Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dear Cowboys Fan

In a Raiders chatroom yesterday, a Cowboys fan wrote that he has tickets to the upcoming game. He is wondering if he would be "committing suicide" by showing up in a Cowboys jersey, and if he should wear black as a disguise. Following is my take, which applies to fans of any visiting team:

You can wear the Cowboys jersey, just don't act like an idiot. I mean that with all due respect. Not because I assume that you're an idiot, but because I've seen too many of the opposing team's fans strut into the Coliseum and paint a target on their back. They stand up in front of Raiders fans and do a jig when our QB is sacked, make a bunch of obnoxious noise when our crowd has been silenced, etc. Don't tell me no one is that stupid. I've seen it. These are the folks who are asking for trouble, which can be found in any crowd of 50,000 people.

Raiders fans are vocal and passionate, but they are not the criminals they've been made out to be (see my I Love Al Davis take for more thoughts on that subject). They are typically hard-working regular folks who love to have a good time on Sunday afternoon. This will include giving you an earful of creative and heartfelt insults for wearing your Cowboys gear. Enjoy it, because it's all in good fun.

Or, try this...Leave the Cowboys gear at home, go as a neutral participant, and keep an open mind. I'll bet that, by the time you walk out of the Coliseum, you may wish you belonged to the Raider Nation, because of the intensity, passion and uniqueness of the experience. And if you get that feeling, then welcome, brother, to the Raider Nation, because the door is always open. You never really liked the Cowboys in the first place, right?


Blogger NFL Adam said...

What other fan base do you have to not wear your favorite team's jersey in the opposing stadium? Do you think Raiders fans do not wear their gear at stadiums across the country?

8:24 AM  
Blogger x said...

To the idiot "Hater Nation" blog author calling himself "nfl adam",

Did you read the post you commented on? The writer said wearing an opposing team's jersey was cool as long as you didn't act like a fool. This probably applies to most places in the league, except for maybe San Diego, where the opposing team pretty much can take over their stadium.

I'm a Raider fan and, when I lived in St Louis, went to the Raider-Chief game every year. I went pretty much without silver and black on, more so to make it easier to buy a ticket from a KC fan who may have had extras. But even without my obvious colors (I usually just wore a Raider skull cap or ball cap) and being discreet about cheering, I still got the occasional pelting from their hoosier fans.

8:23 PM  
Anonymous 1Raider18 said...

I was silver and black clad in freaking deadskins stadium. We were out numbered 60,000+ to about 100. I agree with this article. It is alright to be in the stadium of opposing teams, but if you like your health (particularly in Oakland) don't be acting a ass.

We won the game and as much as I smiled I kept it to myself. I could imagine a come back from behind loss would be tough enough, muchless a smearking RAIDER fan on the trolley.

11:13 AM  
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