Saturday, September 17, 2005

Earth to George

Last year, my cousin and I were seeking solace in our beers in the Coliseum parking lot after watching the Raiders lose to the Chiefs on December 5, a game in which the Raiders blew a 20-7 second quarter lead in the wake of questionable defensive strategy. We turned on KSFO to listen to the Raider Nation hash things out, only to hear George Atkinson lording over the callers and shutting down anyone who dared to criticize the the playcalling and defensive strategy. So while Raiders fans were in a legitimate postgame froth, it was all peaches and cream with George.

My take: It’s freakin’ sports talk radio, hombre, not Oprah. The whole point of sports talk radio to second guess things, especially after a loss. You can be a homer for the Raiders and still tell it like it is. Do you think Al Davis was happy that night?

I want to hear some improvement on the postgame air this year. I don't want to hear George Atkinson putting lipstick on a toad. Let us in the Raider Nation have our say when it needs to be said.
Of course, the best cure for all of this is JUST WIN, BABY!


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