Saturday, October 08, 2005

Gear of The (Bye) Week

Sure, every Raiders fan would like to have an authentic team jersey for gameday, but not all of us can afford one, as they typically fall in the $200 range. What good is your authentic jersey if, after purchasing it, you're too poor to buy a ticket to the game or a pitcher of beer at the corner sports bar? On the other hand, those thin silkscreened replicas for $70 aren't exactly a deal, either.

One solution to consider is the new Reebok EQT "Replithentic" Jersey for $99. The EQT "delivers superb value by combining quality and details that approach those of an authentic jersey with affordability rivaling that of a replica jersey." Thus, you get the look of an authentic yet you save enough dough to buy a Raiders ticket, Coliseum dog and a tall cold one.

To check out a selection of Raiders EQT jerseys, click here

Note that if you click on Woodson, you also get an option for Moss.


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