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Chiefs Gameday Thread: Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas 'ya filthy animals! 

Seriously, you are the heart and soul of RaiderTake and I appreciate you. May your holiday be blessed.

All I want under the tree is a victory over the Chiefs. GO RAIDERS!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raaaaaiders. Sandy

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would teams play on Monday Morning!? you think that's cool? No, it isn't!- Its' not Thanksgiving!- its' Monday Morning! I'm shocked K.C. went for it! if they didn't think it was a good enough game to have Monday evening then they should've had the game on Sunday!

So, what happened? was it the greatness of the Pats' guys? coach Pierce getting rid of M. Peters or his coaching? is it the play of AOC, R. Spillane or J. Meyers? is it finding D. Adams and H. Renfrow again? what has made this team able to get shut out then score the most points in it's history with a lot of injured players?

is it PARITY? finally using the Bellichick/ 'Patriot way' right? are other teams just suddenly messing up? did we finally find a D scheme that works? or did a bunch of average /good players decide to play smarter- tougher football or got a great locker room talk? what is it? I want to know!

The SB is in a few months and the NFL wants us to be all in on it! they want us to say "L.V. is a great NFL city"! they don't care if Raiders' fans spend at the super bowl just say this is a great NFL city and be in all in on it. If we spend in L.V. or NFL web sites fine but there are fans of the two teams and others who will spend a lot on L.V.

They intend to make big money and get more investors before the SB. They don't just have the two team's fans but Raidernation, corporate people, business people and tourists. They expect that people will go to L.V. for the SB, gambling and entertainment.

there will be opportunities for music and Hollywood people to bring their business to L.V. and they probably will:

Fantasy football


live music concerts

Hollywood actors and execs having commercials, plays, night club acts, and t.v. shows in L.V. during SB week, having autograph shows, socializing with the two SB teams.

the internet: NFL sponsored contests and shows.

NFL licensed merchandise.

NFL charities

politicians and team reps. socializing with the two SB teams.

NFL entertainment- places for fans/ tourists to have fun, shows with NFL legends and Hollywood/ music business people in it, shows about NFL history(the Super Bowl).

And that's cool but the Raiders are also supposed to be trying to win. The NFL wants us to spend on them but maybe we should slow it down and ask questions. When the SB is over what about our future?

We get the Raiders and the new stadium but we don't hear talk about a future.
will they help MD or support new stake holders having more power? is this some kind of scheme to bring them in and give them more power in the team? and will we support it? what makes us sure billionaires know how to find the right people to build an NFL team? and do we want a new group of stake holders and do we want to move on from the Al Davis era and support the stake holders?

Fans should tell the NFL to make it less expensive for them, get a parking lot and tell the Raiders to lower tickets prices.

Merry Christmas! Raidernation!

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon you get a lump of coal of something? I think you should reassess your meds and cycle a chill pill in every now and again. They found a way to win and in KC and with a rookie QB, which is Patrick’s first loss to a rookie QB. Today is a good day.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Raiders overpower Chiefs, a Christmas miracle!

5:59 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Christmas should be on a Tuesday next year, we'll see what the NFL does, if they have a Christmas game on a Tuesday that will say a lot.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raiders got NFL love! that's good if you are playing for a playoff birth and the refs have to make a very tough call that can win or lose you a game.

But this just isn't the same attitude we once had we are getting feel good story/ moral victory/ stat and late season upset of playoff teams but we're almost eliminated from playoff run in '23!

In Al's culture he really didn't like his players over celebrating a win until they reached the playoffs!

Tuesday games? I hope not!

Another big win! Raiders didn't put up a lot of points but that defense took advantage of K.C. making mistakes.

We need to be better in the secondary and pass rush! big stats but the Raiders just don't have anybody other than M. Crosby, R. Spillane, A. Robertson and Epps on D.

I didn't think the new regimes would be as mediocre in the linebacker dept., as they've been and its' been all of them, not just one but all three!

the new Raiders need to find some linebackers! they need to get run stoppers first and that might mean dealing with covering TEs' later.

best units from the new regimes(Reggie, Gruden/ Mayock and the Pats' guys):

OL Reggie

QB Reggie

RB Mayock/ Gruden

special teams Mayock/ Gruden

WR tie Mayock/ Gruden and Reggie

TE Mayock/ Gruden

DL Reggie

LB ?

DB Reggie

8:32 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

That was indeed a Christmas miracle!

Here's what I see. I see a defensive-minded interim head coach turn a mediocre-at-best defense into a bully in the middle of the season. I see a star player like Marcus Peters cast off, and castoff like Jack Jones brought in. I see a team almost mathematically eliminated weeks ago still playing with the intensity reserved for teams headed for the playoffs (and playing at a higher level than the Chiefs!).

The performance picture isn't as rosy on the offensive side, but the intensity is still there.

My vote is in: Antonio Pierce for Head Coach!

It doesn't matter if they win either of their next two games, I have no doubt both games will be played with intensity.

That's a big part of what Pierce brings. Intensity!

AP's pregame and halftime speeches fall under the category of "smash them in the mouth" no matter what the score.

Sure, he needs a QB. And he needs an OC, but these are out of his control right now.

I also vote Champ Kelly for GM! Kelly has already been behind the scenes improving the roster, and vows to undertake a process which starts with a QB and the two lines, as it should be.

Still two more to play but the audition is over for me. This is what I want the Raiders to look like, i.e., weekly beatdowns of other teams. Imagine what it might look like with a legit starter at QB.

Beating the Chiefs in KC might be a watershed event.

Best part, there was no circling stunt by their O-line yesterday. Instead, there was Kelche throwing his helmet and Mahomes yelling at his O-line, and Nicols and Jones running Christmas gifts into the endzone.

Merry Christmas!

5:06 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE INDEED! I did not sit down the entire game. Another game I had to rewatch highlights to see if I was dreaming or not! My son, daughter, and I were jumping up and down with joy last night; my wife was happy for us, but doesn't really care about football; unless my son is playing, then she cares.
A few things I noticed from yesterday; and yes, NY, welcome to the AP for HC circle. I have said it for awhile, the energy that AP brings to this team is unmatched. He deserved the HC title after yesterday's win. Making Kermit "the frog" Mahomes cry was just as epic as making Herbert say "I've never wanted a tie so bad in my life". Make the world a better place, punch Mahomes in the face!

Malcolm Koonce was HUGE yesterday! I'm glad, he was my sleeper pick the year Gruden drafted him; and then never gave him a chance. Now he is playing consistently and tearing it up! In fact, the whole Defensive Line put pressure on Mahomes all day. The problem is, they cannot hit the QB and bring him down without penalty. There were 3 times the Raiders D-line had Mahomes for a sack, and hit him, but he didn't go down because they cannot: A) hit below the waist, or B) tackle him with their full weight to the ground. I get A, but B? Come on, how are they suppose to bring the QB down, and bring him down hard? If the defense could hit the QB the way they are suppose to, the Raiders win 20-7.

Third thing, AOC is not our future QB. We need mobility in the pocket. There were a few sacks that he took that didn't need to be sacks if we had a QB who could move. He was behind on his throws to WRs. Adams had 7 targets and 1 reception yesterday, one he clearly dropped, but there were a few PI's the refs let go too. Not blaming the refs because they were after both teams.

Fourth, I loved that we shut KC Fans up in their home park. I seriously don't know who I hate more, the Chefs or the Doncos. I lived in Missouri for a year and a half back in the early 90's, and let me tell you, the Chefs' fans are the most annoying fans in the world. Even though their stadium is pretty cool, the team and their fans deserve this loss yesterday. Side note about Arrowhead, I went to a Royals game when I lived out there, and got to the game early. The gates to Arrowhead were open, and I went in and ran the field, and made my way to the player's tunnel. Someone yelled at me, and I took off and went to the Royals game. Seriously, go to a Royals game, both are pretty nice stadiums. Otherwise, Chuck the Fiefs!

Fifth, Zeus stepped up HUGE for the Raiders yesterday. He is running with fire. It makes me question, however, are they going to keep Jacobs? My fear is that if they don't, Jacobs will go to KC. They were trying to get him over there in this last offseason. I personally, hope we keep Jacobs; but Zeus made a case yesterday too.

Sixth, AP's post game interview on the field, and speech in the locker room. It is easy to see why the players love this guy. I know it was my first point, and I know I've been saying it for awhile; it is time to take the interim off and make him the HC. It's time to get a true OC with experience and a QB that will help him win. It's time to let Champ Kelly make moves. This is a different Raiders team from the beginning of the season. This is the fire they have been missing for awhile. JUST WON, BABY!

Seventh, I pray you all had a terrific Christmas with your families. Much love to everyone here!

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Christmas will be on a Wednesday next year since 2024 is a leap year, with Feb 29th on the calendar

9:35 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Nice intel there on the leap year, a Wednesday Christmas will put the NFL's greed to the true test. Will they have games or not?

Nate says, "I pray you all had a terrific Christmas with your families. Much love to everyone here!" - love it, back at you all.

10:30 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

I don't understand the criticism above that the Raiders need to get better at pass rush and secondary. Of course, every team wants that but the Raiders have played tremendously and don't deserve denigration.

At pass rush Koonce is becoming a legit bookend for Crosby, and Jenkins and Bulter have solidified the interior, along with a rotation of Wilson, Nichols, and Tillery.

Spillane has been an anchor to the entire defense all season, run and pass.

The secondary has played more aggressively and features back-to-back games with pick 6 by Jack Jones.

This is the best defense the Raiders have played in years (dare I say longer) and that's the focus of criticism in a post above. Really?

I couldn't disagree more.

The Raiders won yesterday with their defense, in a fashion that we've haven't seen since they beat the Steelers with two pick-6s back in 2006. Go look it up.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY!, this is the bottom part of the season! its' o.k. to

we do not have a good defense! No, we probably have one of the worst secondaries in the NFL! at this time, we don't have a starting CB tandem! we just have guys!

the pass rush!? you think we have a good pass rush!? we have late season success, not a good DL! they need some big time linemen. they are doing outstanding but this not a good line its' just rising higher than its' usual level of play, but its' not a good line overnight!.

this isn't Raiders' culture to celebrate a few victories without the playoffs. Al really didn't like guys celebrating a lot until they made the playoffs. of course they could celebrate if they wanted to but he wanted them focused on the playoffs IF they were still in the playoff race.

they are somehow playing great defense! I'm not trying to put them down but really! this is great! not hating but is this a new era or is it late season upsets and its' just another excuse to support a rebuild- and we've probably been here before?

Do we see just a good team slipping and a rare upset or did we see a front office coach up a mediocre team and upset an elite and this might be the group with the game plan to build a winner?

10:57 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

O'Connell didn't complete a pass in the last three quarters. That's...something.

11:24 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Wait! What?!

"We do not have a good defense!"???

Did I miss something? Because they just beat the Chiefs in KC with their defense, and the defense has scored 4 TDs in the last two games.

Your claim that the defense is not good is completely without merit.

Take, O'Connell played the game he was given and secured the ball for the win. Is he the QB of the future? Doubtful!

2:11 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Tony Romo didn't stop praising the Raiders defense the entire broadcast. They were staying their lanes and keeping Mahomes in check.

Raiders defense has averaged 16 pts per game since Pierce took over, including garbage time points against the Chargers.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Pierce has allowed Graham to open up and be free in running the defense he wants, something that Josh wasn't doing. Graham has taken average players, and are using them to do extraordinary things because AP is allowing his coaches to .... wait for it .... coach! The defense has responded by stepping up for their coaches, and have played lights out.

To say the Raiders defense is not good is a bad take. Just like the offense, the defense has some holes to fill in the offseason; but they are good; and with Jack Jones, Spillane, Crosby, Koonce, and adding a DT and another shut down CB; they can be elite. I'm talking top 5 in the NFL elite!

Bo Hardegree is ok, but you can tell is way over his head in play calling. Granted, he doesn't have the most talented QB on the roster .... thanks again to Josh. If you're on Twitter, or X, or whatever its called; you will know there was a debate from Cam Newton a few weeks ago about QB's being either a game manager or a game changer. AOC is a game manager, and that was pretty obvious yesterday. Raiders need a game changer at that position, a Plunkett, Gannon, Stabler typer player. AOC proved he will be a terrific backup, and that's about it. Give AP a good OC and a QB, and this team is in the Super Bowl. Yes, there are other pieces (O-line and DT); but those won't be good without a game-changer at QB.

The Raiders' issues are not talent, though they do have a few holes on both sides of the ball. Their main issue has always been coaching; and Mark needs to stick with what is rolling right now. Players will play for a coach they believe in, and the Raiders clearly believe in Antonio Pierce and Patrick Graham. He needs to keep them, and hire an OC that the offense will believe in, and get a QB that will lead them. The difference from when Josh was HC til now is coaching and leadership. That speaks volumes. Don't believe me, watch Pierce's postgame speech about "we believe." I believe ... Just Won, Baby!

2:42 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

This is suddenly a defense to be celebrated. Not just 1-2 games, but a sustained effort.

Al Anon, I can't tell if you won't acknowledge the progress or you're rooting for them to fail because you don't want AP's success to eclipse the great Al Davis.

The Chiefs have scored 30 points or more against the Raiders for something like 10 straight games. The defense stopped the Chiefs on every drive except two. Mahomes had about the same stats as O'Connell going into the 3rd qtr, except Mahomes gave up a pick-6.

O'Connell was far from stellar but he managed the game and did not commit a turnover.

But O'Connell is not a starting QB until he proves himself. He has nothing to do with the defense we're watching.

2:46 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Nate, Pierce can be seen on the sideline directing defensive players. He's telling them what to watch for and how to line up.

There's been lots of media discussion about film study being the reason the Raiders have two pick-6s the past two weeks. Jones knew what to look for and Pierce has given the players autonomy to make plays.

Another key observation by Romo was that Raiders defense were all watching the QB and reacting quickly to plays before they developed.

I have no doubt the Raiders roster can be improved, but we are watching some of the best defensive football I can remember in a long time. That cannot (should not) be overlooked by Mark Davis. He knows!

2:53 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

It's not just hype. Pierce and Graham have collaborated to make a formidable defense that can change a game, as we've seen.

It's not a coincidence that the Internet is exploding with articles about Pierce, the Raiders defense, and the team's overall improvement since Pierce took over.

Jack Jones:

“Coach AP allows everybody to go out there and be themselves and play football and have love for the game. can see it through the team, it’s noticeable.”

These only scratch the surface. I don't buy into it because media say it, I'm watching it for myself, and I'll be the first to say if/when it goes south.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The win versus the Ciefs felt great. Kudos to Graham who has the Raiders playing primarily zone. Koonce looked awesome. The offense was awful 6 points and AOC is not a NFL starting QB. Imagine if they had a competent QB yestrday it would have been a landslide. As I mentioned to NY many times in the past few weeks outside of QB the Raiders have a tlented team.

I think the last two games are important in assesing Peirce. Motivating and culture are huge but not everything. Let's see if they can come up with an offensive game plan to beat hte Colts on the road and stay alive in the playoff chase.


3:29 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

6 pts on offense does not look good and O'Connell clearly missed a few. However, we saw a rare drop by Adams, and O'Connell put one right on Meyers fingertips inside the 10. The Raiders also ran the ball almost exclusively in the 2nd half, so just saying O'Connell didn't complete a pass isn't entirely fair. He managed the game to a win. Nobody is saying O'Connell should be anointed starting QB, but it took guts for Pierce to bench Garoppolo, and I still think it was the right call.

Pierce said this today (repeating what he said previously), "my worst game as HC was my first game," and that he strives to get better every day.

I'll be honest, I'm taking this a little personal. I don't care how Al would have done it, nor do I care how the Pats guys might do it. Pierce is a Raider. This is exactly what I want from the Raiders. They have leadership that we've not seen in a long time. Players are motivated and coaches are coaching to the players strengths.

Pierce said himself, this is a team of misfits. That's the Raider way.

If I can make a generalization, I would say every player has improved under Pierce's watch. The only exception that comes to mind is Peters, and he's gone now.

It just feels right that Pierce should be the HC.

Sandy, you were right, there is more talent than meets the eye, and it took strong leadership and coaching to bring it out.

Koonce had 3 sacks yesterday! He has totally taken over Wilson's role.

IMO, we desperately need to carry this forward to next year.

4:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NY Raider,

Al Anon-

So, you think I was unfair saying the Raiders have a mediocre defense and STILL need pass rushers and linebackers? they need to find some pass rushers! this is "feel good" time for teams almost/ eliminated from the playoffs!

Suddenly, they upset good-elite teams, the offense looks good the defense looks dominate but, like you say, "you are what your record says you are"! NY and other Anon!- is that still true!?

Its' "feel good" time, "knock somebody out the playoffs", try to show the owners something!and "open the playbook and use those back ups/ everybody to try and keep your jobs" time! yes, they are playing awesomely but again, its' the same 'ol moral victories and hype about the future!

NY, we've been here before! this team needs a lot of help and if coach Pierce is a motivator fine but the Raiders should know they need to find some front office people to help him and maybe even a new GM and move Mr. Kelly to assistant GM!

I think the Raiders need to draft another DL probably a small OLB/ DE type to put some pressure on the QB.

I think drafting a franchise QB in the first round would be too high. There are good QBs' in lower rounds. You can talk about Koonce and Crosby but this team better draft or sign another DE and some pass rushing DTs'.

This team has a lot of issues and they aren't a playoff team yet! This has been going on since '12! somebody gets hired and we don't even wait for them to say anything we just buy the hype about that person's positives or how much the NFL hypes his talents.

The fact IS we've been supporting new regimes but forget that they aren't supposed be mediocre and guys getting fired.

Oh No! we aren't a good football team yet and we need a lot of players and new assistants if coach Pierce is going to be HC!

We also need to see the Raiders do more to find their own system. They are just being used for the SB and after that we don't know what the NFL wants for us! They are still trying to get new stake holders for the team!

5:47 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

No sir, you said "the Raiders defense is not good." Your words, not mine.

Don't backpedal now that every pundit in pro football disagrees with your assessment of the Raiders defense.

Yes, teams are only as good as their record. Again, not my words, I just happen to agree.

Pierce took over a losing team and turned it into a winning team with someone else's players and assistant coaches. He's a born leader of men (I borrowed that one too). The only thing you're right about is that he may choose to assemble his own coaches and work to improve the roster.

It's laughable that you suggest this has only been happening since 2012. Al Davis hired a new HC every other season, and you've been telling us how great those coaches were for the past year. Yet he fired everyone of them!

You and I completely disagree. You want to demote Champ Kelly. I want to hire him full-time. You want the Raiders to revamp the roster, I want them to expand on the talent that exists. You want a new system, I want Pierce to run with what's working.

I don't get why you espouse repeating failures of the past.

We may need to start a billboard fund for you. Wink! Wink!

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NY Raider,

Until GM Kelly and coach Pierce show they are the real deals then I think the Raiders better take long time interviewing people before the draft!

Al fired guys who weren't WINNING! it wasn't his or their faults but he was trying to win again he'd NEVER been in this kind of situation before!

He usually won a lot or competed. He got guys who either listened or had a game plan he couldn't argue much with!

And, not trying to rub it in but Al was a legend and a genius he was able to teach football people things in the front office!

it should've been huge for a coach especially, inexperienced guys to learn from him! and that's not because he was old but because he was one of the best GMs' in all of pro sports history! so when a 2nd tier, mediocre HC came to Oakland they worked with a genius and learn about the game!

you might be a little stuck in your claims and getting the facts, opinions for media hype for the NFL way and how teams should work with well known/ common sense ways that work like an executive and good ones, teaching coaches things and to say nobody could be a better coach learning from Al and other legends makes no sense!

Its' o.k. to believe in a system like the NFL/ Patriots' way' and be positive by hype and a few big wins but you also need to find out if that regime not only can motivate/ lead but knows how to build a good roster and bring in good assistants.

What's working NY? you can't name it can you?

what unit is so good that it can't be 'upgraded'? at least he isn't talking like Reggie was!

9:04 PM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

I think most on here are writing AOC off a little early, he’s a 4th round pick that has taken the helm full time with AP and performing solidly, the wind at KC was erratic and made it difficult on both teams, If the Chief didn’t think he could throw it they would have just stacked the box and shut down the run. He has had his ups and downs like being shut out, but he also was part of the highest scoring Raiders games of all time. He has played 1/2 a season of pro ball, not that I am saying you don’t pick up a stud Rookie QB if they fall to you, but just make sure your not throwing out the baby with the bath water. Just my opinion, we know he can make the throws he just needs to run a bit more strategically which he can be taught. The kid Allen from BUF just had a similar game just a week or two ago threw for something like 60yards and they won. Just win Baby…right.?.

9:26 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Aussie, well said. I share your opinion. I think the Raiders should bring in two new QBs next year to compete with O'Connell, perhaps a vet and a rookie. Let the best player win the starter role.

4:43 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Al Anon, yes, I can absolutely name what's working.

First off, the roster MUST be upgraded! Where did I say otherwise?

But winning takes a mentality. It's not on a stat sheet. You want so-called "star players." Star players have never helped the Raiders win. The Raiders have always and only won with true grit players (castoffs like Jack Jones!). If you were a fan of Al Davis, you would know that. When they signed players like Randy Moss, Eric Dickinson, Roger Craig, or even Richard Seymour, that didn't help them win any championships.

"Al fired guys who weren't winning"? Please! That's EVERYBODY!

Dude, you are so blinded by Davis's early success you don't see (or can't understand) his failures. And because of that, you're practically wishing for another failure.

Pierce and Kelly prove themselves? Really?

The Raiders game against the Chiefs was worth 3-5 games in a HC audition, and it's better than any stat sheet.

The Raiders only beat Chiefs once during Derek Carr's entire time with the team. The Chiefs were the defending NFL champs, playing at home, and playing for their playoff life. It wasn't just a win, it was a demoralizing beatdown on the Chiefs by the Raiders defense and potentially a watershed moment for the Raiders franchise (potentially!).

Pierce's theme going into that game was "enough is enough." He professed pain and violence and his team responded. It's a battlefield. That's the leadership you want in a HC.

As Aussie Raider points out, the Chiefs game was one week after the Raiders set a franchise record for points scored.

This is a work in progress.

In seven games as Raiders HC, Pierce has already won as many or more games than Al Davis won in half of his final eight years. Hey, let that sink in for a minute.

You want Mark Davis to interview and vet the process. Sure, why not. But isn't that what Al was doing year after year after year, and failing each time? You want to bring in another guy with an impressive stat sheet.

Be careful what you wish for.

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Aussie, I'm not sold on O'Connell. I know he's a 4th Rounder who took over, and he is better than Crapollo; but he needs time to progress and become a good QB. Raiders need to win now, and if that is the case, then the Raiders need a game changer QB; not a game manager. O'Connell's biggest strength is he can manage a game, which is exactly what he did against the Chiefs.
Pierce is going to need an OC who will take what they want, and be aggressive; and he will need a QB who can do the same. O'Connell is not that guy. Not to say he could be that guy, but not sure he has the time to develop. He missed a lot of reads against the Chiefs, and I know vets dropped the ball too, but his throws were off as well, he looked confused by what the Chiefs pass rush was doing, and he cannot or will not run when he needs to. It was almost like he was too overwhelmed. He is going to have to sit for awhile to learn, I say give him that time; but find a game changer QB in the meantime.

8:02 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

The Chiefs defense (Chris Jones!) was getting a lot of pressure. We all know how Carr folded under pressure, often fumbling. Look what pressure did to Mahomes. He fumbled and he missed a lot of throws.

I want the QB room to get better, but I'm not ready to write-off O'Connell. I'm okay with a smart game manager who can occasionally throw 4 TDs, as he did last week.

He will get better with time. He has a savvy that many rookies don't. We'll see. Maybe he'll step up and win the role, or maybe he'll be a stopgap to someone better. Either way, he should be the only QB the Raiders keep from their current roster.

8:13 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

P.S. Mahomes also threw a pick-6. O'Connell protected the ball and played smart with a lead, seen late in the game throwing the ball away and saving the FG try. He wasn't calling plays, only doing his job.

8:20 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Pierce's words before the Chiefs game, "Enough is enough" is really gaining traction. Here's a mic-drop piece by Hondo Carpenter, who has the voice of players, NFL execs and others.

As I said before, I'm done. My vote is in.

Don't be fooled. Mark Davis knows what is right. He's not going to make the same mistake twice. Nobody on the planet will fault him for hiring Pierce and Kelly, but he will receive considerable pushback - including from players - if he doesn't.

This is that watershed moment... once the season closes out.

9:38 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Broncos just benched Russell Wilson for their final two games, ala Derek Carr, on an injury guarantee. Raiders will face Jarret Stidham when they play the final game of the season.

Geez! If McDaniels retained Stidham, who knows, he might still be employed. Stidham was impressive for two starts. He'll get a warmup game before he faces his old team.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

The band is back here in the takes, great to hear all of your voices!

The Wilson benching seems to be mirroring Carr's path to exile.

I plan to do a take on Derek Carr. We hung on to fool's gold with him for way too long. Watched a lot of good QBs get drafted while we clung to an idea of Carr rather than the reality. His limitations are on full display in New Orleans.

10:20 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Very cool. Looking forward to it!

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys over the past couple years you've talked about us needed a QB! you turned on D. Carr and supported back ups and rookies and then started criticizing them when they didn't win. Now, I hear you think Carr was to blame for our losing? or he was a bust or just had too many issues to win for us? Wow! you saying you weren't committed to him? you didn't really support him? you knew it all along he wasn't that good a QB? you just kept quiet, you pretended to support him hoping he'd win anyway or you thought maybe he'd improve later in his career?

Jimmy G./ Raidernation- 'he's gonna kick ass! oh, we'll forget about D. Carr! the Pat's guys got him because he knows their system and with our WRs'/ TEs' were gonna kick some ass'!

He got benched and the Pats' guys got rid of our TE unit and refused to let WR H. Renfrow play. A rookie QB(AOC) is our starting QB and the Pat's guys got fired early this season after one 1 1/2 years.

Schuab, AOC, Flynn, McGoin, Stidham and Hoyer: oh, these guys won't shock and put up huge numbers- they are game managers but are better than T. Pryor(not a real QB) and pick 6 Palmer! they can make up for Carr when he's struggling or injured. it was a good move by the front office to get these guys as back ups.

of all of them AOC and McGloin made it exciting. but none of them helped us win, some played o.k. but some came into the rebuild and some had to deal with mediocre regimes. but except for a few, they weren't that good didn't have a lot of talent to help them. they also were back ups to Carr so they were either not winning when he got injured or that good to start in the NFL.

Pryor had to deal with Reggie's staff that didn't want him. Maybe he wasn't a complete QB but he motivated players and the athleticism was elite. Palmer was a top NFL QB but Reggie's front office didn't want him either! they traded him to Az and he was a pro bowler for the Cardinals.

NY Raider you guys were in love with D. Carr and wouldn't listen when other fans were worried about rumors of his limitations! now, you want to pretend that you never really supported him that much. Wow! Raidernation! Carr wasn't a star and had issues maybe "limitations" but he loved the team and wanted to win, he could've lead us a little but if we had to replace him at least we had a guy who wanted to be a Raider!

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


So, we've had some bad QBs' going back to Al's slump?

Al and Palmer: o.k. Hue you had to find a good QB to replace Campbell! so Al would've used Palmer and this would've been an outstanding team personnel wise but that would've been a question mark but on paper, this would've been an elite team. They had the talent to compete with San Diego and a genius GM. I think they lose because- something strange was going on. I think after the season Al trades Palmer for a high draft pick and tells Hue to go with Campbell.

Al and Carr: oh, he'd have a lot to prove, Al loves strong arms but this guy had issues that Al wouldn't like. but, Al would get him talent to make passing the ball less stressful. Carr would get a "west coast" like offense and a strong D. he'd play the "west coast" throwing the deep ball once in awhile.

Al and Jimmy G.: the "west coast"! he'd try to get Jimmy to throw shorter passes but he'd get him some good WRs' but he'd have to slow down on the speed guys and try to find guys who are good short yardage receivers. he'd use the speed guys when he wanted Jimmy to go deep once in awhile.

Al and AOC: Al would have ask for a power offense and bring in star RBs'. he'd have AOC handing the ball off to RBs'. Al probably might have a short passing game and have AOC throw the deep pass every once in awhile.

1:20 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Please don't put words in my mouth. I'll tell you exactly my position on Derek Carr that I've been saying here since he was drafted.

First off, Carr threw 50 TDs in his final season at Fresno State, mostly to Devante Adams, where he played out of shotgun formations.

As a pro, Carr was an immediate starter but asked to play under center where he struggled with that formation for years, maybe his entire career.

It wasn't until 2016 with Bill Musgrave as OC that Carr had a real opportunity to play more shotgun, and it paid off for the Raiders. Carr was an MVP candidate in 2016 until he broke his leg at the end of the season.

I've always been a fan of Derek Carr and believed he was limited by the ridiculous coaching turnovers and bad defenses that plagued the Raiders for his entire career. Carr has a big arm and does pretty well with his reads when given time. He has something like 30 game-winning drives, which is amazing (but it also points to the struggles with the Raiders defense).

That said, Carr is not without flaws. He lacks truly skillful play-action and tends to telegraph passes instead of looking off defenders. He's a bit simplistic, as evidence with his inability to really grasp McDaniels system. He has never been good under pressure (when you need him most) and has a propensity to fumble in those situations.

Like Gannon, Carr is accurate with short to medium throws but sometimes misses wide open receivers on long passes (but not in the Jets game!). Also, he struggles at times with touch passes on screens.

In the end, Carr was not the QB the Raiders needed him to be. Perhaps he's a victim of
his circumstances, but I can't explain how that would have carried with him for an entire career.

Now he's back with Dennis Allen, who he started with. The Saints don't have a good line, and I believe their defense is suspect. So until Carr finds his perfect storm, he may continue to struggle.

32 guys get to play QB in the NFL. It's a tough gig. If Dan Marino couldn't get back to the SB after his first and only time, what are the chances for any QB?

Even the great Patrick Mahomes was humbled by the Raiders defense.

I don't think Carr's legacy is done yet, but his 9 years in the league definitely leaves something to be desired.

1:52 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Hue Jackson mortgaged the Raiders future for Carson Palmer, overpaying the Bengals for a QB the Bengals didn't even want. They had already moved on with Andy Dalton as their starter.

That was one of the dumbest trades in Raiders history.

I don't think you understand, or you wouldn't hold these events on a pedestal like you do.

2:07 PM  
Blogger Aussie Raider ☠️ said...

Looking forward to it Take!

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AOC is not the answer at QB at best he is a high quality back up. Come on he just beat Jamrcus's record of most incompletions in a row. He is a friggin statue in the pocket and relic from a bygone era. He can not create out of structure, roll out etc. The Raiders with a decent to abvove ag qb win the division. I would take Wilson over AOC, Kirk Cousins will probably go back to Minnesota. The Raiders probably will draft to late for Daniels so perhaps McCarthy or someone like Pennix or Nix in the second round. God help us if AOC is the QB next year.


2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NY Raider,

Al Anon-

Well, the Cardinals sure coached Palmer up! they pulled what was left of the mediocre talent he had!

He made the pro bowl for Arizona and maybe the Cardinals knew how to use terrible QBs' like him!

So, A. Dalton beat him out? I don't know but I do know Palmer was considered a very good QB in '11. the D. Adams trade made more sense than the Palmer trade?

Al passed away then J. Campbell got injured! the Raiders were pretty good at almost every position but QB. Hue made a trade to get a top NFL QB. He made rookie like mistakes sometimes but he was still a very good QB! But, the same 'ol Raiders! good players can't win for them anymore!

When Reggie had a chance to keep either Palmer or Campbell he got rid of both of them refusing to allow Campbell to stay and try to make the team.

He then gets Raidernation pumped up about D. Carr but years later you guys claim Carr wasn't that good of a QB for us. He wasn't the guy we needed oh some of you were just giving him a chance or didn't want to look like haters and look at him even sucks in New Orleans! Wow NY!

Palmer may've slowed down but had more than enough talent to win the division in '11 but the Raiders again just lost and when Reggie could've kept Campbell he let him walk!

Hue did a good job and that wasn't a good trade it was a decent trade with the gamble that Palmer would have a lot of talent to win with.

Its' o.k. to make trades but Hue had a talented team and lost his QB, he didn't trade for a WR then let his QB walk and then get rid of more talent that could've helped win more games. and Hue was trying to win for Al after he passed away and that's could be why he traded for Palmer. both things look like bad moves but Hue had a talented team and was trying to win for his GM.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Raider,

Oh, we knew it all along! we just didn't want to make bad comments and upset the fan base about Carr! but we saw it but wanted to give Reggie and Carr a chance! yea sure guys!

you saw the issues with Carr but didn't want to say anything to offend Raidernation!

yea right! most of you supported the pick now you want to say he was never that good of a QB?

isn't that what you said about?:


coach Allen

coach Del Rio

GM M. Mayock

coach Gruden II

A. Cooper

the Pats' guys

OC G. Olsen

OC M. Lombardi


Ummm....dudes!, you say I make a lot of crazy comments but dudes! have turned on almost everybody except:

R. Bissicia

B. Musgrave

J. Harbaugh

D. Shaw

coach Pierce

GM C. Kelly

Now after all these years you finally figure out you didn't think D. Carr was a good QB?

I notice that you have some very good to elite HCs' but you also want guys who nobody has heard of or who were interim coaches; those guys may turn out to be good ones and we can't judge them until they speak to the media or we can get their career info.

but you guys seem to think it takes some game manager or group management why not like Al a few guys or one guy having very good ideas to build a team? maybe that's whats best for this team. if not at least take time to look at an inexperienced HC's assistant's career and who he wants to bring to us before supporting them.

to keep supporting these regimes and if they mess up then turn on players/ coaches gets very old and frustrating- but maybe we should ask for an older system that might help us win. if they don't listen at least we can let them know the media can't tell us who to support- blaming some of the players/ coaches of mediocre regime when they tried to win and the Raiders wouldn't spend more to help them win is blaming the wrong ones and we're so confused we now support unknown assistants to be HCs'- we want to see the Raiders win.

4:56 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

That's not what I said at all. None of it. Not sure what you're reading or thinking. You appear to make it up as you go.

It's a results-based industry. You're the only one giving props to bad results.

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NY Raider,

Carr was the most underrated, awesome QB in the NFL to some of you guys! It wasn't him it was the lack of talent or the O-line that was causing problems for him!

He's a huge UPGRADE over pick 6 Palmer,
J. Campbell and TP2! When Reggie rebuilds this team Carr will lead us to the playoffs. He did! but got injured and missed the game! but after that, it was a long time before they went the playoffs!

Soon media started criticizing Carr but you guys still supported him! you didn't let that change your minds and you turned on the media on blogs. When the media/ other fans criticized him you still kept supporting him, we won some and lost big but you still supported him. When regimes built talented teams we were excited when some left and we might have to deal with another rebuild, you kept supporting him.

Now, you say Carr wasn't a good QB? is this what you want to say after all that hype about him? Why are we so all in with the media/ NFL? why do we listen to the same hype then get upset IF the regime loses? you were excited by the star players and sometimes they either didn't win enough or the regime didn't bring in more talent to help Carr. and we waited but some regimes just didn't focus on building around Carr and some got fired and we had to see another rebuild.

But you now turn on the guy you once were ready to defend against anybody! maybe you should stick with your stars I don't mean don't criticize them when they mess up but don't pretend that you weren't all in on Carr! you also need to admit you listened to media hype about the new regimes and also maybe you should admit when you are all in with one/ some of their players. you also admit when you hype a guy up and there's nothing wrong with that but to suddenly start criticizing him is a little lame! and also maybe you guys should ask the Raiders to use some older legend's ideas like Dallas, S.F., Denver or Al's.

12:25 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Again, please don't project me into your conversation, like I said those things.

Because I didn't.

You have an unusual revisionist recollection of events.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Ghost Ship said...

Count me all in for AP to remain as HC. AP has earned the job, and his success should be rewarded.

AP has taken a dead, lifeless team, and totally transformed them. Players actually look like they care, want to be here, and play hard every snap of the game. I imagine potential future free agents are seeing what's happening in Vegas and may want to climb aboard the pirate ship.

It was great finally beating the Chefs, stopping Mr. Swift, and watching Mahomes crying on sidelines. Oh well, maybe next year, Mr. Swift will have to date Lizzo.

For the Raiders, it will be exciting to see AP put his total stamp on this team. I want to see what AP's vision is when it's completed. So far, so good.

1:15 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...


I'm all in too. I want Champ Kelly to remain as well. These guys are humble but direct. They will get it done, and we maybe we can finally have our team back... after 20 years!

Great point about outside free agents looking in and wanting to be part of what's happening. Jack Jones will be a poster figure for the new AP Raiders.

I believe Davis knows exactly what he's going to do, and he'll be rewarded this time. Media say Pierce has made it hard on Davis. I say the opposite is true. Pierce has made it incredibly easy!

Not sure what led Davis to pick Pierce and Kelly, but he deserves credit. He really dropped the hammer on the former regime, which cost him a fortune.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Raider Take,

We need a veteran not a rookie QB! We don't need to draft a franchise QB we should wait until later rounds to draft one!

we should draft a lot of DBs and some DTs'. we don't have a good defense and winning a few games doesn't make us a great unit!

* we need somebody who knows how to bring in talent. some teams found their leaders and saw their teams win big, some teams took got advise, had a big hunch or just wanted a coach(es) to motivate assistants and/ or find better ones and better players. but these coaches won and become legends. maybe A. Pierce or a new regime could use some of these guys' ideas or, learn about old dynasties/ winning teams and some of the things they did in the past:

Al hired from the Chargers/ the Raiders made one of the biggest moves in pro sports history. Al bought some assistants from L.A. and signed veteran QBs' at first, he signed unwanted vets and made huge trades for star players and later drafted stars like G. Upshaw and K. Stabler and the Raiders were one of the best teams in the AFL.

J. Johnson hired by the Cowboys/ when HOFer T. Landry retired the Cowboys were in a bad spot. they hired a unknown and he took them back to glory fast! he stole draft picks from Minnesota in the H. Walker trade. he drafted a lot of stars and Dallas was an elite team in the 90s'.

B. Walsh hired from Stanford U./ the 49ers made a huge move! B. Walsh was hired by new owners(the DeBartolos) and he turned the team around! he drafted some of the best players ever and although I think free agency was easier than now, he dominated in the early 80s' signing stars like J. Reynolds and W. Tyler. he was also a great x and o coach- he created one of the best systems in NFL history(the "West Coast")! coach

B. Bellichick hired by the Patriots/ he wasn't really a hot name to be a HC but he was interviewed by legend Al Davis and others. he was an assistant with legend Bill Parcells for the NYGs. he is a discipline coach, coaches up all his guys and knows how to prepare for any kind of team. he likes high character, smart players but will bring in star players. he doesn't go for too much drama but will bring in problem stars if they will work with the program. he lead New England to seven Super Bowls.

this is what some teams did when they needed a new HC/ front office! a guy like A. Pierce could learn from these guys and use some of their ideas.

* so, we still don't know how to draft/ bring in good QBs'?:

D. Carr and Raidernation: for years fans defended him- he was good, not great; I had my issues with him at 1st, mainly because of Reggie and his cleaning of Al's era! I heard media rumors of issues with his game after the draft and for a few years after but I started liking him. he loved being a Raider and he did average-good with them. but now! fans have turned on the guy!

Jimmy G. and AOC and Raidernation!: fans want a franchise QB! some aren't sure about AOC but they want to see if the Raiders will bring in more guys to find a starter. not sure if Jimmy G. has any fans but he is the best on the roster now(when he's healthy) but most fans want him out of L.V.!

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Raider Take,

Colts will be playing the Raiders and both teams have had up and down times seems though the Raiders had more success but the media/fans can't seem to remember their past, but the Colts don't get the criticism the Raiders still get for their problems.


Al offered the Colts a star players and high draft picks for the rights to Stanford star QB John Elway. But he was traded to Denver for a first round pick('84), their '83 1st round pick(OL Chris Hinton) and QB Mark Hermman for the rights to Elway. the rumor was the NFL stepped in to block a trade to L.A. and Elway became a legend while the Raiders went to the Super Bowl that same year.

The Colts beat the Raiders in the '70 AFC Championship game to go to the Super Bowl against the Cowboys.

Raymond Chester was traded to the Colts in the early 70s' but later signed with the Raiders and played in the '80 Super Bowl.

Star DL Bubba Smith later played for the Raiders after playing in the '68 Super Bowl against the NYJs.

The Raiders beat the Colts in Baltimore in a big game where TE Dave Casper caught a TD and helped win the game the play is famous and is named after the TEs' nickname "the ghost- to the post".

The Colts were Al's first NFL team. he was hired as a scout in the '50s.

The Raiders have been to five Super Bowls winning three and the Colts have been to three Super Bowls and have won two.

The Raiders have been to the Super Bowl in the 60s', 70s', '80s and '00s. The Colts have been to the Super Bowl in the '60s, '70s and '00s.

The Raiders have moved to L.A. back to Oakland and to L.V. The Colts moved from Baltimore to Indy.

Raiders had famous HCs' Al, J. Madden, T. Flores and J. Gruden. The Colts had Webb Eubank, Don Shula, Tony Dungy and Ted Marchi-something Marchi-broda?

8:07 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Learn from old dynasties and winning teams? By that, I assume you mean Al Davis.

Geez, how far back into Raiders history do we need to go to find a successful formula?

10 years?
20 years?
30 years?
40 years?

Because the Raiders haven't won much during the last 40 years. And when they did, it was quickly shut down.

Since 1985, the Raiders have only had two HCs manage back-to-back winning seasons. Shell was fired and Gruden was traded.

Where's the winning formula to draw upon!

Pierce will smartly draw from his successes as a player for Tom Coughlin, Steve Spagnuolo and the Giants, his coaching career as well as being a fan of the Raiders his entire life.

That's what will help make him a successful head coach. Not because he might draft speedy DBs.

Champ Kelly vowed to build (grow) the team from the inside out, starting with the lines. That's a formula I can get behind. The O-line was grossly ignored by the last regime, and largely whiffed by its predecessor.

Al Davis didn't believe in, nor care about team chemistry, and often undermined it with his direct involvement.

Pierce brings chemistry, along with Crosby, Spillane and others. That's what will make the Raiders a winning franchise again. We got a taste of it with Bisaccia. Now it's time to put it in high gear.

6:40 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Pierce's stats from media:

"Since Week 9, the Las Vegas Raiders rank first in points allowed per game (15.3), defensive touchdowns (4), and penalties (24). If that was not enough, Las Vegas ranks fifth in sacks (24) and sixth in takeaways (13). It is safe to say that the defense has stepped up since Pierce took over."

Funny, Al Anon actually posted above that the Raiders "defense is not good."

Clearly, the stats say otherwise.

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NY Raider,

You wanted to learn from the Patriots and every times an ex-employee even visits L.V. you get happy!

Do you think they'd:

over pay then trade D. Waller?

over pay then let go of their starting QB without a decent replacement(D. Carr)?

over pay an injured QB then sit him for the rest of the season(Jimmy G.)?

not get rid of H. Renfow if they weren't going to use him?

keep J. Jacobs on a one year contract if they could trade him and get something for him?

If the Raiders wanted to copy the Patriots then they should've:

signed star FAs' even if the players refuse to play for us because we're cheap at least we let them know we want star players. The Patriots will sign elite FAs' they just won't pay them a much as other teams would.

when you trade try to get some draft picks. the Patriots wheel and deal sometimes and they get a lot of picks to keep or trade with. the Raiders didn't do that a lot with Al but he usually did a good job when he did. he was good at dealing draft picks and players like Bellichick.

have a good defense. if you're not into athletes but like average-good/ high character players you better have a good D plan and that is what Bellichick did well, he got assistants that could motivate/ coach up guys and Bellichick- he knew how to prepare for teams. that's what the Raiders should take from the Patriots, it wasn't just T. Brady and the stars on their offense, it was the D too. not the best there are other winning team systems but this one kept guys ready.

The Steelers 90s'-present:

do you think they'd let Carr walk then not draft a top college QB the same year?

do you think they'd let their LB and DB units get this bad?

What we can learn from them is when you are famous at some units(LB) you might try to keep that going. we once dominated at DB but we are now one of the worst. we need to try and get our secondary back to NFL level and then try to make it one of the best. Pittsburgh has a great front office so maybe the Raiders might want to take some ideas from them.

These are two great old teams the Raiders could learn from. You were negative about Al's last era because you only saw old history book/ useless ideas. But you see other old dynasties/ winning teams have ideas and maybe nobody uses them but I bet you their old teams/fans wouldn't be too quick to say they can't be used.

11:34 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Don't be ridiculous, I didn't see anything in a history book, I been watching the Raiders the whole time! Here's a clue, I saw Kenny Stabler play vs Richard Todd live at Shea Stadium.

You profess signing star free agents, yet that method didn't work for Al over decades of trying. Please tell me which era of Raiders football you want to emulate for a "winning formula." Can you name the era?

Let me state it clearly so you know what I'm asking. When do you think Al Davis was last on top of his game?

1:26 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

It's not about star players, or even star coaching. IMO, forget Jim Harbaugh.

In his Friday presser Patrick Graham said unequivocally that Maxx Crosby is the leader of this team. AP said the same thing. Everybody feeds off Crosby. Nobody is more motivated or has more drive than Crosby.

Maxx Crosby is the "it" factor like nobody else can be.

Crosby is the only player in the NFL to play all defensive snaps in more than one game this season, and he has seven games with 100% snaps.

Crosby has not even reached the pinnacle of his career.

I have to say, the suggestion made here to make Crosby a two-down player is insanely stupid.

Crosby is the catalyst to bring the Raiders organization back to prominence. AP knows it! And I believe Mark Davis knows it. BTW, Graham has had nothing but praise for AP.

These are the coaches we need to regain any semblance of what once a great team. If AP is hired as HC and Graham remains, it might be the first time we truly get to see if team chemistry works. They will coach to strengths, and not force a scheme.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To NY Raider,

defensive free agents and UDFAs' over that 9 year slump:

W. Sapp, Hall, T. Kelly, D. Burgess, Chris Clemons, Ricky Brown, Terdell Sands, S. Moore, Chris Johnson, Akbar G.(is a t.v. talk show star), T. Poole, M. Giardano, D. Tollefson.

The new regime's FAs and UDFAs('12-present):

Shelby Harris, D. Autry, B. Irvin, J. Tuck, D. Tollefson, K. Burnett, D. Perryman, V. Burfect, C-Wood, M. Peters.

Al may've lost a lot but there were some outstanding players on those rosters. I think a lot of teams would be happy with some of those guys.

The new regimes were more modern and wanted to get high character/ tough and smart players, make any elite/ star players work as a team and not cause drama, and to manage the salary cap.

DT: Warren Sapp vs. S. Harris/ Sapp was a pro- bowler and is a HOFer. Reggie let Harris walk but he was a top NFL DT with the Broncos.

DE: D. Burgess vs. B. Irvin: Irvin was a good player in Seattle and Burgess was a free agent from Philly. Irvin put up nice sack stats but Burgess set a Raiders' sack record. Irvin was a good player but Burgess was a top NFL player.

OLB: tie- Ricky Brown was a very good OLB but didn't stay in Oakland long and K. Burnett played for San Diego and was one of Reggie's best FA pick ups.

MLB: D. Perryman is a top NFL LB. he was our MLB and was a pro-bowler one year. The Al Raiders had some FA linebackers but Perryman was the best- the new regimes got this one.

CBs: the Raiders lost a lot so its' hard to give these guys a lot of praise but T. Poole came from the Patriots and was a good player and Chris Johnson was, to me, a pro-bowl CB. The new regimes found some good CBs' but Al's guys were the DBs with the highest grades.

safeties: FA safety M. Giardano came from Indy and had 5 picks one year but Reggie let him walk after being hired. But he signed pro-bowl CB C-Wood to play FS and Woodson didn't let us down. he was a pro-bowler and helped win games, motivated the young players and helped us get to the playoffs after years of mediocrity! the new regimes take the safety spot with a legend and HOFer!

There were some outstanding players form all four teams(Al's and 3 new regimes) but Al had some very good players and should've went to the playoffs a couple of times with that kind of talent.

Al had a lot of talent and for some reason couldn't win. This was after three winning seasons and a SB trip. But the talent came out in every game and at least gave us some excitement and big stats to talk about even if we lost.

The new regime had some success with two playoff trips. They also had some very good players and good HCs' but NONE of them spent on top star FAs' or kept their star players and top vets on one team. They didn't do everything they could to build a winning team.

I think Al's free agents, some, not all, could've actually been starters on one team. I think they were outstanding and I think the Raiders had talent but just didn't win.

The new regimes had the idea that the Patriot way would make them good. But they could've tried other ideas without the NFL's help. They had talent refused to try other ideas and didn't keep many of Al's experienced front office people. They didn't spend big on star FAs' and they've ruined some of their units by focusing on disciplining and preparing instead of letting freakish/ elite athletes try to help us win.

NY! we sure can be stubborn, argue and defend our teams but its' the same team! and we are one Nation! maybe we can find some facts and maybe we can find some things to question but Al, Gruden/ Mayock or the Pats' guys they may suck, or be improving, or just a few players away or maybe there's a conspiracy against them but its' our team so we just love them good or bad! I hope you have a great rest of '23 be safe! call friends/family, remember the needy and have fun but not too much- (smoke, alcohol)And- Go Raiders!!!

Happy New Year Raidernation!

9:40 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Was there an answer to my question in that post?

Because you keep calling nine years "a slump" I am curious when you think was the last time Al Davis was a winner.

It's not about being stubborn.

I believe your answer is central to your posts which you want the Raiders to repeat their formula for success.

I'm wondering what era of Raiders football you're talking about. I assume it's prior to "the slump" but how long before "the slump" do you need to go to make your point?

No offense, but it's incredibly difficult to find the logic in "they had talent so the results should have been better."

6:37 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...


"Raiders' Jack Jones says team chemistry is unlike any other he's been a part of"

Jones is a young player so his assessment perhaps doesn't carry as much weight but that's what Crosby and Antonio Pierce bring to the Raiders. It's noticeable!

For all the talk about repeating past formulas, this is the one thing that's truly different... and should not be ignored.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Raider Take,

Al Anon-

J. Jones?: may/ may not be a good CB but the Raiders should trade him while they can get something for him! he was a free agent and has played some great football the past couple of games but we don't know if he's a hidden gold ticket or fool's gold! so, we need to take a look at him over the off season. we still need to find starting DBs' in free agency or draft! we might think about trading him if some teams are interested.

J. Meyers: has played well but I think we keep D. Adams and H. Renfrow, some teams might want Meyers and would could get a draft pick for him.

T. Moehrig: has made plays but just isn't playing like a star safety. the Raiders might be able to get a draft pick for him.

keep: K. Miller, D. Adams, J. Tillery, Butler, Elumenor(is that his name?), M. Koonce, H. Renfrow, R. Spillane.

let go: Hopper, Jacobs, Jenkins.

trade: Jimmy G., T. Moehrig, J. Meyers, Thayer, J. Jones.

sign: TP2(wr/ qb), K. Alonzo, "Matty Ice".

trade for: N. Chubb.

interview for HC job: coach Pierce, D. Quinn, J. Harbaugh, D. Shaw, W. Phillips, Kyle Kubiak(?).

1:57 PM  

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