Monday, December 08, 2014

Five Postgame Takes

1. Maybe, just maybe, we witnessed a pivot point in the fortunes of the Bay's two NFL football franchises.

2. I sure thought I heard Carr scream "Dang!" after the Raiders racked up a delay-of-game penalty. Dude is even wholesome when he's pissed.

3. Mack and Moore...From their farcical celebration against the Chiefs to their in-your-face takedowns of Kaepernick, those dudes know how to make noise, and they're looking like they might be two badass building blocks for the future. 

4. Say what you will about Tony Sparano, he's demonstrating and eliciting more passion that Dennis Allen ever did. As far as Harbaugh is concerned, I wouldn't let the Niners' fade this year dissuade me from considering him. This is his M.O., everywhere he goes (San Diego University, Stanford, SF), he wins, but over time he rubs people the wrong way and maybe the players start to tune out or the organization begins to tire of him. But there's no denying his ability to walk into a dicey organization (or college) and right the ship and win.

5. What we need next is for the Raiders to finish strong, to show that the Rams game was an anomaly, and that this team isn't some 2-14 outfit with a few flukey wins, but rather a different kind of 4-12 team than the last two editions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Agree completely on Point #5. Add to your point that this team, as evidenced by last weeks blowout loss, still needs to learn so much when it comes to winning consistently.


8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The battle of the Bay victors... where to go from here...

Carr,Thank you. He actually threw downfield(mostly acccurately) Did he trust his pocket more? Did the O-Line block for him better? Whatever. As long as the dump-off isn't his go to reciever. As long as he isn't getting happy feet, but is learning to be a successful qb in the NFL...
Latavius Murray is soo much better then McFadden and MJD.

Can the Raiders find a middle linebacker next year who is on a par with Mack and Moore? Finding that guy I'm sure is a priority...


8:19 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Carr looked intense from the onset of the game, when he ran for the first down and displayed some emotion along the sideline. That was the first indication the Raiders would be competitive yesterday. The delay of game "dang" gesture was another example but that's how Carr carried himself all day.

See Carr directing Rivera out of his pattern in the second half, then throwing him a strike?

IMO, that's the "it" factor the Raiders need from their QB. Guys like Gradkowski and McGloin have it, but they lack consistency and durability.

On another note, look what getting Reece more involved did? Why would it take an entire season to figure that out? Involve the TE and the FB in the passing game... Duh!

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you look at their effort....this game and KC stands out compared to the rest. I think the team is tanking it, if not, we would have seen this intensity in more games this year. Next year, this team's intensity will be like this in all their games. Where winning will be the #1 priority, this is still forming a team and to get more solid draft picks that will carry this team to close to a playoff team next year.

Carr will be hot next year. The O-line with a year together under their belts. Murray and whoever else they bring in at RB. Some new WR's who can break games open. HOPEFULLY a new OC, unless Olsen can call a game like he did yesterday EVERY DAY. This team is close and it will only get stronger with each passing month.

When you guys were shitting all over them....I saw what was happening, you can all apologize now. I know, I know, you guys had it right and I was wrong the whole time.......LMFAO.

Dummies are you

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But but...I thought we needed to draft a QB 1st overall? Now you jump BACK on? Flip flop to the barber shop.

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Blogger Raider Take said...

How not to tank late in the season: win a game that evens you up in the win-loss column with three other teams, instead of remaining in the pole position. Please quite accusing Reggie of being an incompetent tanker, and our players of going along with it.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Jones, do me a favor of putting your name at the top of your comment so I can skip over it like I used to do with Panty Raider.


9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey scar, fuck you, do what I want.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can write what I want...the team has shown signs of tanking.

The coaches showed they can what gives? I'll tell you, they are tanking and I would bet that they play DOWN to the level they were the rest of the way....but that's just me. You guys can all make out like tanking is the big topic while you hope all your dumbass theories fade into the DARK. They won't, I will make sure I rub it in your faces as much as possible....LMFAO.


9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Reggie is an incompetent tanker now....just last week you were saying that he was so incompetent that he should be you say he can't tank right. This site is a joke, just go back and read and you will see who the dumb fucks are.


9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You do what you want, I do what I want, which is to skip over your comments. Since you don't feel the need to put your name at the top of the comments section, I guess I'll just scroll to the end of all posts and see if there is a tag describing you and that will tell me its Jones, eliminating the need to go back to the start of the comment and actually reading it. Starting now.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh booo hoooo....who gives a fuck? Who writes comments crying that he isn't going to read my posts anymore? Does anyone on this site have any testicles? You sound like a group of pussies. Man up, stop being women and get some BALLS. STARTING NOW.


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Blogger nyraider said...

But but...I thought we needed to draft a QB 1st overall? Now you jump BACK on? Flip flop to the barber shop.

Jones you post with incredible insincerity then demand others be sincere.

What’s your problem?

Like every position, QB is a position the Raiders will need to address. We still need depth, and it’s possible in finding that depth we find a better QB.

Carr has been inconsistent all year, which can be attributed to many factors, some out of his control. Nonetheless, he waited ‘til the 13th game to find his down field passing.

Raiders are worst in the league at passing plays over 20 yards... and it’s not close.

Jones, you have jumped the shark on this site. Your tanking theory only puts an exclamation point on your ridiculousness here.

So are they tanking and are they not?

Which is it today?

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Jones leaves a trail of toxicity in his wake making it difficult for folks to enjoy this win, huh? Jones, FWIW, you may have good points but when you surround your words with stench, it's hard to take.

This win felt even better than the KC win. Carr looked confident and accurate, two quantities sorely lacking in our recent QBs. So glad Rivera's stepping up and that our other WRs are starting to contribute like Vincent Brown. With better competency around Carr, we actually look like a competent team. Yay!

What was great was the offense kept the defense itching for playtime yesterday. That's been a long time coming.

If we can finish out the season like this, I'm sure going to look forward to our draft AND next season.


10:25 AM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

You, not me, made tanking a big topic.

The Raiders win, it's a sign that everything's according to plan. The Raiders lose, it's a sign that everything's according to plan. Back and forth, week to week. Cake, and eating it, too.

If the Raiders are trying to tank to gain draft slots, then they really screwed up yesterday.

Saying a GM gets a C grade or calling a draft pick a bust is an opinion and inherently subjective. Saying that you know the team is tanking is a claim, not an opinion. You own that claim.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RT and other wonderful commenters on this site. Please just ignore this child Jones and we can enjoy this wonderful forum RT has created. His posts are asinine and bear no logic whatsoever you only encourage him by responding to him,

If we all ignore him he will eventually leave.


11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Making it difficult to enjoy the win? LOL, really? That's all it takes? A few words on Raider Bullshit and it ruins the win? Like I wrote, get some fucking testicles.

RT = pussy central.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe I did make tanking an issue on here....but if I remember correctly, you have made some other issues on here as well. But you wouldn't want to bring those up, pound the TANKING drum because it's all you've got.

You act as if you are putting me in a corner, you are in the corner because you were WAY off and as time goes time goes will show itself more and more and there will be no where to hide. What ya goin to do, when the Raiders run wild on you?

Prayers and Vitamins.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as the tanking, let's see how the rest of the year plays out. If they continue to kick ass, then Reggie has done a fine job, huh?

If they go back to disinterested coaching and playing, that will give us the answer.

Yeah, I put my neck out there and the last 3 games just prove it out more, IMO. KC was a game in front of a National audience. Hall of famers were there....Raiders, as an ORGANIZATION, wanted that one and they took it. St Louis....did it look like the team wanted that one? Did it?

Then comes SF who Mark probably doesn't really like because of stadium deals and the rest. So as an ORGANIZATION, they want this one to sink them and kill the HC so he will be available at seasons end with maybe NO COMPENSATION. Because of the volatile situation in SF, they might just let him go and yesterday just poured more gas on that. Many variables and to say it isn't possible is just ignorant. It's happened throughout pro sports history....and it will happen again...


1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AND, for a site that consistently bashes the team and mocks them....if any of you are jumping up and down and loving this suck. Jumping off and on is the worst thing a fan can do in any sport. This team is going to be a force soon and you can all act like you were behind it all the way....can't fool me and will let you hear about it.


2:32 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Said the fan who routinely ripped the Raiders under Mr. Davis. Time to take Sandys advice.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I haven't been on here for a while (Raiders season was tanking!? and Jones bitchy tone got old quick!?) JONESING totally lost his skull!!?? LOL This fool actually thinks he knows what exactly is happening in his small world, in that pea brain of his. Look shit for brains, you suck!

So I guess the Niners came in with a plan of their own to start tanking in the end themselves too, to get rid of Harbaugh!? Or is Harbaugh (Though he prepares hard like a mad man every pre game and is an over the top competitor/ alpha personality) now all of a sudden tanking his coaching abilities to leave the 9ers organization because of beef with the front office and so to be hired elsewhere? How does that work?

Meanwhile the sport itself whether "tanking" or not does not permit laying off the gas without also getting hurt on the field, unless also that was the "BIG PLAN" also!!!??? You are a moron and a brain numbing "Raider fan!?" we just beat the shit out of the 9ers and you just come in here to bullshit, to get a reaction with people who likes to throw in their two cents of their own for pleasure and comradery high fives to each other after a awesome win especially against our bitter bay area rival when it meant the most for BOTH teams!!

You sir must not be getting enough PUSSY in your life!!?? Side Note: I fucked the shit out of a hottie Niner fan who lost a bet with me after the game! You Sir a lame in the game and frustrated with yourself to even allow any enjoyment whether right or wrong in your own pathetic world!

Their was a party last night in Oaktown but your weirdo personality never got the chance to be invited perhaps because you in your own little world think is part of the all knowing, or to cool for school type to miss out completely! A fraud to oneself and others! Keep JONESING for some pussy ass wipe!

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks RT. Your blog and the great people who come to comment like Scar, NY, Raider Nate, CJ, Bryan, Oak Town sorry if I have left anyone out has made this terrible time in raider history worth bearing.

I very much appreciate the time you take to provide this wonderful forum. Your blog is well written, insightful and balanced. Please don't let one fool hijack your comments section and dissuade you from the quality opinions you give all of us Raider fans. Let's continue to have meaningful discussions and ignore the nonsense and nasty vitriol.

Keep up the great work
All the best

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been on point since you were still sucking on Al Davis' nutsack, you little queer. You were one of the BIGGEST criers when I started saying Al had to SIT down and hire someone to take over....boy, did you cry like someone took away your GI Joe.

I was right then and I am right now. I told you this is how it was going down and you all mocked it's time to pay up, you little weasel. I am here and if you fucks don't like it, who cares.

Bite me

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Take, why was I ripping on Al Davis? Why are you ripping on those who are bringing the OAKLAND RAIDERS BACK?

You SEE the difference, I was pissed because I knew Al was running it into the ground. While I was saying that Al had to hire someone to take over while he secured a stadium deal, you idiots were telling me that the "cap didn't matter"..."draft doesn't matter, we retool"...."who wants to be like the other franchises"...."Al is hitting it out of the park" ..."Hue Jackson is a great HC"....etc....Now, you have told me that this team is a complete mess and there is no process. Which is it? Now you think they are on to something? That Reggie can draft? That the team is being set up to take off next year? RUN FOREST, RUN

Eat some chocolates

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope you got me confused with someone else buddy! I actually didn't like or agreed with the old regime/ways of doing things (I even put money towards the whole Please AL Hire a GM bill board next to the Colosseum, and a page taken out in the Oakland Tribune remember that?) or at least step down with some of the responsibilities that take away some of the focus of being a fair and fully functioning owner of a team we all dearly love. So yea way way before the time AL died! At that time I must confess your point of views coincided with some of mine as well!

I'm not a old timer like Blanda CoCk who also got annoying and over bearing with his views and on the false insider knowing reporting of the organization dealings. Which actually who now reminds me alot like a loony of a tyrant of himself which he hated as well and has become just like the person who he hated as well, and thats hmmmm.... YOU! You have become a nutcase just like him Whoa buddy LOL

Anyways your always "right" in your own mind of JONESING for some kind of satisfaction rather finding some middle ground at least if conflicting point of views with some of your own and others as part of this brother hood different kinds of Raider Fans and especially to Raider Take who has this blog up and running fairly well and interesting with his points of views (which I dont always agree with as well at times) and others. But hey were is your blog site? I bet with that attitude of yours, you would get NONE only a following of ONe of JONESING for attention!

HAH Loser

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put it this way, this site doesn't like me and I don't care. Been a long time contributor to this site so maybe I feel like I have something invested here. I come here to shove it in your faces, all the mocking, all the bullshit over the years and nothing changes but the Raiders.

I will continue to TELL IT LIKE IT IS and the RT minions attack me because they can't comprehend it. It's like the caveman, if he couldn't understand it, he would try to kill it.....just like you Neanderthals, dumb as a stick.

The minions reek

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let see people don't like you, long time contributor, invested some time here, come here to shove it in the face, have sworn enemies against you (minions? LOL) dumb as rocks Neanderthals (yet you must get a kick to see or treat others who you consider lesser than you in your own mind, to put them down!?) That's some sad shit Bro. You have a false sense of reality and miss guided use of intelligence brother. Like I said Loser.

Back away from the keyboard
and get out of the house and
meet someone! LOL


6:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You must be just as much a loser, you are writing to me on this same site, you dumbfuck. The avg IQ on this site is very poor...yes, the dumbing down agenda is working very well, you people(?) are evidence.

I was right from the start and have been mocked the whole time....what does that say about you and your ilk?

I ain't your brother and my 'reality' has proven out to be correct. I get pleasure out of giving back to others what they have given know, that time of the year.

Have a shitty pagan ritual

6:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"ZING! Ya gots me! I'm dyin' here... Oh, ya gots me good right here" (in my best Bugs Bunny voice).

Why, yes. I AM a pussy and a queer. Plus, I'm one of those damned foreigners too. Oh, and artsy fartsy too.

I'm also a Raiders fan since I taught myself the game 20 years ago (being artsy fartsy, it was hard to find someone who liked the game).

My knowledge is only so deep. Madden games only teach you so much. So, thank you Raider Take and everyone else who takes time out to explain their reasonings. You've helped deepen my knowledge.

Even you, Jones. Thanks.


9:21 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

The only thing I care about right now is for the Raiders to return to glory.

Step 1 is to hire the best coach to impact a turnaround, Jim Harbaugh.

We can continue to add pieces to the squad but until we get a proven HC into the leadership vacuum, it will continue to be a major struggle to climb the competitive ladder.

I would hope that if Harbaugh is hired, that he would retain Sparano as the OL Coach. Personally, I think the OLine has performed fairly well especially protecting Carr from getting cracked upon.

Lastly, I've got no problems whatsoever with Jones communicating what's on his mind, his opinions, and his passion. I don't always agree with the way he communicates his points but I will take him 1000 times over a soft, up & down, fair weather "fan" any day of the week.

10:04 PM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

One thing we can all agree on: when the Raiders aren't competitive, the whole NFL scene is affected negatively. I look forward to greatness. Maybe in 2016.

11:13 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Can Harbaugh and McKenzie work together? It's possible McKenzie's presence may impede the Raiders ability to sign a top teir HC.

I like Sparano but isn't he the guy that lobbied to sign Austin Howard to play G? That was a clear mistake. Yet, he definitely brings something to the team. He's a class act.

5:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The only way to get a real impact coach especially someone like Harbaugh is to ax Reggie. No real HC is going to come to the Raiders with Reggie around due to competency and power/control issues. So unless you want another lame retread like Sparano or a rookie like Dennis Reggie must go

No self respecting coach is going to agree to work for a guy who has gone 10-35.

Maybe just maybe you could get a guy like Holmgren but even he would come in and have the real personnel power with Reggie being GM in name only. Also last time Holmgren had personnel power he was awful so I would not want him around.


5:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sandy, the season isn't over and the final grades aren't in, but the momentum seems to be shifting McKenzies way. It's reasonable to evaluate, and re-evaluate as the season goes along. At this point I see the 2014 draft as a lights out draft for the Raiders. 4 starters and Justin Ellis could potentially be the 5th. Additionaly as the season has progressed, Imo, McKenzie has had 3 spectacular failures(1 because of injury)in free agency, but also quiet successes in the free agent market. Jones has been serviceable, Tuck has been serviceable, Penn has been good, Tarrell Brown has been good, Antonio Smith has come on in the second half of the season,,,,As many hits as misses in the free agent market.
I want Gruden or Harbaugh(or both) as well.
I haven't really explored the idea that McKenzie would hinder a high profile head coach hiring. Based on What? The record is important, but so is(potentially) the momentum being built up. I'll critizice McKenzie if I think he deserves it, and at the same time give him credit if I think he deserves that.
Should the Raiders win 2 of the last 3 games this season, that would give them 4 wins in late november and december against teams with winning records(teams with something to fight for.)
To me, that shows progress that I'm looking for. That would most likely get my vote of confidence.
All bets are off, If Gruden would take the GM job, or want the choice of handpicking the GM...

My 2 cents...


9:31 AM  
Blogger OakTownBlues said...

Personal conversations between blog commenters is hands-down childishly weak sauce. Toss em, Take.

11:36 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

SCAR - good points. I've been saying for the past two seasons that demonstrating progress is more important than wins, though not mutually exclusive.

The point being, let's see tangible improvement as the season progresses (i.e., opposite of the “tank” theory).

The kicker here is that we have no way of knowing how drastic the changes will be this off-season in terms of GM, HC, coordinators, assistants, etc... potentially huge variables which could result in a significant curve again next year.

It's a vicious cycle.

One thing I think most here can agree, like it or not, is that wins = increasing stock for McKenzie. He was brought here to win games. It sure looks a lot better on everyone's resume than tanking games.

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

SCAR and NY,
I think at this stage, showing progress should not be considered. It certainly reflects the job that Sparano has done, but not Tarver or Olsen.

What also needs to be considered, is that Raiders' fans have seen this "spark of progress" in the last 3 years this late in the season from this regime, and gotten our hopes up that it was just a learning curve process and the Raiders will come out swinging next season; only to be let down again. So, I'm not sold on if this is quality progress just yet.

If we win out our final games of the season and go 5-11, then I will be impressed. Especially if we do it like we did against the 9ers, taking command of the game on both sides of the ball. But even if that happens, I will question whether or not it merits as "enough" to keep this coaching staff. The Raiders do not need to retain this staff with the hopes that it will turn around next season, especially if they have the opportunity to hire a top-tier Head Coach.

If we get a top-tier coach, I don't think the progress curve will be as significant. I think we have the talent to go from first to worst with the help of a solid head coach and solid free agents in some key positions.

The problem is, all this is dependent on who our next Head Coach will be. I do not see this happening if Sparano is the Raiders next Head Coach. I see this happening if someone like Harbaugh is the next coach. I don't think this reflects poorly on Sparano, but it is a popularity contest, and Harbaugh has better coaching cred than Sparano.

Just my thoughts.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

Correction: it should read worst to first.

2:50 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

lots of variables.

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scar, NY, Nate

I think I have to side with Nate on this one. The only measure of progress at this point should be W-L.

Are we so beaten down that one quality win and we are ready to proclaim Reggie a success. Don't get me wrong guys there was a spring in my step on Monday for the first time in awhile. However I will ot delude myself in to thinking Reggie has done a good job.

Scar, to your point he has found starters in the draft. Well someone has to start. Would these guys be starting on other teams. With the exception of Mack, maybe Woodson or Reece is there one other guy you can honestly say would start on at least 24 out of 32 (75%) of the teams in the league? Nate I don't think the talent is there to be a playoff team. Maybe with a real WR, a couple of DL, RT and and two more DBs we can get to .500.

2-11 is 2-11. Reggie's mistakes (FLynn, Schaub, Woodley etc. Hayden, Watson, Allen, Knapp) are colossal and overshadow the couple of good things he has done. Even those were did not show great genius. NY, I believe a few blogs back you posted that Mack was a lay-up and anyone would have picked him

Guys Harbaugh would eat Reggie alive.

My prescription ax Reggie bring in a top tier coach the team will not loose a beat with Reggie gone. I vote for Harbaugh and Tom Gamble or Gruden and whoever



3:46 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Sandy, I don't see Hayden as a mistake per se. He has provided a spark in the secondary. The only mistake I see is where he was drafted. Way too high. Watson too. Picking him in the second round is almost as bad as selecting DHB in RD 1. Mike Mitchell was a better RD 2 pick, and that was a reach, IMO.

Allen was a mistake twice. First, hiring him, then not firing him timely... leaving him in place to participate in the Raiders off-season program only to be fired at the quarter turn.

Just some of the setbacks that have led to the super slow motion recovery.

This off-season is bigger than ever. Coaching vacancy, top 5 draft slot and $70mm to spend... possibly new GM.

Still at the ground floor!

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Raider Nate 75 said...

I think we do have the talent to win, with the additions that you and I both mention, but that will not happen unless we hire a top-tier coach.

You mentioned Mack, CWodd, and Reece starting on other teams, but didn't mention Sio Moore, Derek Carr, Gabe Jackson, Donald Penn, Stefan Wisenewski, Mychal Rivera, Tarrell Brown, TJ Carrie, LaTavius Murray, or Justin Ellis as starters who could start on other teams. I think all of those guys on our roster could and would start on other rosters. Which teams? I don't know, it depends on which specific player we are talking about; but you cannot tell me that a team like the Vikings, Redskins, Buccaneers, Jets, or Texans wouldn't want a QB like Derek Carr right about now. Do 24 teams need a QB? No, but if Derek Carr were on another team (other than one that has an elite QB), he would be starting. I think if he was with the Giants, he would start over Eli.

So it depends on the players, but there are teams that would love any of those guys I mentioned, that would start on other rosters. Raiders have a few holes on the D-Line, WR, DB, and O-Line that we need to fill in order to go from worst to first. Which was my whole point in my previous take. But they don't fill those holes without a competent, top-tier Head Coach.

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Berdj Rassam said...

Carr came away as the seasoned QB while Kap played like a rookie.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I did not say they might start on other bottom feeder teams. My point was they would not start on 75% of the teams. If the Raiders are going to compete they need to have at least 7-8 guys who could start on the majority of teams in the NFL not Jacksonville etc or the other lower echelon teams you mentioned.

Right now they only have one top flight NFL starter in Mack who you could make a reasonable argument who if you put him on any other roster in the NFL he would start. I don't see any other guy on your list who you could say that about. For example I don't see Jackson, Ellis or Carrie starting on any other team in the division.

NY I hear you Hayden in the second round maybe and even then if you look at players that went that year 2nd round that maybe a stretch. Watson can not beat out Barnes so please let's not go there.

Your last point is key. Reggie can not be trusted to spend 70mm that would be a disaster. And finally thanks for reminding me about another mistake of Reggie's which was letting Mike Mitchell go.


4:26 AM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Interesting tidbit. Sparano in his Monday presser revealed that it was his assistant with ties to Ole Miss (and presumably not Raiders scouting or McKenzie) who made the Raiders aware of Gabe Jackson as a possible draft pick.

I guess it's not the source but how you use the information that counts.

9:13 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Agree that it how you use the info that counts and as the decision-maker on personnel, the ultimate responsibility falls on RM.

Carr still has a ways to go in his development as an NFL QB. One thing he has a firm grip on is a well grounded perspective on life in general.

I was really impressed with what he said at the end of the video on He said that he and his wife are praying for Eric Berry.

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I prefer a Kenny Stabler personality (I study the game plane by the light of the juke box) that a goody too shoes type.

What do you guys think of the Jack Del Rio Raider coach rumors? Not my first choice but we could do worse


6:34 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

Kenny Stabler is one of my all time favorite QBs but let's face it, today is a far different era in football.

The point I was trying to convey in my previous post about Carr is that for a young rookie, he is mature beyond his years. His calmness, intellect, and being level headed have been traits that have helped him navigate VERY difficult circumstances for a 22 year old man.

Jack Del Rio would be a good, qualified candidate to consider but I would prefer a HC with an offensive coaching background in today's league.

9:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I completely agree with you let's go offense on the coach for sure it is way more apt in today's nfl.

Your point on Carr I get it now and agree we do need someone mature to handle the pressure of the position. And though I prefer people keep their religious beliefs to themselves or in Church, Synagogue, Mosque etc rather than in sports. I guess a holly roller is way better than a Jamarcus any day of the week.


5:01 AM  
Anonymous Raider00 said...

Haven't Raiders gone to the Donks well for a HC, once to often ? Shanarat, Dennis "don't wake me" Allen. C'mon, we can do better.

I like Patriots DC Matt Patricia. First off, he looks a lot like Lyle Alzado. He also reminds me of a pirate. So he has "Raider" written all over him.

Good enough for me. Let's go.

1:02 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

respectfully disagree Raider00 for many reasons;
1. Patricia is not a proven HC
2. I highly prefer someone with an offensive coaching background in today's league
3. Really hard to determine how much credit Patricia deserves when you consider Bellecik (sp?) has his prints all over the Pats D.
4. Lastly, who honestly cares what the next HC coach looks like?

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Raider00 said...

CJ...I hear you, but appearances do mean something.

Can you really say Dennis allen looked like a Raiders HC ? He looked like he should be leading the choir in song, somewhere.

Remember Madden ? Arms waving. Shirt hanging out. Yelling at refs.

Just google Matt Patricia. You'll think you googled Alzado.
If Patricia put an eye patch on, he'd look like Black beard the pirate.

He's a Raider. It counts for something.

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allen did look like a constipated uptight prick.

7:19 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

Win or lose, today is another important game for Carr's development.

From media:

"Carr needs 14 completions to become the sixth rookie in NFL history with 300 in a season, and No. 1 is within reach (Sam Bradford had 354 in 2010).

Carr completed 9 of 10 passes for 98 yards and three touchdowns on third down last week."

Unless you're rooting for the Raiders to "tank", as we know some folks are, you probably want to see another performance like last week.

Go Raiders!

7:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


what can't and shouldn't happen today is another letdown after a big win.
coaches and players should have been reminding each other what happened 2 weeks ago all week. The chiefs are flailing right now and the Raiders are elevating their game late in the Season.
Arrowhead stadium. Division rival. Throw out the records. 60 minutes of hard nosed football. Lets get the win!!
Go Raiders!


8:33 AM  
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