Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pregame Pick Courtesy of Area 51

After last week, I thought maybe I should get out of the prediction business. But then I did some math...

I predicted last week that the Raiders would beat the Chiefs by a score of 31 to 24, but they lost 23 to 17. Now, let's add back the two zebra-revoked touchdowns (which were bogus calls) with extra points, and what do we get? We get the Raiders on top 31 to 23, which is eerily close to my original prediction. And you still don't believe that I'm receiving top-secret radio signals through my tooth fillings?

(You might point out that after the Moss call, they kicked a field goal, so it's really only a net four points instead of seven on that one. True, but they also wouldn't have been going for it on fourth down on that last drive, either. They would have kicked an easy field goal, which reconciles the math).

So what is all that metal in my mouth telling me this morning? It's telling me that the Raiders will win a tough battle by a score of 27 to 24.


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