Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hail to The Thief

Bravo to Aaron "The Thief" Brooks for stealing time and yards, and adding an immediate and welcome spark to our offense. I'm frustrated with another loss, and Brooks' interception at the end of the game was a killer. But considering our protection issues, this could have been a total disaster, and it wasn't, because Aaron Brooks bought time and completed some very difficult throws. He showed toughness, too. The Raiders are trying and fighting and, unfortunately, still losing. But I can live with the latter because of the former.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can a team never score any points in the 2nd half of games ??

You would think even by dumb luck, you would get a tunover, a fieldgoal, a lucky big play, something. But this team gets nothing.
Stone cold zero's in every 3rd, & 4th quarter of every game they play.

It's sadly, amazing.

3:54 PM  
Blogger nyraider said...

There were some positives— mostly what Brooks brought to the game— but I can’t get past the interception at the end. Why force a pass into tight coverage on first down when Brooks had two maybe three more tries before time expired? And why Moss? Is anyone else under the impression that Moss just stood there and allowed the pick without making any attempt to break it up?

The starting receivers had zero catches all day, yet we had reasonable success in the passing game. What does that say? Curry proved he is the top receiver on this team and, once again, Porter was left absentee. There is NO VALID EXPLANATION for not playing Porter!

We just continue to be the patsies of the AFC West. When will it end???!!!

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

brooks looked good TODAY,but what will we get tomorrow??? we all know his history. his stats were not much better than what walter's have been and take into consideration that the rec's were actually catching the ball today,which they have a hard time doing for walter. walter is just a puppy and brooks should be able to out play him for now. but we know brooks will not win many if anymore games than walter,he played the best he could and we still it comes down to either developing a qb or going with a qb that will get us one or two more wins a year.... season is the kid... brooks will just keep doing what he has always least walter can improve with experience while brooks has already hit his high water mark.

6:57 PM  
Blogger Penny Distribution said...

Raider 00: I wouldnt say stone cold, but pretty chilly. Calico Jack, what's the Raiders 2nd half stats this year? Wait: I know. Crappy.

I still say 17 is the magic number. We'll win any game we play if we score 17 or more.

9:23 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

The lack of productivity in 10 consecutive games worth of 2nd halfs is no fluke or coincidence.

Unfortunately, it points to some troubling signs or patterns.

(1) Lack of 2nd half adjustments by the coaching staff. In today's game, you would think that there would be some designed run/pass option plays to exploit Brooks mobility. 3 and 4 WR sets to spread the D out to give Brooks some running lanes; more designed roll-outs, a few bootlegs, QB draws, etc.

(2) Lack of execution by the players. What was it, 4 red zone oppportunities and only 1 TD? 4 legitimate chances for 28 points and end up with 13?

(3) And most troubling, a lack of a 'will to win'.

11 positions/players on offense and there isn't one single guy that you say "Yeah, so-and-so is an elite, top player" The only guy on offense that I feel really good about is Curry and he isn't even a starter.

The entire O needs to be rebuilt, revamped, and upgraded. Yeah, there are a few serviceable players and I realize that it will be next to impossible to rebuild this offense over night but there isn't one position that is off the table when considering the draft, free agency and future trades.

Priority #1 needs to be rebuilding the foundation of the O, namely the O-Line. The road back to a competent, productive O will be an O-Line that can protect the QB and open up holes for the RBs.

10:07 PM  

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