Saturday, September 24, 2005

Now Back to Dan Patrick...

Put this right up there with Halley's Comet and Bigfoot sightings on the rarity scale: a pearl of wisdom from ESPN.

Indeed, from's Bill Simmons: "Here's why you can't make too much of the first two weeks of the season: The Raiders played two of the best teams in football (KC and New England), hung tough in each game, eventually fell short (mostly of their own doing), and everyone thinks they're done. The Bengals played two of the worst teams in football (Minnesota and Cleveland), destroyed them both, and everyone thinks that they're a serious playoff contender, and that Carson Palmer is the next great quarterback. Well, if you switched the Cincy and Oakland schedules, the Bengals would be 0-2, the Raiders would be 2-0, and we would be reading roughly 45,000 stories about how Randy Moss is the most important player in football right now."


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