Saturday, April 08, 2006

Gear of The Week

Five or so years ago, I purchased this nifty Raiders keychain produced by a company called Peter David. After five years of abuse, the hook finally broke off, so I went searching for a replacement last week and found it on eBay. There are several more available on eBay by the same seller (eBay ID: sisrob), so I am selecting this keychain as Gear of The Week. The price of $2.99 is a steal, which makes up for the shipping being a bit overpriced.

It might sound silly to make a fuss over a keychain, but the quality of this little piece merits praise. It is a sturdy metal replica of the Raiders shield measuring 1.25 inches high. The craftsmanship and detail are superb. While the little hook at the top of mine broke after years of abuse, the shield itself somehow still looks nearly as good as new. Very high quality.


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