POS+#6: "D" gave up only 7 points in the first half and that was on the first drive, they made 2 4th down stops on very short yardage inside the 20 and had an int did not fall apart until the "O" gave up too many possesions deep in their own teritory. The "D" gave up only 2 long drives, one in the first half and one after the int in the second half. Now really, compair that to the first 2 games and explain why you can not see improvement????

Pos+#7: The players came out with emotion and played hard for Coach Shell, but by the end of the game you could see the let down, who wouldn't have a let down at that point??? A&W benched, 4 int's and a fumbled latteral and spanked by a team we should have beaten, I also had a let down, it was hard to be POS+ after what I saw so I took my damn beer drinking ass to my boat and napped out. After I awoke I looked at the stats and read the comments and got POS+, even if it hurts, I got POS+++++. Now come on dude, can't you see some improvement here????

Pos+#7: We don't make the play-offs but we get a good draft pick or two so lets start looking ahead at our selections!!!! Sad to do this early but that is our reality so I for one will live with it and try to remain Pos++++ about my team.

NEG------Fire the whole damn booth, who the hell made the decission to bench A&W, I am discusted!!!! You could see it in the play of the team after that stupid stupid stupid move!!!! How the hell do you explain this shit????

Commin-up: Donkies, will watch Monday night and hope for the BlackBirds to slap the DonkyShit out of the MuleHeadedBastards so we can pick up the pieces next week and get our first win of the year out of their JackAsses!!! Well, its nice to dream and have an imagination!$#@&^%*((


9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like Jack Nicholson said, "You can't handle the truth" You faidas fans should read my blogs on the SFgate too, if you hate these, you'll hate those too. It's just that I was brought up to know that something is wrong with grown men and women wearing face paint and home-made aluminum foil spikes on their shoulders, with a couple of scary rubber skulls thrown in to boot, or a gorilla suit with a "cat in tha hat" hat, or that goofball in the pirate suit. Come on, do you guys really think that's normal? If you do you'd probably like to go and partake of that parade they have every year in San Francisco, and in New York during gay pride month! You guessed it "faida broadcasting network" signing off AGAIN, now do you get the point, this faidas stuff is way out of control, and you guys insist on promoting it. At some time you all need to look in the mirror and see why you scare so many people. You need to lose (pardon the pun) that "faida image". I'll bet you guys will all be crying the blues next year when big al breaks his lease with the chokeland colosseum and trys to move back to "Inglenook" < that's a joke , "inglenook" get it. Think about it, it'll come to you, or you can find an educated faida fanatic to explain it to you.

1:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They totally need to rebuild the whole frachise. I love Al but he needs to go, the game has passed him by. It was a bad move hiring Art back, if he was that good of a head coach he would have been with another team. They need to let Walters finish out the year as the starting quarterback and forget about Brooks and Tui, those guys are not going to get the raiders anywhere. If they are going to lose at least let Walters get some experience, their not going to make the playoffs anyways. I can't stand it when teams play that stupid shuffle with quarterbacks and runnning backs. Stick with a starting quarterback and one main starting running back and go with it. They never get into the flow of the game going in and out like that and it screws with their heads.

11:20 AM  

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