Saturday, October 22, 2005

News You Can't Use (Bonus Edition)

Raider Take’s new “News You Can’t Use” section is back already. Let's call it a bonus edition.

In this column in the San Francisco Chronicle, we get the following: “One of the dangers, of course, is the idea that (the Raiders) could lose to the Bills and then just go south. This would not be a first for this team over the last decade, and the available signs all point to look out below. But football is a short-attention-span-theatre sort of thing, and a victory would perhaps convince the dwindling Raider fan base that, well, maybe things don't bite quite as much as they seem.”

The “dwindling Raider fan base”? And that statement is based on what, exactly? Don’t tell me it’s based on the fact that the Coliseum isn’t sold out this week. That’s a separate and ongoing topic. The verb is “dwindling” and the subject is “fan base.” Clear? Now prove it.

Of course, the author doesn’t prove it, but rather treats it as a simple fait accompli upon which to advance a position that is loaded with literary pyrotechnics yet light on substance. And that, Raiders fans, is news you can’t use.


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