Monday, October 31, 2005

Five Postgame Takes

1. That was like eating brussels sprouts: a tough way to get your nutrition. That was truly one of the most schizophrenic games I’ve ever seen. But it's hard to argue with a victory.

2. You had to love Sapp’s titanic sacks. You had to love LaMont starting with an evasive two-step and finishing with a little guitar. You had to love Porter streaking down the sidelines, leaving Ms. Pac Man in the dust.

3. Randy Cross is just yet another hack in a long line of anti-Raiders television commentators. Their voices always rise a few octaves whenever events force them to actually praise the Raiders, probably because they're squirming in their seats. They’re quick to criticize and generalize when it comes to the Raiders, but never canonize Raiders players like they do others (listening to the ESPN crew tonight, for example, they were about to elect Willis McGahee to the Hall of Fame for rushing for 130 yards and no touchdowns in a losing effort—I’m sure they would do the same for LaMont Jordan).

4. The Raiders and the Titans secondaries are young and relatively inexperienced. Fine, but if you’ve made it to the NFL, you should know how to tackle. That’s a non-negotiable job requirement, isn’t it? Do actors forget their lines after they've made it to Broadway? Shame on both teams. In terms of tackling, that was pathetic.

5. I said that after this game the Raiders would be 3-4, and so it is. After Sunday, the Chargers and Chiefs are definitely within our sights. The Broncos are playing out of their minds, but a visit to the Black Hole should cure that. Return to Glory: on schedule.


Blogger js said...

Yes, it is hard to argue with a win, especially one that comes on the road against the roar of 67,000 hostile Titans fans. In some ways it took me back to our first meeting with the Titans in the 2002 season when we jumped out to that early lead and had to withstand McNair's furious comeback attempt. As long as McNair's in the game, it'll always be a battle. I respect him for that.

I didn't get to watch the game; I listened Flores and Papa on the radio instead. It did seem, however, that the young Raider secondary had a lot of trouble defending against passes to tight ends. Kinney, Scaife, and Troupe combined for 12 catches for 97 yards. McNair was always able to find them, especially in third-and-long. Our secondary will have to improve in a hurry. I doubt Tony Gonzales will be in a merciful mood when we meet him at Arrowhead.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Raider Take said...

Well, your gag reflexes are no doubt more rested than mine, considering you didn't have to listen to Randy Cross.

We Raiders fans have our famed "Heidi" game. Well, now we have our "Sybil" game, too. I'm not sure radio could accurately depict the split personalities of this game. It was a fugue of futility and brilliance, in almost equal parts, until brilliance won the day.

There were times when it seemed like McNair had enough time to bake a cake in the pocket. But we got to him when it counted. I think even more damage can be done to Trent Green, which would keep him and Gonzales from getting into a deep groove. The secondary needs all the help it can get right now, and the line is rising to the challenge

4:26 PM  
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