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And The Raiders Pick...Reggie Bush?

Apparently, I haven’t received enough “You’re nuts!” hate mail lately, which explains why I’m going to float an outrageous idea: How come nobody’s talking about the possibility of the Oakland Raiders maneuvering to obtain the first pick from the Texans and selecting Reggie Bush?

The talk about “best available athlete,” as it regards the Raiders, rarely involves Reggie Bush—who is probably the best true football athlete in the draft. This is largely because there are currently six slots separating the Raiders from the top pick. But is it out of the question for the Raiders to cook up a deal for a shot at Bush? It’s a sexy, weird and possibly dangerous idea. It’s also an idea that could bring the next Barry Sanders or Marcus Allen to Oakland. Worth it? That’s the multimillion-dollar question.

The Texans are in desperate need of depth. They may be willing to deal—for a price. They would ask a lot, and the cost would be several current and future draft picks. How do we quantify that cost?

Go through your mental Rolodex of first, second and third round draft picks by the Raiders over the past several years. How many of these guys would you bundle up in exchange for Bush? How many of them are sexy picks? Immediate impact players? Can’t-miss prospects? Game changers? Legends in the making? Maybe Bush by himself is, indeed, a worth a bunch of draft picks.

Reggie Bush was
a legend in high school, a legend at USC and is quite likely a legend-to-be in the NFL. I know we need depth. I know we need to bolster the lines. I also know that Al Davis wants to win…right now. I know that the Raiders haven’t had a lethal running attack in a long time. I know that abilities of Reggie Bush, combined with the agility of Aaron Brooks and the poetry of Randy Moss, might immediately cure a lot of ills.

Over the past weeks, I’ve watched a dozen experts come up with a dozen different scenarios for the draft. They’re all over the map, which definitely leaves the term “expert” open to interpretation. I’m no expert. And that’s why I’m dumb enough to drag Reggie Bush into the discussion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

RT: You're not dumb thinking Reggie Bush. He looks as good as Bo Jackson and Eric Dickerson did coming out of college.

The questions about Bush are re: his durability (no one expects him to constantly run over folks like Bo) and his overall impact on a team's fortunes (did anyone ever win the SB with Eric Dickerson?).

Since he split time with LenDale White, we haven't really seen Bush carry the load solo. I have no doubt he's big enough. After all Walter Payton, Tony Dorsett, and Barry Sanders were all the same size as Bush or smaller, and they lasted...

So the $ question is - Is Bush worth moving up for?

The draft value chart indicates it would take more than all the Raiders' 2006 draft picks to move up to #1 and aquire Bush.

The last time I can remember THAT happening, Ricky Williams ended up wearing a wedding dress and Mike Ditka was in dreds, and, well, you know the rest...

The $ answer is - if the Raiders are going to move up, I suggest trading up to #2 and drafting Mario Williams instead of Reggie Bush.

As a demon-pash-rush, genetic-super-freak DE who is also stout against the run, Williams will have more impact on a team's wins & losses than Bush ever could being a RB/WR.

1:51 PM  
Blogger js said...

You don't have to make a case for trying to get Reggie Bush to me, but I don't know if we have the materials needed to grab him. The price would be heavy. The Texans covet Bush for themselves so that they can excite a very bored fan base. (A.J. Hawk and Michael Huff may be very good players, but they won't bring dollars to the gate the way Reggie will.) If they thought they could bring hometown hero Vince Young in as a consolation prize, they might consider a trade-down, but the Raiders aren't in a position to guarantee them that pick. And, since Reggie Bush is a once-in-a-generation talent, future 1st round picks probably won't ease the pain of losing him. (Especially if, as we all hope, the Raiders start winning again.)

I mean, honestly, imagine you're the owner of the Houston Texans. Your self-esteem is already lower than the dew on a snake's belly. Even the Arizona Cardinals snicker at you. Do you want to be known as the latest in a long line of suckers who got snookered by Al Davis in a trade deal? Do you want it in your obituary that you're the mook who gave away Reggie Bush and let the Raiders wear your Super Bowl Rings? You bet you don't.

It's a shame the Saints didn't lose a few more games. Tom Benson's a pushover. Put him in a room with Al Davis and watch Benson give up picks to trade down. Sadly, it's not to be.

Reggie Bush is certainly going to be a great player. I'd love to get him in silver and black. You're not crazy for wanting that, RT; but I just don't see any way the Texans will make that deal with us.

1:56 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

When Stick'Em and JS speak, I listen. Great stuff and good points. And thanks for NOT calling me crazy.

You both sound like you think the Raiders are at least willing to deal, that they might not just sit politely and patiently in the seven slot, and that the QB position may not be the deal they're after. In other words, you've just cured my mock-draft induced boredom.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RT: Oh, the Raiders definitely are willing to deal. How many times have we seen Al Davis move up to snare the target? Happened just last year with Fabian Washington. Word was Seattle also had their eyes on 'em, so Al played leap frog.

JS: Err...the Texans and Charley Casserly are stoopid is as stoopid does and will probably make the worst possible decision (whatever that is). Just watch and see - LOL!

Trade 2nd- and 3rd-rounders for Phillip "Lifetime" Buchanon? BRILLIANT! Al Davis should have had to pay someone to take that BOZO off his hands.

On second though, after being sodomized by Davis in the Lifetime trade, no way the Texans pick up the phone call from Al... presuming anyone in the building has a brain.

Do they?

2:37 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

And yet most of these mock drafts have the Raiders sitting on their hands, waiting patiently in the seven slot instead of seizing their destiny in this draft. I like our take better. I like the notion that a big idea just might happen.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow it lets me post now that is great. I think reggie is going to be great and if he lands on the right team he will get his superbowls. Im just not sure the raiders are that team, at least right now.

We still have issues on the o-line and even though i hope Shell and Co. can get that fixed we still need a new body or two in there. Reggie Bush is good but three of his o-line from USC is going in the first and second round easy. They had a better line than us.

To get bush we would have to completely give up on building this team through the draft and sign only free agents, something that hasnt worked for us in awhile. Who knows how many FA's we could even get with a #1 pick RB going on the cap. I just dont think it would be in the best interest.

That being said, having LJ pounding the rock then bringing in Bush for 15-20 plays to run by everyone is making my pants tight, i still think it wouldnt work.

enjoy your columns and your not crazy by a long shot

3:02 PM  
Blogger js said...

Well, RT, here's hoping. The good thing about this draft, from Oakland's perspective, is that there are so many ways for it to work out well for them. The Raiders need linebackers, and this is a LB-rich draft. The top of the draft is loaded with all manner of athletic freaks and franchise caliber players, so that even staying at #7 should net them someone worth watching. This should be fun.

5:00 PM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

You definitely are not crazy RT. I think it is highly likely that the Raiders swap picks. However, I think it would be more likely for Al to go up to the #4 or #5 pick as opposed to moving all the way up to #1 to snare Bush.

From a pure physical standpoint, Mario Williams is the best athlete in the draft, bar none. 6'7", 295 chiseled pounds, huge hands, long arms. His combine numbers were off the charts. He has all the elements to be very successful in the 5 seconds of violence called football ... stength, power, explosion, agility, and body control.

It is very interesting when you compare Bush's pro-day numbers with Williams' combine numbers. Take a look:

Williams: 4.66 40 yard time
Bush: 4.37 40 yard time
Williams: 35 reps on bench
Bush: 24 reps on bench
Williams: 40.5 vertical leap
Bush: 40.5 vertical leap
Williams: 10.0 broad jump
Bush: 10.75 broad jump

In my judgement, the 2 players that could pay the biggest, immediate dividends would be Williams than Hawk. I think we would have an excellent opportunity to get either Williams or Hawk by moving up to the #4 or #5 slot.

Would it be possible to swap picks with Green Bay and recievers (Porter for Walker)? This is shaping up to be a very intriguing draft.

8:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just like you RT, to have the grandest dream. Reggie Bush would be real nice, but looks to be out of reach. A good alternative might be to trade up for D'brickshaw Fergerson, who may end up being the best player in this draft. This would also make Shell, & Slater very happy. I still think the Raiders will stay at 7, and pick Vernon Davis, but it's always fun to speculate. One little comment about everybodies favorite LB, AJ Hawk. Was watching some clips on him and he seemed to be takling very high around the shoulders. Also had a bad habit of pushing people down to ground. This won't fly in the NfL. Just some food for thought.

8:45 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Thanks, Raider00, I'm no expert, but I'll gladly accept the title of dreamer.

You, Calico Jack and the others make great points. I know it's a longshot on Bush. But the guy is a freak of nature (did you see the high school highlight video linked to the article in my take?) and a Heisman winner from USC. In other words: Paging Mr. Davis!

It just seems reasonable that the possibility of Bush, however slim, should be part of the discussion.

At the very least, you have all opened the doors to a dialogue that is far more intriguing and entertaining than all the mainstream mock drafts that seem to be overlooking the Raiders' propensities and possibilities.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! reggie bush in a raider uniform? i don't quite know what to make of that one. i wasn't even thinking about snagging bush in this draft. i'm more along the lines of hawk or williams. ANY defensive stud as long as it's not vince young.

but if reggie bush comes to the raiders.... talk about pipe dreams coming true. heck i remember telling several people during the 80's that someday the raiders will be back in oakland. they said THAT was a pipe dream. can pipe dreams come true twice?

what stickem said abt davis sodomizing the texans last year was funny and true but if the texans are DUMB enough to do THAT ~ AGAIN, their GM will get his butt escorted out the door and their owner will never hear the end of it from the fans. it would take something major to pry that pick from them. i mean ~ did they LOSE all those games on purpose for nothing?

it's nice to dream but we have so many needs......

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too pick up Reggie Bush and Run him with LaMont Jordan, Would be
one of the best moves by AL Davis in years. I believe DT & OT will be the picks in Rds 1 & 2. Both lines need help and to help them is to make the team better over all. They may not be sexy picks, unless you like big men for draft picks. But, they are safe..P-}

5:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys, you´re nuts. Never gonna happen that Bush would land to Oakland ...

5:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon 5:40: You definitely are not the first person to notice that I'm crazy. However, so is Al Davis...

Who among us was suggesting Al would trade last year's #7 for Randy Moss?

No one. We were all lamenting the lack of great draft players available last year.

Pesonally, I was hoping Ronnie Brown would fall to us at #7. Thinking more realistically, I hoped Shawne Merriman would be the choice to finally end the DE-->LB conversion projects for Rob Ryan.

Then SHAZAAM! Here's Moss! Arguably the best WR in the game. Bring in the best RB too? Sounds nuts.

Except it happens.

Uncle Big Mike brings up an interesting point about DTs. Months back I was sold on the Raiders drafting Haloti Ngata to replace Big Ted. Ngata is a very similar player to Washington. He has his own gravitational field that sucks in blockers by the twos and threes, but musters little actual pass rush as a result.

Now, after seeing Broderick Bunkley throw down 44 reps in the bench at the Combine (those are Larry Allen #s!), I wonder if a more active DT might be the Raider choice. Bunkley LIVES on the other side of the line of scrimmage (25 TFL last season)...

The bottom line is, no one knows what will happen. Al Davis has his own way of looking at things a little differently than everyone does. Seems like the Raiders are the only NFL team left who does not employ the resouces of an outside scouting firm for infor.

The result is I say "Huff", Ally says "Davis", and Al might say "Bunkley" for all we know...

Bottom line: the draft is like Xmas time for football fans. So what if RT wants a Bush under the tree and I want a Williams...and UBM wants the whole, entire, fat-a$$ed tree? Mike's a big guy!

7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would move to Oakland if we got Bush I live in Va and I used to stay up until 2 in the morn to see his highlights. But Texans will never deal with us again after Buchanon trade.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Calico Jack said...

My ideal draft might not be "sexy" or "glamorous". It would be taking the guys in the trenches in the 1st 2 rounds.

I would take a d-lineman in the 1st round;

(Mario Williams, Broderick Bunkley, Haoli Ngata)

I would take a OG in the 2nd round;

(Deuce Lutui, Darvin Joseph, Charles Spencer)

In order for the Raiders take the leap into a playoff competitive team, we need to do 2 things better. Run the ball more effectively and be able to stop the run.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would the Raiders take Reggie Bush? They would have to give up draft picks to move up, and pay "number 1 pick" dollars in a year when their needs are many and their cap space is limited. If anything, this may be the year to trade down!

1:47 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

We've taken DBs in the first round in four of the past five drafts. We also set an NFL record for fewest interceptions last year. Coincidence? I'm looking forward to the end of both of these trends.

Why Bush? Because he's literally a game changer. I don't think the Raiders lack talent. I think they've lacked direction and attitude. If our guys play up to their potential, I'm not sure we have such a huge depth problem.

Enter Art Shell, who will exert direction and attitude, and thus potential. Add Reggie Bush to that mix? That could be explosive (in a good way).

I know I'm dreaming here. This take wasn't to suggest that I've got it all figured out. I was just surprised that the tempation/possibility of Bush wasn't even being mentioned (at least where I was looking).

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's how it could happen:

Everyone knows the Texans are getting a lot of pressure to take local hero, Vince Young. Most people not in Houston think #1 is too high for Young, so the Texans will nab Bush.

In this scenario, the Texans grab Bush or Williams at #1, depending on who wins the arm wresting bout between me and RT - LOL!

In turn, the Raiders grab Young at #7.

The Raiders then swap Vince and next year's #1 for Reggie/Mario. If they don't go for it, throw in some offensive linemen like Barry Sims and/or Langston Walker to help with the dreadful Texans O-line. Remember, the Texans seem to prize our garbage.

A pertinent question is, "Will the Raiders have yet another high pick in '07?"

The Texans could bet 'yes' based on the fact the Raiders have had a top 10 pick each of the last three years. This means value in return for their patience.

The Raiders could bet 'no' based on the impact Bush or Williams would have on the win total. This means a value in return for their aggressiveness.

It could happen...not guaranteeing or predicting it will, but it could.

If Al covets a specific player, he definitely does go for it. Wonder if the reports are true and he covets Vince? Could get that by standing pat...

3:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hard to believe Al will draft V. Young. Even though Young has talent, it will still take him 1 to 3 yrs to settle in. Al has never shown patience for young Qb's, so I don't expect he'll start on Saturday. Trading up to the top spot would be great, but it will probably cost us every pick we have. Are the Raiders only one player away ??? I would like to see Jerry Porter traded on draft day for extra picks. Doug Gabriel can easily take his spot, and Johnny Morant should finally be allowed to step on the field. What are we waiting for.

7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Davis is smart. He has not let on where, who, or how he is going to draft. Move up, move down,it doesn't matter to me. I think he has his eyes set on the needs of his coach. Art needs ol and I am sure Al wants to use the people he aquired from last year, Moss, and Jordan. The OL will be filled to produce the numbers we need, and the Defense impressed the doudters last year.


11:05 PM  
Blogger Doobie said...

At #7, the Raiders are just outside of the cusp where most of the great talent is going to fall (Bush, M.Williams, Leinart, Hawk, etc.) It wouldn't surprise me at all to see the Raiders trade up to select any one of the top five players in the draft.

Although Bush is a definite possibility, they'd probably have to give up quite a lot to get him. It also wouldn't surprise me to see Jordan included in that deal since they wouldn't need two franchise backs...nor would they be able to pay both of them.

Moving up to select Leinart is iffy. Personally, I'd love it, but the problem is Al's well known aversion to drafting and developing QBs as well as Leinart's relative lack of arm strength (relative to the big arm required for the Raiders downfield passing attack, that is).

But I can definitely see Al moving up a slot or two (or three) to take a potential defensive juggernaut like Hawk or Mario Williams. The question, of course, would be exactly how much of a price would we have to pay? As I mentioned a while back when we were discussing trading a 2nd round pick for Culpepper, the Raiders have a history of blowing their 2nd round pick on marginal talent. If it's simply trading their #1 and #2 picks in 2006 to move up a couple of slots, I'm all for it.

5:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ask and ye shall receive:

Len Pasquarelli of ESPN reports, "Texans to Trade #1 Pick; Raiders to Draft Bush"

5:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stick 'em: That's the funniest April Fools I've ever heard! I can't believe I didn't see it till now!

One thing mentioned, apart from Bush, that I loved was a trade of Porter for Walker from Green Bay. Both players have underperfomed (according to expectations) at their respective clubs, but year-on-year, seem ready to break into the big time. Some kind of trade with Porter/Walker and draft picks was something I'd never considered, but I love the idea. Another pipe dream, I'm sure!

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Figured you all had been well-trained enough by RT in critical thinking and analysis not to fall for it!

Believe me, some folks did fall elsewhere... guess not everyone can be the brightest crayon in the Crayola box!

Bottom line: Don't believe every thing you read, especially when it comes to the Raiders!

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love for the Raiders to make a move at Bush that way! We need some depth in the RB position right now. Then we can draft OG, LB, DB in the later rounds. I'm thinking we can trade #1 spots, and some cash.
If we don't do anything like that, I see us taking Justice or Huff with our pick, and then picking Lendale White in the 2nd round. His hammy may be torn right now, but LOOK OUT when he's healthy! I think he could be just as effective as Bush out of the back field. His college career was overshadowed by Bush, but take a gander at the numbers he put up. SOLID!

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bush AND white...... what'll happen to jordan?

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"bush AND white...... what'll happen to jordan?"
i think you misunderstood my comment. i said if we didn't draft bush, and took justice or huff; then we should look at white in the 2nd round. white and jordan, not bush, white, and jordan.

6:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think this idea is crazy. Bush is a talent you don't see every year. Everyone here is saying what about jordan; but I think jordan and bush could work in are favor. Last year jordan was the work horse and they ran him to death. If you have bush who could get 10-15 carries a game that, that allow jordan to take a rest and come back in to the game stronger. Plus you remember the last time art shell was couch he had bo jackson and marcus allen which work out great. We were game away from the super bowl; except bo got hurt the previous game. I just think you build a strong running game and every thing else falls into place. If the offense can control the ball then the defense can get more rest.

7:46 AM  

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