Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Greatness of The Raider Nation

I felt in the presence of greatness when the Raider Nation responded so vigorously to Species of The Raider Nation last Friday and throughout the weekend. More than 60 commentators have so far recorded their testimony of how they became a Raiders fan, and I am in awe of their stories. We have an eight-year-old girl getting pissed off when Heidi interrupted the Raiders v. Jets game. We have a native of Sri Lanka kneeling in prayer to help guide George Blanda’s field goals. We have a kid digging through trash bins in search of a Ken Stabler newspaper photo. We have sons initiating mothers in the Raider Way—and vice versa! We even have someone who was a Raiders fan “incarnate” before being conceived by his parents. We have it all. If you haven’t read these stories yet, I urge you to do so—you won’t be disappointed.

Every story is unique, and yet there seems to be a common thread that runs through them all, a passion that defies explanation, a dedication that remains unshaken, a loyalty not only to a team, but to one another, culminating in the inimitable cultural phenomenon known as the Raider Nation.

Perhaps we can keep it going? If you haven’t done so already, please tell us your story. If you know a Raiders fan, email them and invite them to participate (click on the email icon at the bottom of the take). This is an open-ended take, a virtual family album for the Raider Nation. I plan on posting it under Most Popular Takes, so that it will be easily accessible to future visitors. It would be cool to rack up 100 testimonies.

Special thanks to RaiderNews.com, Raider Nation Podcast, RaiderFans.net, The Raider Cast and RaiderWorld.net for spreading the word about this take (if I inadvertently left anyone out, let me know and I will add you—I apologize in advance). Thanks to Raiderdecoachella for instigating this take. And thanks again to all of you—present and future—who grace these pages with your comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brother why not let us fans of your page post some? Of how we became Raiders fans. I'll tell you my story and you may edit if you like my grammer sucks.

I was a young boy of 7 or 8 the year was 1968 I had just met my Grandfather for the the first time. He asked me if I would like to go to a Oakland Raiders game. I said who are the Oakland Raiders? He told me a football team. Me being the usual kid of that time said yes Grandpa I would like to go. So I remember Grandpa waking me up before it was even light out and me asking? Grandpa why are we leaving so early? To get in line for parking he said. I had a snack he had a cup of coffee and off we went in his motorhome. He lived in Hayward so it wasn't a long drive. As we were driving down the freeway this large bowl shaped thing starts apearing out of the distance. And I ask Gradpa whats that? He says thats were the mighty Oakland Raiders play the best team in football. I'm all really there that good? He says bet your ass. Now remember I'm only 8 and have never seen anything this big.I could not believe the size of it. Or that latter in life it would become a place of great worship to me! We waited in line and when we got to the gate Granpa told him he wanted 4 spaces.(in those days you could do that) When we got inside the Mecca just keep getting bigger and bigger. And I was wondering how were going to be able to see the teams play? Grandpa parked the Motorhome sidesways in the 4 slots and proceed to set up two Que's. See at my Grandfathers Que's anybody was welcomed and know body left hungry.I met a lot of Raiders fans shook a lot of hands big thing for a 8 year old.
Finally it was time to go in and I remember thinking man this thing is big as we were walking the steps to get in. Grandpa in those days had what was called box seats. As a usual kid of 8 I was bouncing all over the place watching the players warm up couldn't stay in my seat.Granpa bought me a a autographed football its a AFL football because the Raiders then were still in the AFL. And I still have it to this day. I could hear the band playing down in the endzone. Then the game started I don't remember who the Raiders played I just remember the first hit and the sound and I was Hooked. I couldn't take my eyes off the field......And I have been a die hard ever since
Grandpa took me to a lot of games. He died before the Raiders moved to L.A. thank god or that would have killed him.
My passion for the Raiders grew into something almost unbearable. I look at the Raiders not just as a team but as a way of life. My Father was also a Raiders fan as am I as are my kids we our 4 generations of Raiders fans. I still go to the games. But now that I have moved over 300 miles away it is very hard to do. I had to give up my season tickets. But My Passion for the Raiders has never changed they are my team and shall always be my team......So Oakland lets kick some ass this year
Show No Mercy! Take No Mercy!

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! Snakesraiders12, you're my hero! Dude, you gave me the shivers, and I whole-heartedly agree that the Raiders needs to SHOW NO MERCY, AND TAKE NO MERCY!
Hey Raider Take, you should do a post about our fondest Raiders' game we've attended.....

6:31 AM  

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